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  1. Two ruger vaqs in 45 colt, marlin cowboy limited in 45 colt and a stoeger 20 ga. The pistols are blued and cc with 4 5/8 barrels still have them. The rifle was the 24 in oct. barrel, and the 20 ga coach gun. The stoeger was real junk, broke after the first year, I was all to happy to sell that one. I then bought a 12 stoeger and is still my back up I have shot gun from 1993 till two years ago. Very sorry to have sold the 45 marlin. Bullett 19707
  2. My daughters shot for years using .22s and the only change in a stage was with reloads on the rifle. We have never had problems with the timers or misses called. With all rifles the problem comes in when the muzzle is through a prop {window}. With all shooters the spotters must pay attention. I have been shooting .22 for the winter and find it fun, I have always enjoyed a .22 Thanks Bullett 19707
  3. In 1993 when I bought my first one, They only had 45 colt, 44 mag and 44-40. My first was a 45 colt blued CC frame with 4 1/2 barrel. Next year I heard about SASS and bought a second just like the first one. I then bought a Marlin cowboy limited in 45 colt and a 20ga stoeger. Bought the rugers because I couldnt afford Colts. Best thing I could have done. Sent them to oglsby and had action jobs done, not the best but they were better than original. I then foolishly sent them the marlin and it never was reliable again. Still have the rugers and shoot them now and then but fell in
  4. Thank you Pale Wolf those look real good, that may be the way I go with mine. Not many people knew Frank did action work. I had him do some engraving on my pistols and when he felt the trigger and hammer he told me to leave them with him and I did. Still have that pair of Blackhawks and that action job was one of the best. I met him in Fernly NV at the first western state shoots. He showed me how to fire a single action upside down. Bullett 19707
  5. He did a good job on my pistols but the rifle was terrible. Bullett 19707
  6. For those that have put a different front sight on a pietta rem 1858, What did you use and did you dovetail or solder it on? Thanks Bullett 19707
  7. I am planning on shortening the barrel on my 1858 pietta 36 cal revolver. Can someone tell me how the front sight and the loading lever keeper are attached? And for those that have already done this is there some easier way to replace them once the barrel is shortend ? Thanks Bullett
  8. I took one to a cowboy shooter who in real life is a welder and he repaired mine and fit it back to the gun. Bullett 19707
  9. I have 185 rds if 30-06 that I would like to sell. I haven't looked at each one but I think they are all commercial there could be two or thee military. Most are remington and federal a few browning and Winchester. Bullett 19707
  10. I shoot with two shooters using the 32-20, maybe they will chime in here. One is Hunt Mountain Drifter and the other is Pinto Anne. Bullett 19707
  11. Thank very much and yes let me know the cost and I will send you the fund. I will pay postage and would be happy to pay for the part also. Thank You very much and please PM me with the address other info. Again Thank You very much. Bullett 19707
  12. I asked about the 761 R Grabber and was emailed this The 8377 wad guide clamp and 830012 wad guide is the replacement. I looked at the items and noticed they have a 100 before the above listed numbers and total cost of the two is $10.42 without shipping. Bullett 19707
  13. I think you are right. I have several gift cards saved and thought that would be a nice thing to spend them on, but I will wait for a while. Bullett 19707
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