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  1. The SKB 150 were only produced form 1972 through 1975 . the below link is to SKBshotgun catalogue library that only have the 150 list in 1972, 73 and 74. https://www.skbshotguns.com/owner-support/ithaca-catalogue-library/ The Ithaca-SKB Grade 150 was introduced in 1972. This model was essentially the Grade 100 with a beavertail forend and figured walnut stock. Kuna
  2. I have a nice ithaca SKB model 150 chambered in 12ga 2 3/4” shells with 28” modified and full choke bbls. Finish overall looks nice with minor marks and wear. Both bores are bright and look great. Wood is also in good condition with minor marks/scrathes. $1035 shipped to the FFL of your choice from me.
  3. I'll take the ted blocker 2 gun rig number one PM sent
  4. I have a Stetson Tom Mix Cowboy Hat that I would like to sell. The hat is used but the owner before me stated that he never wore it and it had just been setting on the shelf in the plastic bag has still has the tag in the hat band. Hat is a 7 1/4 and is a little big on me. I would like $165 Shipped for the hat
  5. I have a uberti 1860 trapper with 18.5' barrel that I would like to sell. This rifle was imported by stoeger and is in perfect shape. hold 8 45 colts I was planning on getting a 45 cowboy special carrier and converting it and figured it should hold 10 45CS. other stuff has come up so I would like to get $950 shipped to your FFL from me. If you have any question let me know.
  6. I have a Brownells LFC Reamer that I would like to sell. I using it on 2 1897 16 gauge barrels so the reamer should still have lots of life left. I would like $85 shipped for it. the picture is from Brownells site and it you would like to see one of the actuall reamer I can send it to you.
  7. BTT with lower price.
  8. Looking for a reloader in 16 gauge, if you have one setting around not being used let me know. Kuna
  9. I have set mine up with a pair of powers half cock hammers for the single six and slick magic 13 pound vaquero hammer springs and a set of old vaquero gunfight grips. I have not put that may rounds through them yet but so far the ones I have have all going off with out issues. The half cock hammers dropped right in and did not require any fitting to work.
  10. I have a nice 16 guage 1897 that I would like to sell. Shotgun has a 22 inch barrel a 12.5 in length of pull and has had an action job by a local gunsmith. A name has been scratched into the side of the receiver but is not that noticable from a distance. I am asking $375 shipped to your FFL form me.
  11. I have an FM product side charging 9mm ar with 16 inch barrel. Ar consists on FM products 9mm lower, FM products side charging 16 inch upper, Mission First Tactical Minimalist Stock, Flat ar trigger with anti walk pins, short throw safety extended takedown pins. Also comes with a Monstrum Tactical 1-4x20 Rifle scope, 1 ETS 31 round mag a Korea 50 round drum mag and a Korea 33 round mag. I am looking at getting $850 shipped to your FFL
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