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  1. If you are going to SE Regional this weekend, I will have a slicked up 12 ga Stoeger for sale there.
  2. Yes, that is the bluetooth model which is a more expensive model then I had. Have a fellow pard on my posse that has those and he likes them.
  3. I started out using foam ear plugs. Did a great job of muffling the gunshots but couldn't hear people speak either. For Christmas got a set of Walkers ear buds (approx. $129.00). Did not like them, my ears were ringing after the match. I returned them. Decided maybe the Walkers were too inexpensive so bought a pair of Etymotic GSP15 electronic ear buds ($369.00) based on reviews I read on the net. A little better in sound deadening and can hear people fine but still didnt like them. The problem seemed to be that they shut down the report of the gun but then opened up a split second later (right when the bullet was hitting the steel) so it really hurt my ears. Still have them but don't use them for cowboy. Probably will be good for target shooting. Just got a pair of Safariland passive impulse ear plugs ($20.00). Call still hear people speak (just a little muffled) but really shuts down the firearm report. Just a slight bit louder then foam plugs. Ears did not hurt or ring after the match. I really like them and will be using them for my matches.
  4. Am I missing something? It seems like the .22 wouldn't line up with the barrel?
  5. Nice shootin OTJ! To all, Come out and join us ! Third Saturday of the month, Lake County Pistoleros, Eustis Gun Club Taveres, FL
  6. I have one and I love it! Yes, very stiff out of the box. Get it slicked up by a cowboy gunsmith and you have a fantastic gun.
  7. There is a post here on sassnet that lists all of the cowboy gunsmiths by state. You will need to search for it. He is listed on that. Here is his number 904-557-4909
  8. Cemetary, No issues, Sorry bad choice of words. Should have said "modifications". Gun has been great and I love it. So much so that I am thinking of buying a second one as my backup shotgun. LQ has slicked it up for me to make it easier to open, cut down the center extractor, modified it so it opens wider, bent the opening lever and put on a brass bead sight. I use it constantly so just recently he has installed a new firing pin spring as the original has gotten weak. As far as parts go, LQ seems to be able to get them.
  9. I see you are in Florida. Island Gun works in jacksonville works on CZs. Have done several repairs on my CZ sharptail. If you know somebody, you can send it by cowboy telegraph.
  10. Ill give you a guy right in Jacksonville, FL. Island Gunworks (El Q Jones) a regular on this forum He did two set of vaqueros for me and I love them. The first set of vaquero bisleys he tuned and slicked up. The second set were standard vaqueros that he installed bisley grips, hammers and triggers on and then did a complete cowboy action job. Both sets have been bulletproof since. Whats more, he will be right in your neighborhood and you can personally take them back to him any time you need work. Fast and reasonable. Runs with Scissors
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