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  1. I had the pleasure of shooting with Cayenne Culpepper on this posse. A great shooter and fun to be with. Real class in taking full responsibility for his mistake. Even better he still placed second.
  2. All good points. I use my local matches to work on speed outside of some practice sessions. One recurring issue I had (all between the ears) was that in State or Regional shoots if I was clean toward the last stages of the match my times increased by quite a bit. I suppose my desire to shoot clean at that point over rode the need to shoot as fast as I could. In fact at Helluva Ruckus, the NY State I was so intent on shooting clean, I missed two pistol shots,on the last stage when I slowed down so far I got way out of any normal rhythm. On the next to last stage I could hear my shooting partner say " Mike must be clean, he's slowing down". My new mantra is " no more Mr Clean". I just try to shoot as fast as reasonably possible for me. Actually it is a blessing if I miss one early on in a match. Last year at a state shoot I shot clean and did slow down on the last stage. I came in second in my category but fortunately, the additional ten seconds did not put me out of first as I got whomped by about 30 seconds. I know now lots of folks who like to shoot clean and take their time and have fun. To each their own. But, it sure is fun watching the guys and gals who shoot fast and clean.
  3. Stopped by shooters house today armed with manufactures load data for Nitro 100. Shooter also called company and confirmed data. There are two sections for 45 Colt. Standard and high pressure. The standard range for 200 gr rnfp is 4.9 gr to 5.8 Gr. We loaded up twenty rounds at 5 gr and hit the range. Good loads, consistent and dead on in pistol and rifle. now he has about 300 rounds to pull apart. Problem solved for now.
  4. Black Mike


    Since the stage instructions called for nine rifle rounds on three targets in a progressive regressive sweep r1 r2r2 r3r3r3 r2r2 r1 and then place the tenth round on a bonus target quite a distance from the rifle targets. In this situation there is no chance that a shooter could hit the rifle target while engaging the bonus target. Since the shooter put ten rounds on the rifle targets I would assess a P. No miss no bonus.
  5. Nope, he was below the minimum using 3.5 grains I as he told me. That is way too low in my opinion. The 20 percent below I used in the OP was based on 5.1 grains min. My math could have been better. I would start him right in the middle range given I could see his bullets all the way to the target.
  6. During a match yesterday I was running the timer on my posse and I had a shooter who was shooting 45 Colt in both rifle and pistols. The rifle rounds were fine for the most part but a lot of the pistol round sounded very light and very inconsistent. I talked to him and he told me he was loading 20 percent below the minimum load data. I used to have a problem loading light loads with Universal in the 45 Colt. I had a lot of inconsistent rounds and was told that the powder volume being so low in a large case that the primer would flash over the powder and not get a good ignition. I switched to Trail Boss and the problem disappeared. I now shoot Black Powder only so the volume issue no longer exists. Pack it in and shoot. Could this be the problem with the Nitro 10? I suggested changing powders but he has 5 lbs. Has anyone else had this experience?
  7. I have always supported multiple clubs. If I feel that they are working to protect our rights and expanding all shooting sports I gladly pay the membership fee. I also do my best to help out as much as I can.
  8. When I take on RO responsibilities one of my pet peeves is spotters, shooters and others mulling around and gabbing while a shooter is trying to move from the loading table to the firing line or to the unloading table after shooting. I now always talk to the posse and ask them to please step back and allow the shooter a straight and clear line to and from the shooting positions. Shooters may be thinking of a lot of things and weaving in and out of a crowd to get to where they need to go is one they should not have to deal with. It is enough of a challenge to carry firearms to and from our gun carts when we have a large posse and tight spaces. I make sure the path is clear before I call a shooter to stage firearms and when they are done I ask the target setters, spotters and brass pickers to stand back until shooter heads to the unloading table before converging on the stage to prepare it for next shooter. Just seems to make things easier and run more smoothly and safely.
  9. Black Mike


    These discussions just point out the fact that we all have different opinions, likes and dislikes about this competitive game. I don't really care how far or close or large or small the targets are. You put them out, I show up and I shoot at them. I shoot duelist and my personal goal is to average 1 second for every round fired. I may never get there, but I sure try. Some stages are faster than others. As far as the elite speedsters go, I am always happy to be on their posse just to watch them and try to learn a tip or two. They work hard at the game and deserve every win they earn. I like variety, it makes me a better all around shooter. I like reactive targets, moving targets. I like corny lines, stabbing dummies and throwing dynamite sticks. I like movement and stand and deliver at large close targets. Still cant figure how I can miss those, but I do once in a while. I like actually having to aim and concentrate on trigger pull on long range pistol targets. I shoot for the pleasure of shooting and try to do the best I can in my categories. I love the people I have met, and compared to other shooting sports that I still frequent, this Cowboy Action Shooting is the best. I have been and continue to be actively involved in the running of Cowboy Action Clubs and try to accommodate all the shooters that show up. I don't know much about the "old days" as I have only been doing this about 8 years, but I just try to keep it growing and moving forward. Every game can be competitive and there is nothing wrong with that. Heck, we have some bloody games of pickle ball at the old folks village where I live, and Mahjong, that's another story. Maybe, against my better judgement, the answer is to have an additional category for non-competitors. Times will not be recorded and no awards will be given out. that way those who wish can just shoot and have fun.
  10. Try posting on thehighroad.org. They have a Ruger Old Army club where lots of cap and ball shooters hang out. I'll bet you get a quick sale.
  11. Before my move to South Carolina I had two nice climate controlled rooms in a fully finished basement. Two six foot benches and plenty of cabinet space let me spread out a bit and keep things pretty well organized. Two Dillon RL550's, RCBS Rock Chucker, MEC9000G and Spolar with hydraulic drive were no problem. Of course I took the pic after a major clean up and put away. In my new home I had to find space in my garage. Not so great in the heat of the summer, but I just do most of my loading in the fall, winter and spring. Have to keep things cleaned and oiled to prevent any rusting. So far no problem. Used this space under the stairwell to build in a six foot bench and bought the cabinets from Sam's Club. Sold one RL550 but everything else fit, although very tightly. Used the bifold doors to keep snooping eyes away when garage door is open. Not a bad compromise.
  12. Here's my kind of dirty pictures.
  13. Damn. I got all excited. Thought I would see black powder pics !
  14. Certainly chrono is the way, but you can get a good idea by interpolating published data. Distance between min power factor and max load pretty small so even if real result is not linear it may not be far off.
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