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  1. For Sale a 1894 Cowboy Competition in 45 Schofield. That is correct, not 45 Colt. This rifle has been short stroked by Cowboy Carty and will only handle the shorter round. Shot about 5000 rounds through it. Has a lot of cart dings to the wood and wear around the loading gate. Rear sight has been filed level. A good solid match rifle. $1050 shipped to the lower 48. Your FFL must receive from a non-FFL
  2. Asked the seller on GB a question. He has three of them he'll eventually sell.
  3. Sold to Smokey Pistols. JFN
  4. Changing my 9 mm casting program so I am selling 3 sets of Lee tumble lube 9 mm molds. No handles. Selling all 3 for $100 shipped. JFN
  5. I’d look real hard at the new Springfield Ronin operators. JFN
  6. That goes both ways, great doing business with you. Thank you, JFN
  7. SPF I have two sets of Ivory Eagle gunfighter grips. They are not Identical!!!!! The top set is a little more yellow with nickel screw. The bottom set is whiter with a brass screw. Both are marked Eagle Grips RBHG/F, i.e. Ruger Black Hawk Gunfighter. They came off of a pair of single-sixes with full sized grips I traded for (not the short grips). I have no idea what they fit but if you have something they will fit they are $55 a set or $100 for both sets. JFN
  8. I have 2 pair of Eagle smooth gunfighter grips. These are not identical! The top pair is a bit more yellow and has nickel screw. The bottom pair is whiter and has a brass screw. Both are marked RBHG/F which stands for Ruger Black Hawk Gunfighter. I think they will also fit an original Vaquero. Maybe someone here will know for sure. JFN
  9. Get rid of this thread.  Nothing here of value.

    1. Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217
    2. J. Frank Norfleet

      J. Frank Norfleet

      posting photos in classified.  Sorry instead of replying to the thread I sent a message.


    3. Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217
  10. 200 grain loaded to a 170 pf. I no longer notice the blowback. The wife started shooting it and she has never even mentioned the blowback. I'm not going to point it out to her either.
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