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  1. Ok as for 24 magazines that's if you don't reload between stages. I have been doing wild bunch matches since 1995 and have never used more than 7 magazines on a stage. If you don't mind reloading between stages 7 or 8 will work fine. Bullett 19707
  2. I don't use them any more. Tuned or untuned loaded ammo or reloads. Most likely primer to not go off. I for sure do not use Winchester for my self defense ammo. Bullett 19707
  3. Contact Left Dude, I think he sells to screwdriver in the cart. Bullett 19707
  4. I have noticed that clubs in my area of the country that treat monthly matches like state or annual matches have better attendance. They go through the categories and announce each persons place. They give out business like cards with your category and placement.. Some clubs also do this also at USPSA matches. Bullett 19707
  5. Thank You I didn't think of the bore snake. Why no solvent down the barrel? Does it cause problems with the gas system? Bullett 19707
  6. Other than cowboy action, I shoot 2 gun and a bit of 3 gun. The AR has a 18 in SS medium contour barrel. I spray solvent down the barrel and chamber and leave it set on one side then the other side. I then clean from the chamber end with a bronze brush. I have run maybe 10 or 15 tight patches down the barrel and they all come out with some black on them. How clean does it need to be? I use it in matches about two times per month. Bullett 19707
  7. Raccoons do have an enemy. The enemy is the dog disease parvo. Bullett 19707
  8. What cal are the loops on the belt? Bullett 19707
  9. I also shoot 3 gun and we were shooting targets out to 475yds. One stage took 30 pistol rounds and another took 24 shotgun. This would be very difficult because of a time limit on the stages. Bullett 19707
  10. Was a pleasure shooting with you at the Idaho State. Bullett 19707
  11. I started shooting cowboy action in 1992 and our shotgun targets were stationary. Just like the rifle pistol targets you listened and watched for ding. We called it the golden BB and it got to be we just assumed when the shotgun went off it was a hit. Then it got to be where people called hits for their friends and miss for people they wanted to beat. Very subjective, we came up with the knockdown concept. We then found it took to long the reset the targets and you had do shut down the entire range to reset. We then designed targets we could reset more easily. The shotgun targets were still hit or miss no makeup. Several years later we heard of other clubs doing the shotgun Comstock and did the shoot till they falls. Bullett 19707
  12. Sorry a little off topic. I was TO for a shooter who used to shoot a lot of trap and skeet. After rifle and pistol he grabs up the 97 and Bang, Bang, Bang then Poof. I said cease fire, he bring the barrel to his mouth and puts his lips around the muzzle and blows down the barrel causing the wad to come out the ejection port. I just looked at him and said you know your DQ ed right? He said yes I know its what we used to do on the trap range to clear the wad. Its an old habit. Bullett 19707
  13. I bottomed out my rear sight and my marlin 1889 still shoots about 10 inches to high. This is with the rear sight elevator taken out. I am shooting about 25 yds. So I want to get a taller front sight. So when I measure the front sight is the measurement from the botton of the part that goes in the dovetail? Thanks Bullett 19707
  14. This is not an uncommon problem with stoeger doubles in our game. The spring that operates the lever that opens the action of the shotgun is probably a little to week or the part that holds the gun closed is not fitted well. A stronger spring will probably fix the issue. I would contact the person that did the action job and let them know what the problem is Bullett 19707
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