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  1. Those are nice at a great price. Looks like the short grip pistols, are they? JFN
  2. Dang, Dutch someone needs to buy this. That's a beautiful rifle at a great price!
  3. Ever wonder why there are so many birds head grips out there? Heck, I even have a pair I took off of some Vaqueros! JFN
  4. Thanks Three Foot, I'm going to let the listing here run its course. Then I'll post elsewhere. JFN
  5. I have this Bearcat I bought in 1994 for my mom. She is gone and by a fluke of events it is a collector. Since I don't deal well with safe queens (collectors) I'm selling it. What I have to offer is a Ruger Bearcat dual cylinder in both 22 lr and 22 mag. At the end of 1993 and beginning of 1994, Ruger sold 1000 of these before they discovered there were problems with the 22 mag cylinder (you can google it). Ruger sent out a letter offering $50 for the return of 22 mag cylinder. Of the 1000 sold, it is estimated that 400 people refused to return the 22 mag cylinder of which she was one. So this is a one of 400 Ruger Bearcats. This is what I have to offer. A Ruger Bearcat with both cylinders. I would estimate 95%+ on the condition. Both cylinders have been fired. She shot it out the door at a set of swinging targets in the yard. Both cylinders have the last three digits of the serial number engraved on them (120) and the roll engraved bear-cat scene. The original box, sleeve and paperwork. The original purchase receipt. The letter from Ruger recalling the 22 mag cylinder. And, the two Ruger catalogues from 1993 and 1994 listing the dual cylinder Bearcat for sale. All this shipped to the CONUS for $1200. JFN I h
  6. Open the action and push the carrier up from the bottom. Is there a flag on the side of the carrier that blocks the ejection port?
  7. Looks like the carrier has a flag. If it does you need to show that as a flag is a plus to many WB shooters. Nice shotgun. JFN
  8. Look at the listing, they are Single-Sixes. They're 4.5" barrels. And they are way underpriced and I am surprised they haven't sold. Fantastic pistols at a Fantastic price. JFN
  9. Thanks for the replies boom pop has passed on the holsters so I am waiting to see of Ace still wants them. JFN
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