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  1. Wonderful actress with a great sense of humor. Rest In Peace.
  2. Just so happens that I am rereading the old Louis L'Amour book The Ferguson Rifle right now. Pretty enjoyable read. And Hardpan, that is one beautiful gun!
  3. Wrote some great songs. Rest In Peace.
  4. As if I didn't have enough things to worry about today.
  5. I have never seen this guy before. That was great!
  6. I believe that would be mixup 98. I like him too.
  7. I must have been absent from school that day.
  8. For us, that is pretty much how we spend every New Years Eve.
  9. Paul Harrell has some very good videos on YouTube. But, Hickok, to me, is just plain fun to watch!
  10. I don't recall seeing this particular episode. Donald Pleasance always gave a fine performance.
  11. I don't want to take a chance on spreading this virus to any of my family, or anyone else. I'll take the shot when offered.
  12. I have enjoyed every Hickok video I have ever seen.
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