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  1. Inflation! I think that wood has always been used. I think these were a product of the industrial era, Cast spurs, bits and stirrups. My mom said they were common when she was a child, 1930's. I used a pair for a while and have known others to use them. On a cold day it is like standing on ice. I ride in cast aluminum now and never seem to notice the cold. JFN
  2. Little iron heart shaped ladies stirrups. These are small about 3" wide. They are about 120 years old. These stirrups were found as singles on sidesaddles and sometimes pairs on children's saddles. I believe these were singles that came off of sidesaddles but I am selling them as a pair because they are closely matched. $150 for the pair shipped to you. JFN
  3. I have a collection of iron stirrups and I recently sorted out the duplicates. The first photo is from a 1903 Sears and Roebuck catalog listing them for sale. These stirrups are about 120 years old. They were the thing for a while before cowboys discovered they were cold in the winter. These pairs may be singles put together or from a saddle hanging in a barn with one side exposed to the weather. So there are some variations in finish. Originally they had a gray finish. Tell me which pair or pairs you want (upper right, lower left, etc). $75 a pair shipped. JFN
  4. I bought this for Wild Bunch and have since bought a new Mernickle holster. This is an early IPSC holster with metal lining in the holster and hung on a metal plate. Jeff Cooper is wearing this model in the photo. It's dyed black and has scuffs and the leather is showing its age but is still serviceable. At one point someone cut it down and I had a local saddle maker restore the length so I could use it. You can see the splice in a couple of the photos. The splice would be under your mag pouches. The buckle is a Sam Browne buckle with hooks. Length is 46" from the hooks to farthest set of holes. I wear 36" jeans and have it set midway. The last time Alfonso listed this rig they listed it for $900. Shipped to you is $165. First I'll take it here gets it. Needless to say, pistol not included. JFN
  5. Any trades? I have a nearly new Chiapa '92 in 45 colt with a 16.25" barrel. Holds 8, 45 LC and 9, Schofield. I was going to adjust it to shoot 45 Cowboy (10) and put a big loop lever on it to made it a John Wayne rifle. Still not classic cowboy but a fun rifle. You could cock it like the Duke in "Stagecoach" or "True Grit" when no one is watching. JFN
  6. I did that. Thought I'd make another run at finding a replacement stock. Prettiest Marlin stock I'd ever seen beyond me why someone would cut it and then not shoot the rifle. That's what you get when you buy off Gunbroker and the seller fails to to mention the only defect in a like new rife. JFN
  7. I am looking for a Marlin 1894 butt stock for a Cowboy Classic no checkering. The stock I have has been shortened 1" and I'd like to replace it. Will buy it or if you need a shorter stock I'll trade mine for yours. JFN
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