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  1. I have a Stetson Tom Mix Cowboy Hat that I would like to sell. The hat is used but the owner before me stated that he never wore it and it had just been setting on the shelf in the plastic bag has still has the tag in the hat band. Hat is a 7 1/4 and is a little big on me. I would like $165 Shipped for the hat
  2. I have a uberti 1860 trapper with 18.5' barrel that I would like to sell. This rifle was imported by stoeger and is in perfect shape. hold 8 45 colts I was planning on getting a 45 cowboy special carrier and converting it and figured it should hold 10 45CS. other stuff has come up so I would like to get $950 shipped to your FFL from me. If you have any question let me know.
  3. I have a Brownells LFC Reamer that I would like to sell. I using it on 2 1897 16 gauge barrels so the reamer should still have lots of life left. I would like $85 shipped for it. the picture is from Brownells site and it you would like to see one of the actuall reamer I can send it to you.
  4. BTT with lower price.
  5. Looking for a reloader in 16 gauge, if you have one setting around not being used let me know. Kuna
  6. I have a pair original stainless steel ruger vaqueros in 357 with 5.5 inch barrels that I would like to sell. The guns have lightened main springs super black hawk hammers. I would like $1125 shipped to your FFL from mine.
  7. I have set mine up with a pair of powers half cock hammers for the single six and slick magic 13 pound vaquero hammer springs and a set of old vaquero gunfight grips. I have not put that may rounds through them yet but so far the ones I have have all going off with out issues. The half cock hammers dropped right in and did not require any fitting to work.
  8. Call hornady and they gave me a build date of 11/97 for this press.
  9. Yes it is 12 ga and works fine. I have been using it for 3/4 oz loads and will include the 3/4 oz shot cup the only reason I am selling it is I have 2 of them. This one is the newer of the 2 with all stainless parts compared to the other with blue parts. If you have any other questions let me know.
  10. Midway USA states they have one in stock. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/185991/ruger-hammer-assembly-ruger-single-six
  11. Kuna


    They have been sold already. but thanks for checking.
  12. Kuna


    I have a pair Shotgun chaps in excellent preowned condition. Adjustable waist and leg. Snap leg closures. Made of heavy oil tanned, slightly distressed leather. leather pockets on each leg. I ask $175 shipped for them
  13. BTT Would also consider trading this press. Let me know what you have if interested.
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