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  1. Going through my dads stuff and came across a WW2 flag. This is a very large flag red with the swastika in black. How can I find out what it is worth? Thanks Bullett 19707
  2. I will take one of the non marred ones, let me know how to send payment Bullett
  3. Thank You Score. Bullett 19707
  4. The henry is similar to the marlin lever action 410. I had my daughters try it when the oldest started shooting. It was not a gun for kids. It is to heavy, to long and has a very very long stroke. I bought a stoeger sxs which is still not a great gun for a kid but the best we could do at the time. The 410 is a light gun and with factory shells kicks a lot for a kid especially if it doesnt fit them well and 410 ammo is expensive. I bought a mec loader and loaded my own load and things got much better. Bullett 19707
  5. I know the mag percussion caps were meant for igniting pyrodex pellets and the like. Has someone tried them on a percussion revolver? Maybe the better question should you try them on a percussion revolver? Thanks Bullett 19707
  6. Has anyone swapped the grips off an 1860 army for grips of 1851? These are Pietta guns. Thanks Bullett 19707
  7. I saw your post about removing the pin that holds the extractor on a 73 rifle. I make a bolt bench block that holds the bolt secure while you drive the pin out.

    $25 + $10 shipping.



    Bolt Bench Block 2.jpg

  8. Howdy Bullett.  Have you come to any decision on the trade? Do you have any more questions or require anymore pictures? 

    Thanks for your interest............RT

    1. Bullett Sass 19707

      Bullett Sass 19707

      Sorry for the delay long day at work.  My friends all tell me to keep the skb and have it worked over.   They say it is the best for CAS.  May be I better listen to them I have worn out 3 stoegers and wearing on the 4th.  So for now I will keep the skb.   Thank You Bullett 19707

    2. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin

      Thanks for the response. I understand.  Regards..........RT

  9. Got'em ,


    When are you selling the other?



    p.s Where in Oregon do you live. I shot out there last year in August with the OOWSS club because my son lived in Eugene but now lives towards Portland in Wilsonville.

    1. Bullett Sass 19707

      Bullett Sass 19707

      I was also going to sell the smaller 97.  This is the gun my daughters used in competition and has been made smaller.   It is about 12 in from the trigger to the end of the butt pad, give or take 1/4 in.   It is a D model and works well for cowboy shooting.  The serial numbers match.  The last daughter is now in college and can use a full size gun so that's my reason to sell.   The 97 on the top is one I used for Wildbunch then switched to model 12.   I will be attending a shoot in Canby OR a few miles south of Portland the end of July and staying with my daughter in Albany where the OOWSS shoots.   I live about 400 miles east of there next to the boarder of Idaho.   I would like 495 plus shipping for the 97 It also has a full action job.  Thanks Bullett 19707 

  10. Happy Birthday to SASS and 22yrs of shooting in Cowboy Action for me. Bullett 19707
  11. I have had good service and good bullets from Rim Rock. Bullett 19707
  12. I have also shot with lunger and his wife. Runamuck said it better than I could. +1 for Bullett 19707
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