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    Shooting, western stuff, horses, dogs and grandkids.

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  1. Three that have never had more than a box run through them. I still like them though, and really do need to make an effort to work them into the rotation.
  2. No comparison. Justified: City Primeval was total crap.
  3. Grandkids are great. Enjoy your vacation with her.
  4. Liked some parts of it. But yes, it was pretty damned weird.
  5. We watched NCIS for probably the first seven seasons. He was always my favorite character. Damned good actor, and from everything that I have read, a very nice man. Rest in Peace.
  6. I'm guessing BH would be Black Harris. I have not seen his name here in years. Does anybody know how he's doing?
  7. Sure do miss Baxter. I was lucky enough to meet him once. Really nice guy.
  8. Weekdays are best. Spring, Summer and Fall it gets pretty darn crowded on the weekends.
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