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  2. I have a 2 sets of Eagle gunfighter buffalo with ruger emblems that I'd like to sale. These are for Ruger original (old) Vaqueros but will also fight on ruger Wranglers. I'm asking $235 shipped for the pair.
  3. I have 375 piece of 41 mag brass for sale asking $110 shipped.
  4. I have a tombstone grip kit for a bond arms derringer. This kit is an over size grip kit and requires it to be assembled. Asking $35 shipped.
  5. Btt both rifles are still available.
  6. I have 535 used 45 colt cases for sale. Brass has been cleaned but still have primers. I am not sure how many time this has been loaded. Asking $145 shipped.
  7. I have some 45-70 bullets for sell. First up I have 400 Moulton Lead 405 hard cast bullets with lube and moly coat sized 458. $90 shipped Second I have 281 Moulton Lead 300hard cast bullets with lube and moly coat sized 458. $70 shipped last I have 50 bear creek 500 grain bullets. $30 shipped or take them all them all for $175 shipped.
  8. I have three 1873 butt stocks for sale. Frist up is a Uberti competition buttstock with rubber pad this stock is still stock length. Asking $200 shipped SPFs Next is a shortened carbine buttstock. This stock has been shorten ~1 inch and a leather strip has been installed in place of the steel plate. asking $175 shipped. Last is one shortened to ~11 inch length of pull and would be good for a smaller person. I asking 100 shipped.
  9. I have two Rossi SAC for sale. These both have the 16.5 inch barrels and are labeled 22 long short and long rifle. Standard blued model 62SAC asking 435 shipped from me to your FFL of choice. Rare Nickel model 62SAC asking $675 shipped to your FFL of choice. I can provide more photos of either one.
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