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  1. I got a question about my previous post so I am reposting my reply here too. The screw pattern is the same as the New Vaquero on every Single Six I've done. The factory, New Vaquero frames sold by Brownells are in the rough. Which means they need to be ground or filed to fit the pistol frame. They are wider than the frame so you will have to file or sand them down. This is a process of putting them on with a couple screws and marking the material to be removed. Taking them off and filing or sanding them down. On and off until you get them close to fitting. Then polishing them down until there is a smooth transition from the grip frame and the frame. I have polishing wheels and super fine polish for getting a mirror finish (again Brownells). Stainless steel is done when you're done polishing. For carbon steel I blue them with Spectracide, a stump remover that is 100% potassium nitrate (YouTube videos are out there). The photo is of the two pair of single sixes with New Vaquero grips and grip frames that I kept. Not for sale. Time consuming but the result is really great. JFN
  2. As City Dude pointed out different grip frames come on Single Sixes. They are black hawk grips, similar to the OMV and some are short. I prefer the feel of the New Vaquero grip and it too will fit your Single Sixes. I have converted several sets and bought the New Vaquero grip frames from Brownells. They come in the rough and you will have to fit, grind and polish them. Sure makes a nice pistol. JFN
  3. I can't find the grip frames and grips so I must have sold them already. So sorry. JFN
  4. Actually I do. I have a pair of blue ruger new Vaquero Birdshead frames. They come with Ruger factory smooth gunfighter grips. The grip frames, grips all for $400. I'll get you some photos tomorrow. JFN
  5. Nickel works better. Doesn’t turn green and is easier to separate. You can probably get a 100 from Midway. I found some once fired LC and trimmed it to Schofield length.
  6. I love my .32 single sixes and Marlin .32 rifle. I too have small hands and the single sixes are lighter and feel better. But I shoot Wild Bunch nearly all the time. That said my Marlin 1894 Cowboys are much lighter than my 1873, with an 18' barrel. But the .32 mag isn't the lightest Marlin 1894 rifle. I have 3 Marlin 1894 Cowboy rifles and here is how they weigh up: 24" barrel in 45 Colt weighs 6 lbs 11.25 oz 20" barrel in 45 Colt weighs 6 lbs 5.75 oz 20" barrel in .32 H&R mag weighs 6 lb 14.75 oz The .32 is the heaviest because it doesn't have a side load gate and has a magazine tube loading setup. They are about 2 lbs lighter than most '73s. So try any Marlin and the weight will be almost the same and give you an idea what the .32 feels like before you buy. The lightest rifle I've ever had was a 20" Lightning in 45 Colt, way too light for me. I couldn't keep it on the target. All that said the Marlin 1894 Cowboy in .32 is a sweet rifle. It has a shorter stroke so it was essentially a factory short stroke and the weight is in the barrel where it counts. JFN
  7. Thank you for the info. I have 3 books on the Thompson and that period at the beginning of WWII is hazy. I could never identify what was what except that they are early Savage production. JFN
  8. For sale is an almost complete Thompson SMG kit. A few things are missing but the most important parts are here minus a receiver. I think these are off of an early M1. The lower receiver is made by Savage and has a serial number which would have matched the upper receiver. The parts marked with a square S or 5 were made for Savage By J. Stevens Co. Some of these parts are rare like the bolt with a firing pin and the detachable stock. L drum mag and Cutts Compensator are Auto Ordnance. $2000 shipped to you
  9. Bump again. I hate it when someone posts magazines for sale. I read the whole post asking, "Well how many rounds do they hold?" "What are they for, a 1911?" Then it hits me. Maybe we should go back to calling pistol magazines clips.
  10. Kid Rich, I set it on top of an un-molested Marlin in 45. About an inch shorter in the stroke. JFN
  11. For Sale a 1894 Cowboy Competition in 45 Schofield. That is correct, not 45 Colt. This rifle has been short stroked by Cowboy Carty and will only handle the shorter round. Shot about 5000 rounds through it. Has a lot of cart dings to the wood and wear around the loading gate. Rear sight has been filed level. A good solid match rifle. $900 plus shipping. Your FFL must receive from a non-FFL
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