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  1. Run a couple BP rounds through it. The fire will fix it fast.
  2. Well, that's just silly. Making us read the whole thing.
  3. We're in but one question. Why can't we sign up for both Cowboy and Wild Bunch on the same application. It asks what event, I click Cowboy and Wild Bunch. It only allows one or the other. Registered Cowboy shooters fee for Wild Bunch is 100.00 and 175.00 for not Cowboy Registered. I ain't gonna pay the extra 75.00 if I don't have too.
  4. However, there is a Recorded time. It's just the TO THINKS it didn't pick up the last shot. What happened to If you Think it's a Miss, it's a Hit? Same thing. BOD.
  5. The only reason you might be "locked in" should be if the MD thinks you're category shopping, which is not illegal or outlawed but frowned upon. That's the main reason big matches don't allow category changes after XX date. Also helps with the awards. If there were five CC's in the category, and one decides to jump ship to an "easier to win" category, then two categories are impacted. The "easier to win" because those folks signed up for a category they could, and do, shoot in. The CC because, now it's down to four shooters and, usually, doesn't qualify for a category until there are five shoo
  6. A lot of the clubs here post them, in advance, on their websites. Some do not. I've seen shooters get the stages a couple weeks in advance and still screw it up.
  7. Thinking the "shoot where it was" is because you shouldn't shoot at a down shotgun target. You don't know where the splatter will be heading, i.e. don't hit the pile of steel out there. Not hitting it, either high or low, should not be a concern. There is no speed difference between a shot that hit on, low, or high, the time spent is the same. The required number of shots were fired. All the targets are down. Merry Christmas. Next shooter please.
  8. Leona was getting out of CAS stiff, last year at WR. She's doing custom stuff, purses, accessories etc now.
  9. From my confirmation letter: Ammo Requirements Lead bullets only and must meet current SASS guidelines for velocity and smoke (black powder categories). Shotgun shells must not exceed 3 dram/handicap velocity and use #7 ½ or smaller shot. Main Match Round Count: Pistol –100; Rifle – 100; Shotgun –55 Side Matches Round Counts: Wild Bill Hickok Shootout 25 rounds Fastest Pocket Pistol 5 rounds Fastest Pistol 10 rounds Fastest Rifle 10 rounds Cowboy 5 Stan
  10. Parson We leave after our match, next sunday, and head your way. We'll be in KC Tuesday morning and at the range Thursday for registration and Wild Bunch. Yehaww. Next shooter please.
  11. I think what Snakebite is saying is, your ability can only go so far. If you want to be the most competitive in your category, you need top equipment. Top equipment, with top ability (you can train for that) equal higher placement in you category. While placing in the top is not a thing for a lot of shooters, it is for many. Let's take skydiving: You can buy a parachute that is top of the line, with top shelf shrouds and pack, and know your ability can get you on the ground safely, every time. or You can buy a cheap chute, used, some so-so shrouds, a
  12. Not at all. Still shooting three to four matches each month and six, multi-day, matches each year. the 2008 shortage opened my eyes. Have sold some primers to pards but have kept a five year supply of powder, primers, brass, hulls, wads, and shot.
  13. Neither, it's a MSV. It's only a SDQ if it's in the chamber. SHB Page 16. It's also a P for not engaging the last target, and, if not fired, it's a M for the unfired round. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Trifecta of oopses. SHB Page 43 "Engaged - attempting to fire a round at a target" This call would be a P for not engaging the last target. If he had not shot the last round, it would have been a P and a Miss.
  14. The Queen of Bling and I are going to be in Alaska, Anchorage, the first two weeks in September. After our tour, ends September 7, we're going to stay until the 10th, leaving on the 11th. We'll spend one day in Palmer and the rest is up in the air. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  15. Thanks for the vendor list. My wife, the Queen of Bling, is looking for a rifle reload ammo slide. Maybe I'll find one there. See you in a few weeks. Hide the chillins, the Arizona gang are coming. We corrupt minors into shooting B Western.
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