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  1. Thanks everyone for the info and advice. My goal was to see which is a more accurate shooter at the range, but winter came to quick, and since I live in Wisconsin January at the range is no fun, so that is why I asked here. All the cowboy side matches I have encountered have been steel targets but being a bit of a perfectionist, I would like a rifle that has the best groupings I can get. I do have a vernier rear sight and a globe front that I will make work from an old Rolling Block project I had.I know it is a bit of overkill at the distances that most side matches are, but again, I am a bit
  2. Howdy all Looking for wisdom from the wire. I am setting up a rifle for cowboy long range side matches in pistol caliber (I already have one for rifle caliber). I have two rifles available which to use. They are both Marlin 1894cb limited with 24 inch barrels. One is in 45LC and the other is 357 mag. Which caliber is better for long range? Also which size bullets do you use for the caliber you suggest? Thanks ahead for the info. WT
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