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  1. Its always had water. 2 wells service the property; one the residence, the other the cattle. (Water just wasnt ran - or a new well drilled- to service the "town" or camping areas) Instead, there are 2 water tanks with lines ran; one to the arena and the other to the "town". Misty
  2. Nothing. There are 2 functioning wells on the property; one services the residence and the other the cattle. (We still have the herd of longhorn there being cared for). Misty
  3. Can you please run through it all again? We made another change that we are hoping fixes the issues. Let me know. Misty
  4. Hi Subdeacon Joe: We are still troubleshooting- can you please try this again and let me know if it works now? Thanks! Misty
  5. Hello Warden Callaway: I've addressed this elsewhere; the Alias lookup (on the SASS website and NOT a Wire Forum issue) was eliminated when we launched the new website. We are looking into ways to add it to the new site in an updated database module, but will need some time to do so. Misty
  6. Hi everyone... We *think* we are making some progress troubleshooting some of the issues you've been having with the forum; at least, we think we may finally have someone from Invision "attempting" to assist us. We have been told to disable our add-ons to see if an add on is causing the trouble. (One of these add ons is a Spam blocker). It is their go-to for troubleshooting- ruling out the possibilities of plugins/addons causing issues. We have disabled the add ons,- but now we need to know if everyone is still having the issues they were having (ie: no Wire Saloon when signed in, navigation issues, messaging issues, etc.)... Please let us know ASAP by commenting here. If the issues are continuing, we will re-enable those addons since that will mean they aren't causing the problem. Thanks, Misty
  7. I have sent ANOTHER contact to the Invision folks at our contact for tech support at PSC. We're trying here, guys. Thanks for your patience while we do what we can to get this thing running right again. Misty
  8. We'll try and get it back for you as soon as we can. Meanwhile- anyone can ALWAYS reach out to us (phone or email) to check an alias. We love to help. Misty
  9. I'm not sure what you are referring to. You don't need to "log into specific Clubs"... there is no login required on the new website. The ONLY folks with a login are SASS Certified RO Instructors so that they can access training materials. If you are looking for specific clubs, you can use the filter feature to find what you want. When you navigate to the "Find a Club near you" page , the top of the page has fields for you to search and filter through the list of clubs. **If you just scroll down, the entire list of clubs are listed on that page in Alphabetical order. If you don't want to scroll through all of the clubs to find what youre looking for, or- if you want to only see clubs in a certain state, just use those "Filter by" fields and select the state you want. The list below will then only be what you have entered to "Filter" your results by. Once you have found the club you want - or for more information on each individual club, just click on the Club name. (it is in blue and is a link to that clubs page listing). From there you will see everything you need to know about that club; contact information, when/where they shoot, and a link to their own site if they have one. Hope this helps. Misty
  10. Perhaps not forever, but it is for now. Since our membership database is not web-based- nor has it ever been linked to the website, we've always had to manually keep that alias look up maintained. To say that was a grueling and time consuming task is an understatement. Once we can move forward with an upgrade to our internal membership management system, we will work in the ability to look up aliases (again). Thanks, Misty
  11. Hi everyone: First let me begin by saying that I'm sorry you all are having such trouble with the new website. I'd like to clear a few things up, if I may. 1. Google Chrome recently did an update. It has also caused many of the programs I use to no longer function properly. It has also meant it takes forever for some things to download. I still use Chrome as my "go to", but have had to go into Edge to get some things done. This has NOTHING to do with the new SASS Website. 2. The SASS Wire Forum did not change. Nothing was updated in the SASS Wire. It is a separate software platform that is simply linked to from our website. Issues within the forum that just so happen to coincide with the launch of the new website are strictly coincidence. With that said, I have been in touch with our tech team who manage the software for us. They are currently looking into several issues that have been identified. An update to the Invision Community software is required to correct some of these issues. The update will happen in the next few days. 3. In regards to the comments that reference "they fixed a site that wasn't broken...." , "nothing was wrong with the old site", "newer isn't better"... etc....: there was A LOT wrong with the old website. It was built on an outdated hosting and template platform that could no longer be maintained. The amount of data housed in the site was astronomical and it was a nightmare to maintain. Not to mention it was literally on the brink of a catastrophic crash that would have been unrecoverable. If you find you are having a technical difficulty with either the Wire Forum or the new Website (remember they are NOT connected!), please contact us directly at the SASS office so we can help. Those who have, we've been able to assist right away and get them what and where they needed. Misty
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