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  1. I do make vise blocks for holding various cap and ball revolver cylinders. ROA, 1851, & 1858/1860.
  2. First thing you should do is soak the parts in Kroil for 2 days. That may loosen it up for you. I make a 1/4" drive socket with a groove milled thru the middle to allow using a ratchet or breaker bar directly above the nipple. They're stronger than the cheap handles but can still be broken if you don't soak it first. You can contact me for more info at : brucew@commspeed.net KingSnake
  3. Az State Wild Bunch and Fire & Ice are still going forward as of a couple days ago. Most if not all monthlies are still happening, although there may be limits on posse size at some clubs. As mentioned above, contact the club before going to get the most current info.
  4. I think this is the best answer. I have a Baikal single trigger that I hate shooting. It's strictly a backup gun. I just now compared it to my SKB and found the trigger to back of trigger guard is 1/2 inch longer on the Baikal. No wonder it hurts my hand. Reshaping the trigger guard is now on my to do list.
  5. I believe that he has 2 different rifle sights and 4 different shotgun sights. Shotgun Shannon and I have them on our long guns. I know Bronc is shooting in Tombstone this weekend so it might be a bit before he gets back to you.
  6. Cholla, Bronc sells a similar type brass sight for rifles. He's local to you here in Yavapai County Arizona. He shoots with Whiskey Row Gunslingers and Yavapai Rangers. You can PM him here or on facebook.
  7. Been shooting CAS in Arizona for 10 years and have never seen a LTO. Have had a couple shooters ask me to check their revolvers at Winter Range, but that's it.
  8. It was good shooting with you yesterday. I was rather exhausted after the match yesterday too. I thought it pretty cool that the two clubs got together to put on a match for all of us to shoot.
  9. I saw your post about removing the pin that holds the extractor on a 73 rifle. I make a bolt bench block that holds the bolt secure while you drive the pin out.

    $25 + $10 shipping.



    Bolt Bench Block 2.jpg

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