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  1. You might try Ranger Point Precision LLC in Texas. They have replaced a lot of factory barrels as part of their conversion from 45 LC to 45 ACP. JFN
  2. Al, Check the back of those holsters, they may not be for the single sixes. It looks like they say "colt." JFN
  3. I'll take the two El Paso holsters if they are for single sixes. I don't need the belt so if you want to sell it separately, I'll still pay the $75 plus shipping for the two holsters. JFN
  4. The slickest action job on a Miroku is Cowboy Carty's. I shoot Marlins, haven't wanted another '73 until I felt his. There is a video in the SASS group on Facebook of Matt Black shooting his new Carty Mikoku, its awesome. JFN
  5. Then I'll take the last bag. Send me the info. JFN
  6. Cotton, What do you have? I been eyeballing the Bond Derringers in 45/410. JFN
  7. This will make you want one. T Bone Dooley and Capt. Baylor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaXU3O5a2Ok JFN
  8. Selling my wife's carry pistol (actually it lived in her car). Shot very little, the night sights no longer glow. Pistol, original case (not pictured) and 3 mags. $350 shipped to your FFL. JFN
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