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  1. Our app has been sent. Looking forward to it.
  2. I see the new Shooters Handbook is out. Is there anyplace I can go to see the changes from last SHB to this one? I could read from front to back, but I'd just like to know what the changes are. Regards
  3. I will take the pistols.  We are coming to WR and can do a face to face there. We will actually be in Phoenix February 12th.



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    2. Flying W Ramrod

      Flying W Ramrod

      Howdy Pard

      Let me know when you want to pick up those revolvers.


    3. Turkey Legs #48384

      Turkey Legs #48384

      Thanks will give you a call when we get in and get settled .... can't wait for WR .... love this shoot.



    4. Turkey Legs #48384

      Turkey Legs #48384


      Just gave you a call - we can meet tomorrow if you would like - John and I are going to Cowtown around 10 to do a little practicing if you want to meet there or at Ben Avery - just let me know.



  4. Be seeing you in a few months. Putting the rancho on sale soon and are actively looking in your neck of the woods. See you at WR
  5. Work on my android phone, dell desktop and laptop computer, nook reader, asus tablet. Could be operator error.
  6. Or, you could ask the Marine at the gate. Not the "rent a gate keeper" but a real, US Military representative. The SP's might let you lock it up in their shop. Again, don't ask the civilian at the gate, ask someone in uniform.
  7. Had a 650 Bonneville back in the '70s. Sold it when I went in the navy. Sure wish I still had it. Enjoy pard.
  8. Was in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England last September and October. Drove from Dublin to Galway with site trips to Newgrange, and Tullamore. Toured the Tullamore DEW distillery and stayed in a B&B there. Next day on to Galway and a B&B there with a couple of side trips to see castles. Tour train through Galway and some shopping. Drove to the little town of Cong, just north of Galway. It's where they filmed the Quiet Man with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. Lovely place. Had a dinner at Dunguaire Castle just south of Galway. Great time that. Then drove to Waterford on the southea
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