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  1. Has anyone built an 80% glock and if so how well did it work? Thanks Bullett 19707
  2. Charlie doesn't pick up brass he times and catches them as they fly out of our rifles. Though he does miss a shotgun hull once in a while. Bullett 19707
  3. Shot my first match in Mountain Home Idaho in 1992. I had a old model RV 4 5/8 in 45 colt and a stevens 311. My friend went with me and had a Winchester 94 in 38-357 and an old model RV 7 1/2 in 45 colt. I was shooting USPSA almost every weekend and one of the shooters told me about the match. I had also read an article in the American Riflemen. Bullett 19707
  4. The shop smith is the one I have, and the screw is tight. I also have an extra length firing pin, Thanks Bullett 19707
  5. I have a uberti 1873 rifle in 38-357. The hammer spring I use to have in it would fire Win, PMC and Fed primers. I had the smith put in an very light spring that fires Fed primers very well and fires most Win primers but occasionally will not set one or two off. The smith kept my old spring and says he doesn't have it anymore. I would like a spring that I can replace if I need to switch to Win, or PMC. I know that each gun is different and what works in one may not work in another. The gun has had a very nice action job and is very fast, I have no complaints in how it runs now. I have weathered two different primer shortages and sometime there will be another. Thanks Bullett 19707
  6. I have seen two 97s with out of battery discharge and two 1866s. Saw a 1903 springfield in a BAMM match practice, That one went all to pieces, not one part was usable. Saw an AR-15 blow at a 3 gun match, he loaded a case of Bullseye. Started competition shooting in 1974. Bullett 19707
  7. The 45-70 shell I bought arrived today and were better than described. Jeb Stuart is a good pard to do business with. Bullett 19707
  8. I think so, It also fit in an older uberti 73 that I had. If in a 73 it will not open the dust cover. Bullett 19707
  9. First item is uberti 1873 or 1866 bolt appears to be unused and has a 66 extractor. This is for the older model with the small pin. It is for 38-357 and has the blue all complete on the face of the bolt. Would like $80.00 shipped. Item two is a shortened 1897 Winchester stock with soft but pad. The overall length of the stock is 11 5/8 inches. My kids used this for several years and have now grown out of it. I fits well and is nicely finished and I find no cracks. Would like $50.00 shipped Third item is the rear sight for an original 1889 marlin. It has a break where it turns to follow the barrel. Would like $18.00 shipped Thank You Bullett 19707
  10. Like Charlie said the hat was made over the years, Charlie is a REAL cowboy he even drives his pickup with spurs on. Bullett 19707
  11. I am thinking two wind chimes, one cowboy and one wildbunch. Bullett 19707
  12. Before you cut the barrel on the 20ga, I am not an expert, but they are usually much more valuable than the 12ga guns. I have a model 12 at 23 in and a 97 at the same. I like a longer sight radius and more weight out front. Bullett 19707
  13. I don't know if I am answering what you are asking but when trimming the magazine spring I leave 10-12in past the end of the tube with the end cap off. Bullett 19707
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