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  1. Black Mike


    All good stuff. For some reason I was shooting BP from shotgun and rifle. App in pistols. I guess my bullets didn't have quite enough lube for the rifle and the barrel would be caked up pretty bad which made it a little hard to clean. At the GA state match I shot a total of 16 stages between the black powder event and main match. On the last stage I fired ten APP rounds through the rifle and it actually cleaned the barrel quite nicely. Cleaning the barrel after the match was a breeze. Don't know if any of you have tried this. Heading to PA state this week and will do the same.
  2. I picked up a nice model 12 that had a polychoke on it. After cutting it off the barrel was 24". I shot one Wild Bunch match with it. They are fast and smooth but I prefer the 97.
  3. It's motorized. Works very well.
  4. Here's one I have seen. Can't ride it but carries his whole families gear.
  5. I had safes moved a few times by a local moving company. Two guys minimum $100 per hour $150 minimum. Up to 600 lbs. made quick work of it. I could not get anyone to move my larger safe. Called a local that sold safes that had a stair climber. $450. Made me reinforce wood cellar stairs which is something to consider.
  6. Black Mike

    Sharps Rifles.

    Can't go wrong with the Uberti/Pedersoli. Would love to have a Shilo but this rifle is a fine shooter at 300 yards with smokeless or black and 405 gr bullet. Shot 600 yards once but did not get a lot of time. I now use APP exclusively and it shoots great. Tough offhand as it is heavy but off sticks it is just fine.
  7. I had the pleasure of shooting with Cayenne Culpepper on this posse. A great shooter and fun to be with. Real class in taking full responsibility for his mistake. Even better he still placed second.
  8. All good points. I use my local matches to work on speed outside of some practice sessions. One recurring issue I had (all between the ears) was that in State or Regional shoots if I was clean toward the last stages of the match my times increased by quite a bit. I suppose my desire to shoot clean at that point over rode the need to shoot as fast as I could. In fact at Helluva Ruckus, the NY State I was so intent on shooting clean, I missed two pistol shots,on the last stage when I slowed down so far I got way out of any normal rhythm. On the next to last stage I could hear my shooting partner say " Mike must be clean, he's slowing down". My new mantra is " no more Mr Clean". I just try to shoot as fast as reasonably possible for me. Actually it is a blessing if I miss one early on in a match. Last year at a state shoot I shot clean and did slow down on the last stage. I came in second in my category but fortunately, the additional ten seconds did not put me out of first as I got whomped by about 30 seconds. I know now lots of folks who like to shoot clean and take their time and have fun. To each their own. But, it sure is fun watching the guys and gals who shoot fast and clean.
  9. These discussions just point out the fact that we all have different opinions, likes and dislikes about this competitive game. I don't really care how far or close or large or small the targets are. You put them out, I show up and I shoot at them. I shoot duelist and my personal goal is to average 1 second for every round fired. I may never get there, but I sure try. Some stages are faster than others. As far as the elite speedsters go, I am always happy to be on their posse just to watch them and try to learn a tip or two. They work hard at the game and deserve every win they earn. I like variety, it makes me a better all around shooter. I like reactive targets, moving targets. I like corny lines, stabbing dummies and throwing dynamite sticks. I like movement and stand and deliver at large close targets. Still cant figure how I can miss those, but I do once in a while. I like actually having to aim and concentrate on trigger pull on long range pistol targets. I shoot for the pleasure of shooting and try to do the best I can in my categories. I love the people I have met, and compared to other shooting sports that I still frequent, this Cowboy Action Shooting is the best. I have been and continue to be actively involved in the running of Cowboy Action Clubs and try to accommodate all the shooters that show up. I don't know much about the "old days" as I have only been doing this about 8 years, but I just try to keep it growing and moving forward. Every game can be competitive and there is nothing wrong with that. Heck, we have some bloody games of pickle ball at the old folks village where I live, and Mahjong, that's another story. Maybe, against my better judgement, the answer is to have an additional category for non-competitors. Times will not be recorded and no awards will be given out. that way those who wish can just shoot and have fun.
  10. Those Blackhawk hammers.  Do you have to have the  firing pin/wedge welded onto hammer or do you buy the like that?

  11. I can be a pretty loyal customer and have a good amount of latitude with "humanity" as it is. For a number of years I have been buying my bullets for CAS at a company that I will not name here where I understood I was paying an almost $30 premium per 1,000 bullets, but given all was good I did not change until recently. My last order from this company had a very high percentage of badly misshapen bullets and the lube had pretty much cracked and had fallen off most of them. I sent an e mail just to let them know, very nice and not asking for anything. After a week or two I had no response so I called. I asked if they saw my e mail and they said they did. I simply said I wanted them to be aware of the issue I had. The response. "We're human, you want more bullets." Nope, thank you. So I order two thousand bullets from Rim Rock and I screw up and order 1,000 of the wrong bullets. I call them to see if I could return them and not only do they immediately send out the bullets I should have ordered but also send me a prepaid USPS mailer to send them back. Saving me not only $30 per thousand, but also the return postage. Also a very pleasant phone conversation with them. How can you beat that! It doesn't take much to keep me happy, but these guys went above and beyond. I'll be ordering many more bullets from theses guys.
  12. A while back I called Taylor's & Co. to see if I could pick up a pair of Smoke Wagons in 44-40 at Winter Range hoping to take advantage of discounts they provide there. Since I am from Connecticut they could not let me take possession at Winter Range but we're more than happy to ship them to me immediately with the match discount. After testing out the pair one of the pistols shot consistently 4 to 5 inches low at 21 feet. Both grouped very tight, it was just the elevation on one of them. I called to discuss and they took the pistol in and turned it around in a week. Shot the pistol today. Problem solved. From sale to after sale service these folks are great. Easy to communicate with, quick return e mails and phone calls. I can't say enough about my great experience. Refreshing.
  13. My experience with Universal was that with loads at the high end of the range were fine, but when lowered I was getting a lot of un burnt powder all over me and some funny sounding shots. It was explained that in large volume cases like the 45 Colt light charges will level out below the primer giving inconsistent ignition. I have since switched to Trail Boss when I shoot smokeless. Love that Universal for my 28 ga.
  14. Since you wet tumble, make it easy on yourself by not using too much Dawn or Lemishine. When I first started wet tumbling I thought more was better. I also experienced tarnish after. If I use a half teaspoon of Lemishine and Dawn that is a lot. After separating pins I just pat them dry with a towel and let them sit out for a few days to dry inside. I have had no problems with tarnish since reducing the amount of cleaner to a very small amount. I shoot black powder and APP and have no trouble with like new looking brass.
  15. Black Mike

    Spotting scope

    Try this out. On sale at less than $150. I have one and with a few different power eye pieces you can cover even small calibers out to 600 yards. The tripod is not sturdy enough, especially at high magnification but the scope is great and also great for looking at the moon and other planets and stars with the kids. Celestron 90mm Maksutov Spotting Scope Telescope Package 52268-OP - Celestron 90 Spotting Scope w/Tripod 93606
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