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  1. These badges were/will be custom made by Smith & Warren. The highest quality craftsmanship with a lifetime warranty. Stay tuned for information on ordering yours through SASS by May 1. Misty
  2. We had a discussion about these badges on Monday- I’m not sure why she sounded discouraging because we have a plan in place to offer them again by May 1. Misty
  3. Hi everyone! We hear you- look for a special announcement of the relaunch of the SASS Patriot Badge by May 1! Misty Moonshine
  4. EOT Help Needed! Sending out a call for a special Costuming Aficianado! END of TRAIL is in need of someone to manage the costume contests for the event. If interested in taking on this unique and fun task for the 40th Anniversary of EOT, or to learn more, please contact Misty Moonshine directly at misty@sassnet.com or call 505-843-1420
  5. The local SASS clubs- along with dozens of other shooting disciplines- will still have the ability to host their matches on FR.
  6. Exciting news about Founders Ranch! Founders Ranch will REMAIN OPEN! The Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) has leased and operated Founders Ranch for the past 18 years but is ceasing to do so on April 1st. There is great news that we are excited to share with you! On Friday afternoon the owners of Founders Ranch reached an agreement with another company who will take over ownership and the operation of Founders Ranch. There will be a transition period while things change over, but the best announcement is that Founders Ranch will continue to operate – and will r
  7. *FINAL* Update to the shooters list and wait list! https://www.sassnet.com/EoT/downloads/Whos Coming - Waitlist 3.2.2021.pdf
  8. If you are interested in joining us for the farewell celebration, please indicate your “RSVP” if possible, by using the link below. Food and drink will be provided, and this will allow me to plan accordingly for the gathering so that everyone has a great time. (And to ensure we stay within the NM COVID gathering restrictions) Yes, this is a link to an event created on the Founders Ranch FB page, but it is public (for folks on and off FB)- a FB account is not required. If this link doesn’t work for you, please send me an email to RSVP at misty@sassnet.com https://fb.me/e/QKt1T
  9. The EOT Waddie Volunteer Program information is now posted on the SASS Website. Click HERE for more information on joining the EOT Waddie Family! Misty Moonshine
  10. The EOT Waddie Volunteer Program information is now posted on the SASS Website. Click HERE for more information on joining the EOT Waddie Family! Misty Moonshine
  11. Hi Rafe, This is a common misconception - the SASS Office has never been located at Founders Ranch. Our offices were in Edgewood until October 2020, when we moved to our new location in Moriarty. Misty
  12. Farewell to Founders Ranch Founders Ranch, Edgewood, New Mexico will cease operation and close its gates April 1, 2021. After a devastating year of closures and continuing crippling COVID restrictions, the facility known as Founders Ranch will become one of the State of New Mexico business community’s latest casualties. In operation since 2004, Founders Ranch has become a cornerstone of the East Mountain community — having proudly offered a safe shooting facility and gun range complete with shotgun sports club, facility rentals, and numerous charity and fundraising activities. Lease
  13. Big update to the Wait list and "Who's Coming" list for END of TRAIL today. We were able to pull 36 folks off the wait list and into the match! I've attached the document to this post. -Misty Who'sComing&WaitList 2.16.21.pdf
  14. You can add WB to your entry, Griff! Just give us a call and we will add it to your existing entry. Misty
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