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  1. I have a ruger 45 acp cylinder that I have used in my OMV ruger. As best as I can measure 1.84 in at the part where the base pin goes through to the star on the back of the cylinder. And 1.71 in the length of the cylinder portion that holds the shell. Here are some pictures. Thanks Bullett
  2. Where are the best prices for shotgun primers? Cheddite, Win, CCI,Rem, Fed are good Not Rios. Thanks Bullett
  3. I think Bat Masterson ordered one also with the short barrel nickel finish, gutta percha grips and easy on the trigger. Bullett
  4. If you have replaced the lever spring put a washer behind the spring and try it. It only takes a few minutes. If not then you have a problem with the interface of the locking lug. Bullett
  5. Shalako and Pinto Annie are known for their welcoming way. Bullett
  6. Where in Idaho are you and would you send pic of the holsters. Thanks Bullett I am just across the river from you
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