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  1. Flying W Ramrod


    KD's left standing were to be made up with SG, meaning only 6 rounds could be fired at plate, not 7. Hence the "make up with SG" part of the Stage Instructions
  2. Flying W Ramrod


    P only. P cannot cause a miss. Specific notification that any plate targets still standing can be made up on stationary target with SG.
  3. Flying W Ramrod


    From SHB PG 23. SDQ..."Any dropped unloaded firearm on the firing line." PG45. Definitions "Firing line – from first firearm placed on the loading table until all firearms are confirmed as cleared at the unloading table." Example 1 = SDQ Example 2 = No Call
  4. Back to the Swap Meet. Bringing: 2 '97s, a Stoeger, an 1873 Uberti Cimarron in .38/.357, Square Deal B in .38 (just back from Dillon) with strong mount, 3 gun Rugged Gear cart, Pietta .44 revolver. Cowboy clothes, chaps, women's jewelry, PSE Reaper Crossbow, range bags and totes. All kinds of stuff. Look for the Queen of Bling.
  5. Doug, I'll bring the Queens back up SKB. It's cut down for her so it might fit Connie. Let us know when you're getting in and we'll hook up early so she can try it out.
  6. If you want hard core, period police, go to NCOWS, if they're still out there.
  7. SHB Pg 8."knife (screw knives do NOT qualify)". Yes, I know it's not a screw knife but, the idea is that it has to be a full size knife.
  8. Claccic Cowboy is the only category that has a knife in it's costume guidelines.
  9. One of the nicest guys to shoot with and be around. He will be missed.
  10. SASS ROIII, If it doesn't leave the barrel, how can you check fps. It's an ammo failure not illegal ammo. Show me where it's written it's illegal. The SASS ROII manual says, "Multiple squibs by a shooter will be cause for the TO to request the shooter change ammo." It does not say penalize the shooter for not meeting power factor. Unless, and until, the round can pass through a chronograph, it can't be tested therefore does not meet the definition for ammo not meeting power factor. Now, if they are mousefart loads, not squibs (and you can tell the difference), then you test them. Don't say "I don't think those meet power factor, you're DQ'd" without testing them. If your club doesn't have the equipment, scale/bullet puller/chronograph, don't call the ammo.
  11. Squibs are not considered match ammo. They are primer only and/or low powder ignition, not ammo.
  12. Where is this written?
  13. If you're asking if a Shooter registering for the same match in two different categories, yes. One entry can be gunfighter, the other duelist. But, If you're asking if a Shooter, signed up in the gunfighter category, and shoot gunfighter and duelist, no. Must shoot Double Duelist or Gunfighter style.
  14. No call. Gunfighters have the option of pulling both, restaging on prop or taking them to the next position and back, or shooting double duelist. Providing there is a place to stage them.
  15. If you're not in a BP category, the Smoke Standard does not apply, however, the power factor does.
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