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  1. Do you still have the misfires? If so, check the primers before anything else.
  2. The primers May be set too low. I’ve seen that quite often
  3. Well, everyone should be home by now,, some things even put away, time to reflect and offer heart felt thanks to all who had a hand in putting on this fine match and to thank everyone who came. without both you couldn't have a match. 115 of us had a fantastic time, if you didn't it was most likely your own fault. interesting stages,, great food all weekend, (I didn't even cook my usual breakfast) great people, well run in every aspect. thank you thank you thank you
  4. I hope to get there late friday morning now, health issues are home ... playing it by ear...
  5. I don't wait for the last shot, like I said above I don't wait for the last shot,, when the last firearm is being used the timer comes back into play
  6. like Snakebite has also said,,, it is the TO's responsibility to call Ps. try it, you can do it,,
  7. and if you stand in the correct position you too can see the targets for correct target engagement.. try it,,,,
  8. ohhh wait, I know another thing about the likenesses,,, they are both pump guns and one more, they both will slam fire...
  9. or like going from an electric towmotor to your car,,, you grab the turn signal lever and jam it forward to get going,,,,,
  10. yeah, I can't see over everones shoulders, I do the best I can for them,,, I pick up the shots from the last firearm used, don't care about the rest so much,, guess what, if I miss one and then a malfunction, the shooter gets a reshoot,, my bad! some folks you have to stand much further back,,, it hurts when the stomp the arch of your foot!! with movement I am already backing out and backing towards the next position all the while keeping an eye on the shooter, the whole gist of this was,,,, don't just watch the firearms, you can do it all, heck at some shoots in FL I have to spot too,,,it always ain't a perfect world and sometimes during a malfunction I get so wrapped up in the problem I forget where the shooter was, fortunately the spotter usually can help and sometimes, I tag along as best I can,,,
  11. I only care about the last shot,, it's the only important one, my strong hand is reserved to act as my "claw" to control the shooter if needed
  12. the mantra of the RO is "to safely assist the shooter through the course of fire" IF a big IF, you stand behind the shooter's strong shoulder you can see it ALL, yes ALL!! you can see all of the shooter's major movements, you can see what target the shooter is engaging,, you can see his firearms, yes you can see hits and misses, and edge hits,, IF IF IF you are in the correct position!! that is why the TO has the final say in Ps, the TO is in the best position to see it ALL including the targets... it irks me when I hear, "I can't help or call a P because I was looking at the guns". Try it next time you run the timer, stand behind the shooter off of his strong side, you can look down the long guns with the shooter, even his hand guns,,, ok, rant over,,,
  13. in my best fatherly voice,,,,, Because!
  14. if i do get questioned, i just say, I didn't tell you to holster a cocked revolver... it's either that or we say nothing at all while the shooter is shooting what does irk me,, after helping others as much as I can, and say I miss a sg target and don't realize it and no one says anything, and then says, "I'm not gonna help" ugh!! after the stage is over,,,
  15. the winchester mdl 25 seems close to a non take down mdl 12 oh, the mag springs will interchange,,,
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