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  1. Buckey buckem has one for sale under reloading dies here
  2. I have two coupons good for two hugs. I aim to collect at eot
  3. I made this a few years ago still works fine
  4. just wondering if 500 38 special range brass is a good deal. They have 5 boxes of these 30.00
  5. Can anyone tell me the going rate for 500 38 special once fired brass is
  6. I just received 500 bullets from Scarlett packaged good and tight in a heavy sealed plastic bag with tons of tape to seal the box and as a bonus enclosed was a get one hug coupon with no expiration date. Couldn’t be happier
  7. Welcome from the chicagoKidd. Try Whyte leather works. Very reasonable on pricing I just ordered my last thing a shotgun belt plan on shooting my first match this month.
  8. Thank you for all the info it was just what I needed. Thanks to all
  9. I recently went to watch a match at Michigan city in. When asked if I was gonna shoot I explained I was going too but unsure now due to a medical issue not allowing me to shoot on my right side anymore. So after the match he loaded six rounds in his rifle and said try it out and I went six for six lefty. I’m happy to say I will shoot my first match the end of this month
  10. I have 38 special 158 g and 125 g bullets and some trail boss. I would like to know what’s a good overall powder load
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