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  1. No on the first. The reason is not just for calling hits/misses, it's so the quantity of shots can be ascertained, and for the timer to pick up those shots. Question 2, the plate racks are 90 degrees to each other, which make them 45+- degrees from the shooter. There would be no problem. Some folk are thinking 90 degrees, each way, from the shooter, which is 180 degrees, and is not allowed. I have shot at ranges with the two plate rack scenario at 90degrees from each other. Gunfighters love it.
  2. It's the National Championships. It shoots all three days. 800+ shooters. 36 Posses. You shoot 4 stages each day. You rotate starting times, i.e. if you shoot at 0800 on Wednesday, you shoot 1500 Thursday, and 1100 Friday. So yes, you have to shoot all three days.
  3. SASS Conventions are the Pistols are returned to leather Unless Otherwise Directed. 1: Stage Descriptions allowed staging of pistols on window sill 2. Stage Descriptions said nothing about restaging of pistols on sill SASS Covenants take over at this point requiring pistols to be holstered at the end of the shooting string. To avoid this issue, write, what you intend, into the stage descriptions, or discuss it during the posse leader walk.
  4. No SDQ. Once the barrel has come apart from the action, it is two separate pieces of steel. The call is CU, Change Underware. And replace the wedge
  5. Look at the Clothing/Leather/Gun rules for both B Western and Classic Cowboy. You'll find this will NOT work in BW, but might, depending on accessories and caliber, for CC.
  6. We've told spectators that, "only registered shooters may wear guns". Works well and doesn't get the spectator upset.
  7. One of the Major problems in our game is loss of hearing. Whether through age, ear plugs or whatever. Compound that with having to speak through a muffle, and whether you think it or not, a mask is a muffle for us harder hearing folk. In my mind, if you're that concerned, don't go to the shoot. If you're that sick, don't go to the shoot.
  8. If the shooter is wearing a mask, there is no reason for the TO to be wearing one. If the shooter is not wearing a mask, the question is moot.
  9. If the ammo checker proves the ammo meets spec, I'll be in touch with you regarding the throating reamer. Thanks
  10. Thanks all. Ordered from Dillon. Graff is out of stock.
  11. Anyone make a case/ammo checker for 38-40? I've been having problems getting them to go fully into the chamber of my Winchester (Cimarron) and having to squeeze the lever to close the action. Mostly with reloads. Could be the shoulder isn't at the right place or the case isn't getting sized to the bottom. Either way, it's a pain. Mic'd the rounds, all fall within saami specs. Would like to drop and shake the final rounds in a case checker. Thanks
  12. The Wayne foundation told them to stop using the name. So they did. It's still the JW Shootout to any and all who've been there.
  13. They got the information off the: "Training & Safety: Range Officers Safety Courses: Portion of the sassnet.com home page.
  14. Got a, phishing, email today from the CRO of the Four Corners Region saying. I need your assistance, are you available? I'm out of town. Can you please handle this on behalf of the society. Single Action Shooting Society - Four Corners Region , needs gift cards for donation to Veterans at Hospice care for preventive items for the (COVID-19) outbreak patients across the community. Kindly confirm if you can help out, I'll be liable for refund. Yeah, like I'm going to fall for this. The only way the spammer could have gotten the names, offices, territories and email addresses is by hacking the sassnet.com site. Hope someone at HQ is looking at this. Be vigilant.
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