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  1. I’ll take the ‘97 video, the Colt video and the Crow video.
  2. This is a 20 gauge side-by-side shotgun made by Zabala of Spain. It has 28” barrels with Modified and Full choke that can handle 3” shells. It is in perfect working order and in great condition with a few cart dings and handling marks. This gun was used in competition, but is bone stock. It would be a great gun for the range or field. $500
  3. This is a nice original Vaquero (2001) Sheriff’s Model in .45 Colt. It has a blued 3” barrel, color case hardened frame, and white grips. It was used some for mounted shooting and has minor holster scuffing at the muzzle but is otherwise in perfect condition. This pistol is bone stock. Comes with the box and all the paperwork. $875 shipped.
  4. Eyesa, any excuse to buy a new gun is a good one!
  5. Hey Pards, Can anyone recommend the title and author of the best book to read about the Lewis & Clark Expedition? Thanks, Flaco
  6. I somehow ended up with two identical sets of Redding .44-40 (.44WCF) dies. Not sure how I did that, but I don’t need two, so I’m selling one at a discount to my pards. These retail for $82. I’m letting it go for $70 shipped. SOLD These dies are brand spanking new!
  7. Jack, I tried to PM you, but was told your mailbox is full. I have a set of 8x57 JR dies, but if you have a set of dies specific to 8x57 J, then I am interested. I’m also interested in any .318 bullets you have. Not .323. PM me and let me know what you’ve got. Thanks
  8. Does anyone happen to have some 8x57 J brass? This is rimless 8mm Mauser, but the .318 diameter version of pre-WWI Mausers. This will be for an early bolt action rifle. I’d like at least 20 pieces, but I’ll take what I can find. I’ve found some through Graf & Sons, but want to see if any of my pards have some. Thanks and Merry Christmas!
  9. These are great points, and I prefer a .45-70 Marlin myself. But my agency settled on the Rem 870 as the tool of choice long ago, it is written into policy, and our whole program revolves around that platform, so I’m stuck with it. Changing policy is above my pay grade.
  10. Pards, I have an unusual request… I work for an agency of the USDA here in Alaska. My agency carries Remington 870 shotguns in the field for bear protection. I serve as one of the agency trainers for our staff, instructing them on both bear awareness and the safe handling and operation of a shotgun. As part of my responsibilities, I must maintain NRA instructor qualifications and instruct all of our field staff through annual firearms certification training. The thing is, the culture of our agency is changing and the young people who are being hired are often not gun-savvy. My generation co-workers grew up in rural communities where handling a shotgun was a typical part of farm and country life. But the people we are hiring today are largely from suburban or urban homes with little to no experience in rural settings. Many of them come to us never having held a gun, let alone fired one. So to start out on a 12 gauge is a bit daunting for some of them. What I would like to have is a few short video clips of young or smaller-statured people shooting a Winchester 1897 in a CAS match. The smaller and lighter they are, the better. Perhaps there is a young man out there who barely stands taller than his rifle, but can really make a pump gun run? Or maybe there is a young lady who barely weighs 90 pounds soaking wet that uses a 12 ga ‘97 expertly? My purpose is not to shame our new staff, but rather to show them that with training and practice how a shotgun can be managed by most anyone. I desire to teach them proper stance, recoil-management techniques, and confidence, and want video examples to give them confirmation. I seek short video clips of pump-action shotguns being used in cowboy matches. The videos should be clear and well-lit. Preferably, the video will not show faces such that the shooters are easily recognized. I can edit the clips as needed. The videos will be used for internal training only and will not be posted to any public location, nor will they be shared with other staff. Some slow motion shots would be good as well as full-speed videos. I can provide my professional credentials and references upon request. Please ensure that you have permission to share whatever video you offer. Please PM me if you are willing to share and I will provide my contact info. Thanks, Flaco Joe Trail Boss Alaska 49ers
  11. Man! If it was a large, I’d want it. But it’s too big for me. Bums the luck!
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