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    CAS, sitting around the camper with pards shooting the breeze after a good day of shooting, getting a good smile, and being ready to "soar with eagles". Knowing that I am forgiven no matter how I screw up!

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  1. of course, but any thing else too! like libations checker....
  2. I'll be pulling in wed evening or so,,, if there's anything you need help with then or after, let me know
  3. I'm not sure when I met the Judge,, seems I've known him all my life, at least cowboy life.. I gentle soul he was, truly a pleasure to know and to be with. Special hugs for Yazoo and Doc,, I know words can't express what needs to be said. Happy Trails Wally, kick up some gold dust for me,,,
  4. https://gunblast.com/Stevens411.htm maybe this will help
  5. was good shooting with you RR,, I use 13 gr of clays, by weight, 7/8 oz of shot with gray claybuster wad,,, in AAs or STSs... cheddite 209 primer
  6. I've got 4, 2 short stroke,, they need 1.440 and under,,, my other two run anything I put in them, but they taint exactly stock either
  7. getting the rv ready,,, water heater had a leak,,, then the pump wouldn't pump,,, the hose going into the house needed fixed... ugh!!!
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