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  1. All the information on the FB page is not working; no messaging, phone disconnected, website gone and etc. But, on a whim I called the number in one of the photos and left a message. He is selling targets on a limited basis. And the thrower I like is $345 plus shipping. Thank you for all your responses. JFN
  2. Thank you I didn’t find the FB page. Looks similar to MGM’s toaster. They use a flipper rather than a strap. JFN
  3. I'll be up there this fall and will look at theirs. Thanks, JFN
  4. Been looking at various popper/throwers made by different companies. And I have even built some. I was searching the internet and came across this popper/thrower in a YouTube review. What a NICE target! And it's all in one set up. But, it appears that Reaction Targets is no longer in business and their phone and website is disconnected. They were in Ghent, NY. Does anyone have one they could send me photos of the throwing mechanism? It looks similar to MGMs toaster popper/thrower. Or, better yet do you have one you would sell me? Video link below. JFN https
  5. Yes, for all Wild Bunch JFN
  6. Woo Haa! That's all I need. A piece of dowel, epoxy, and maybe some wood filler, that'll work. I do not understand why someone would think the bullseye is where you screw in a sling swivel. Thank you, PM with address sent JFN
  7. Everybody is out of stock. My guess is that since Marlin was sold to Remington, then Remlin eventually discontinued installing the bullseye and Remlin was sold to Ruger there are few factory parts available. I was hoping that someone might have one or a half of one floating out there. JFN
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