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  1. I've run into Dale Brisby a few times and I am still trying to figure out if he is for real or just playing a character. I'm not even sure that is his real hair. But he does seem to be a nice guy.
  2. Hang in there Doc. Look around and find some small things to enjoy through out the day.
  3. I'm just surprised you folks have a donut shop up there.
  4. Very sorry for the loss of your friends, Widder.
  5. Sorry UB. That's a damned shame.
  6. I I did not feel too good for about a day. Tired with some body aches. Wife and oldest daughter felt worse, chills and a low fever. Mother in law felt fine and she's in her 80's
  7. Welcome. There are some really good folks in the Saloon. You should like it here.
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