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  1. Thanks for the shoot Charlie the weather cooperated for us. Bullett 19707
  2. Sorry I didn't read close enough. Bullett
  3. I have seen many 311s break right where OLG said and I have seen several wear out the race where the bar cocks the hammers. I have not found them to be built like a tank. I have had several 311 that were unrepairable after 1-2 years of use. My cheap stoeger has lasted since 1994. I now shoot a browning BSS. Bullett 19707
  4. I have just one piece of advice, get each member of the family a good set of shooting glasses and ear plugs. As for as ear plugs you can use foam ones at first. This is so you can stand among the shooters and talk to them in a safe manner. Without these items you can not be near the shooting. Bullett 19707
  5. You can leave the loading table after you load your guns. Your rifle is loaded on the loading table, your shotgun in on the table not loaded, just unholster your pistols and lay them on the table and you can walk to your cart or get something you forgot. Just make sure your pistols are pointed in a safe direction. Bullett 19707
  6. Last month I shot my first two gun match. It was a four stage match and we were done about one pm. There were four squads of shooters. We were the second squad to finish the match and picked up our stage while two other squads were still shooting. The range has a large fence and a gate that opens with a combination. This club locked the gate and nobody was allowed to leave until all the stagers were cleaned up. I never had that happen before. Bullett 19707
  7. I like the pistol grip myself but around here several people have converted there pistol grip to straight stock and seem to like them very well. Bullett 19707
  8. Is the Charles Daly the one Duce was talking about? He said in the 700-800 range
  9. I shoot both 2gun and 3gun matches and the most popular pistol to use is called a 2011. This is a 1911 that holds about 20rds of 9mm in what is called a double stack magazine. This however is not the only choice out there. As stated above there are glocks, M&Ps, sig, springfield and many others that hold about 20 rds or can be made to hold that many. You can use a 1911 in 45 cal but you will need a lot of magazines and will be doing a lot of magazine changes. Non of the guns mentioned above are legal for WB, the single stack 1911 in 45 acp is the only pistol allowed if competing in a state match or higher. Like mentioned above there are NO good choices that work for both. You need to buy two guns. Bullett 19707
  10. Has anyone built an 80% glock and if so how well did it work? Thanks Bullett 19707
  11. Charlie doesn't pick up brass he times and catches them as they fly out of our rifles. Though he does miss a shotgun hull once in a while. Bullett 19707
  12. Shot my first match in Mountain Home Idaho in 1992. I had a old model RV 4 5/8 in 45 colt and a stevens 311. My friend went with me and had a Winchester 94 in 38-357 and an old model RV 7 1/2 in 45 colt. I was shooting USPSA almost every weekend and one of the shooters told me about the match. I had also read an article in the American Riflemen. Bullett 19707
  13. The shop smith is the one I have, and the screw is tight. I also have an extra length firing pin, Thanks Bullett 19707
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