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  1. Thanks RWS,

    Please send check or MO to:

    Mel Gajewski

    102 North Scheller Lane

    Scheller, Il.   62883

    $12 sound OK for shipping?

    Please send your address so I can have brass ready to ship

    Thanks Again

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    2. Back 40 #23910 L

      Back 40 #23910 L

      Oh....  OK   sorry, I didn't catch that.

    3. Back 40 #23910 L

      Back 40 #23910 L

      Hey Vance, got your check in the mail today.   I'll get the brass comming your way tomorrow, Wednesday.    thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Back 40 #23910 L

      Back 40 #23910 L

      OK   Brass comming your way.   tracking number 9534 6119 3401 1132 1447 30

      thanks again!!

  2. Back 40, Ill take the other bag of 1000 9mm and bag of 250 9mm. Take paypal? If not i can pay other ways. pm where to send funds. Thanks, Scissors
  3. I didn't even realize I forgot to include pictures of that one. Here you go
  4. Abilene, Thank you I bought a loader in .38 from another SASS member but also want to load 9mm. Brand new to reloading havent even received the loader yet Yes I need all that stuff, (shell plate, powder funnel, locater buttons) for 9mm. Scissors
  5. Does anybody have a set of 9mm dies for a Dillon square deal B loader? I just bought the loader but I understand it uses special dies. Thanks
  6. Abilene, thanks. I don’t have any clothes yet but I plan to dress as a calvery indian scout.
  7. Boomer, can you pm me the address of your FFL so I can figure out the cost.
  8. Here's one more: Ruger MK II. .22 Cal - SOLDExcellent Condition. Like New! Pistol has less then 100 rounds through it. Includes 1 magazine. Price: $400
  9. Hi all, I'm just getting started in CAS and don't have anything. Two pistols, rifle, shotgun, gun leather and gun cart, man it really adds up! Therefore some of my beloved non-cas firearms have to go to provide funds for my new sport! If you see anything you like, give me a holler. IWI Tavor SAR 5.56 Nato 16.5"16.5" BarrelExcellent ConditionIncludes:Green Laser and MountTactical Flashlight and MountLower Picatinny Rail and folding vertical gripPicatinny Riser and Red Dot SightTwo 30rd magazines and Fitted Carrying Case.$1,800 O.B.O.
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