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  1. There are two separate issues being discussed here. 1. If a round is in the Chamber, and leaves the shooters hand, there is NO opportunity to correct it on the clock before the next round is shot. The penalty occurs as soon as the gun leaves the hand. 2. If a round is on the carrier, the shooter has the opportunity to correct it on the clock before the next round is shot. Two separate scenarios, two separate calls.
  2. He can shoot gunfighter, he can use cross draw, he just can not do a simultaneous cross draw (both guns at the same time). He can use the cavalry twist if he wants to pull both at the same time. And, as Pale Wolf suggested, and for a lot of folks answering here, read the Shooters Handbook, Pages 6-7, especially page 7.
  3. Just jokin. Everyone wants to know if they're in or on the wait list. I'll find out when it's time
  4. Go to the SASS Homepage and look at Affiliated Clubs. https://www.sassnet.com/clubs/Clubs_list.php?state=Arizona Shows all the Clubs, their locations, match days and websites.
  5. For the most up to date list, go to the SASS Homepage and click on the following link. It's updated by SASS HQ. Training and Safety: Range Officer Safety Courses
  6. There were more shooters slipping on the boardwalks than in the mud. Leave it alone. What's next? Boardwalks to the stage from the loading table, from the stage to the unloading table (would have been nice on the Saloon stage ). Leave it alone.
  7. We'll be there around 5:00 that day, depending on our posse number. Or we can bring it out any day before, we live in Sun City.
  8. As long as you don't violate this rule, found on page 23 of the shooters handbook. STAGE DISQUALIFICATION PENALTY (SDQ) - Shooting on the move (continuous, fluid movement while engaging targets).
  9. It's a side match, there, generally, aren't any SASS rules for side matches. That being said, how can the MD know if it's a sub or not? Do they make you load your cartridges at the match? Do they provide propellant for C&B revolvers?
  10. P and a Miss. Why? The stage descriptions state, "A miss on the Bonus, is a MISS". Doesn't matter if he hit the dirt, the squirrel, or the dump target, a Miss on the Bonus target is a MISS. Also, the P for not shooting the stage correctly.
  11. I'll explain it. 20 pistol, 20 rifle, 16 shotgun. Position 1 - Progressive sweep with revolvers on 4 targets. Position 2 - Release the bowling ball (on a railroad track) at any time. With the remaining 9 rounds, triple tap the three targets. Meanwhile, the bowling ball is rolling down this 100 foot track to a specialty target launcher (the bottom 1 inch of a shotgun hull with primer, light BP load with over powder wad. Sitting above this is a soda can, well shook.) Once the bowling ball hit the plunger, the shot went off and the can went flying, straight up, about 100 yards. Position 3 - with shotgun, knock down the 15 knockdown targets while waiting to take your shot at the high flying soda can. Position 2/4 with 10 rifle rounds, progressive sweep on 4 targets. Position 1/5 Progressive sweep with revolvers on 4 targets. You could stage ammo and spare cylinders or revolvers anywhere. The stage was about 50 yards wide. You went over and back. Oxygen and wheel chairs were available at the end. Yes, rifle was single shot. Yes, Revolvers were Cap and Ball. Yes, everything was Black Powder. Yes it was Plainsman. Yes, we had 50 shooters. Yes, we had a great time.
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