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  1. No call. You can use both hands to fix a foul up.
  2. Even if it wasn't a stand and deliver, the shooter could have opened the action of the rifle, move back to the pistol position, holding the rifle, shoot the pistol, move back to the rifle position, close the action and keep shooting.
  3. No call. You have until the next gun goes bang to, safely, correct this.
  4. It's with a heavy heart I read this. I loved shooting, and visiting, with this fine man. He will be missed. May the Gods see you to your new home, pard.
  5. Most indoor ranges prohibit black powder because the resultant smoke sets off the alarm systems.
  6. anything, but pure air, might be harmful to preexisting lung disease. That being said, get a second opinion on anything medical. They call it Practicing medicine for a reason.
  7. The size of the grain is universal throughout the BP industry. 1.5F Goex, is the same as 1.5F APP etc. I suggest, if the load is too hot, reduce the powder and add filler. 1.5F is real close to cannon and won't burn properly in a handgun. Use the SASS Smoke Factor load for your rounds. 1cc 2F, you can use 3F and get the same, or more, smoke, then top off with filler, some use cornmeal, others grits. seat your pill and shoot.
  8. If the pistol can be confirmed as not being used on any stage in the match, no call.
  9. Yes, I have. And will do it again in a heartbeat. If the Spotters aren't, in my opinion, doing the job, they get replaced. This isn't just for not seeing a miss, it's for saying clean when the other two are showing 5 misses. For using the phrase " I didn't see anything" over and over again.
  10. MSV for round left in the long gun, unless it was chambered, then SDQ. Miss for the unfired round, if overloading wasn't an issue. Replace the spotters if they didn't count nine.
  11. Flying W Ramrod


    KD's left standing were to be made up with SG, meaning only 6 rounds could be fired at plate, not 7. Hence the "make up with SG" part of the Stage Instructions
  12. Flying W Ramrod


    P only. P cannot cause a miss. Specific notification that any plate targets still standing can be made up on stationary target with SG.
  13. Flying W Ramrod


    From SHB PG 23. SDQ..."Any dropped unloaded firearm on the firing line." PG45. Definitions "Firing line – from first firearm placed on the loading table until all firearms are confirmed as cleared at the unloading table." Example 1 = SDQ Example 2 = No Call
  14. Back to the Swap Meet. Bringing: 2 '97s, a Stoeger, an 1873 Uberti Cimarron in .38/.357, Square Deal B in .38 (just back from Dillon) with strong mount, 3 gun Rugged Gear cart, Pietta .44 revolver. Cowboy clothes, chaps, women's jewelry, PSE Reaper Crossbow, range bags and totes. All kinds of stuff. Look for the Queen of Bling.
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