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  1. @Jan Hawkins The schedule that SASS currently list has the main match being shoot on Wednesday June 23 through Friday June 25, Saturday they have the awards and Top Gun shotoff. The main match will be over on friday so there will not be any stages to be shot on Saturday. They probably changed the schedule to this to give the Paradise Pass Regulators plenty of time to setup the Indiana state shoot the next weekend.
  2. Here a post that has multiple leather makers listed
  3. Anyone one have Option #1 (Bolt Hole Aligned, .21" Shaft, All Calibers) Ranger Point Precision M/94 Extractor Claw just setting around not being used.
  4. The bisley hammers and triggers are not drop in replacements with the standard vaquero grip frame. It can be done bit It requires either the grip frame or the hammers/ triggers to be modified.
  5. I have an FM product side charging 9mm ar with 16 inch barrel. Ar consists on FM products 9mm lower, FM products side charging 16 inch upper, Mission First Tactical Minimalist Stock, Flat ar trigger with anti walk pins, short throw safety extended takedown pins. Also comes with a Monstrum Tactical 1-4x20 Rifle scope, 1 ETS 31 round mag a Korea 50 round drum mag and a Korea 33 round mag. I am looking at getting $850 shipped to your FFL
  6. I have an Ithaca SKB 200e that has 3 sets of barrels 26", 28" and 30". Shotgun is stock and has not been used for cowboy action. All three sets of barrels have ejectors fitted to them. Forearm has a crack that has been repaired at some point. No crack in the but stock. Asking $1600 shipped to your FFL if they'll except it form me. If it needs to go through my FFL add $20.
  7. I put peg board up and us it to hang my holsters and cowboy hats.
  8. I have for sell a Ithaca SKB model 280 12 gauge with 26 in barrels choked improved modified and modified. I am asking $1250 $1150 shipped to your FFL if will except from me extra $20 if it has to go through my FFl CA sell are also fine.
  9. Kuna

    Advise on a 97

    There is a ring soldered to the mag tube that the action slide spring rests against, check and make sure that it is in the correct location. I have seen the solder come loose on them and they end up moving forward allowing the action slide to move to far forward.
  10. I have a pair of strong side carved holsters with a forward cant that will fit original or new vaqueros with up to 5.5 inch barrels. I would like $125 shipped.
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