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  1. Since Shamrock Sadie is coming off foot surgery, make sure you have a litter available, and suitable slaves (Chippendale dancers) to carry her in it.
  2. You heard it right. Congratulations to Bonnie McFarland, 1st Overall, at the Western Regional Championship match. I think the is the first SASS Championship match with a Female Overall Champion. Yehaw, great job Bonnie.
  3. I look to see if there's anybody I know who's NOT coming. So I can call them up and harass them into coming. Also, you'll note, most Who's Coming lists, don't list category. That's, presumably, to curtail category shopping.
  4. So, some are saying it's the guy who left the guns on the tables fault? How about when someone expedites a long gun from the stage to the ULT and drops it along the way. Is it the shooters fault then?
  5. As the TO was not the shooter, No Call. A lot of things can cause the hammer to go to half cock, away from the line. i.e. snagging on your shirt, going to half cock to lube the cylinder pin, etc. Unless he's the shooter, no call.
  6. But, a P can cause a miss.
  7. Just say NO. I've got one, when it works, very picky. Ol #4 has one he's trying to unload. Rum Walker has one, talk to him. They're a dog to get running and to keep them running. Powder falls out of the drop station all over the floor/bench. If I had to do it again, I'd look for a different one.
  8. As Warden Callaway said, the hammer is down on the last expended round, assuming the shooter did not index after that shot. Other than that, declare a malfunction, set the revolver on a prop, and handle it as loaded, once the stage is over. Rye Miles, yes. To some, a clean match is that important.
  9. Dry firing is addressed on Page 29 in SHB. It's only at the loading table. Lots of folks, on the firing line, pull their revolvers, pick up their shotguns, rifles, and look at the sight picture, before the beeper goes off. No Call.
  10. It's what ever he did with the last round. If he went back and hit a target, he'd have a P, but you can only have 1. If he ejected, he'd have a miss, if he fired at the berm, he'd have a miss. Ejecting would negate the MSV, but would still have a Miss. Hitting any other, rifle, target would negate the MSV and the Miss. No matter what action, he'd still have a P, minimum.
  11. Not so, on the avoidance issue. He earned the P as soon as the third shot hit the third target. He would have only avoided the MSV.Now, if he shot 1-2-6, he wouldn't have the P, only the miss.
  12. The miss is for any unfired round. P+MSV+Unfired Round(scored as a miss).
  13. Just jokin. Everyone wants to know if they're in or on the wait list. I'll find out when it's time
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