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  1. This is a pair of Uberti Stallion revolvers in .38 special. They have 5.5” barrels. They are in great condition, with few handling marks. I bought these for my daughter, but her interests have gone toward other hobbies. The Stallion is an 80% scale SAA, perfect for smaller hands. The first photo shows a Stallion compared to a full-size SAA. This pair has some polishing work to smooth the action by Jared of Long Hunter Shooting Supply. $900 $850 for the pair shipped to your FFL.
  2. BTT with price drop.
  3. BTT - Had a deal to buy it, but it fell through. This rifle is still available. I will drop the price in increments until it sells.
  4. I have a Springfield EMP 9mm that I would like to sell, or trade for certain firearms. The Springfield is an excellent shooter, but I have a couple projects that I want to pursue, and I already have several carry-size firearms, so this one is expendable. It comes with three magazines and the original case. I also have a Lance Nixon IWB holster and double-mag pouch that might go with the gun, depending on the deal. I want $700 for the pistol, $800 for the pistol and holster/mag pouch. I’m willing to trade for three very specific firearms plus cash to make the deal even. I’m looking for: - Ruger New Vaquero, 4.62” barrel, blued, in .45 Colt. Action work and/or a .45ACP cylinder to go with it would sweeten the deal - Glock 48 - Dan Wesson Guardian 9mm, I know this would require additional cash on my part I realize those trade options are fairly specific and disparate, but I have ideas for multiple projects I’d like to work on and I’ll start on whichever new firearm I get first. And that DW is just a dream gun I’d like to have. Why not try, right? Thanks for looking
  5. It’s a 5.5” barrel. This is Sold to Gentleman James pending funds. I’ll keep you on deck Dawg. Thank you
  6. Sent you a PM and an email Chopper Doc
  7. This is a Taurus Tracker Model 425 Revolver in .41 Magnum. It is stainless steel, has a 4" ported barrel, 5-round cylinder, black ribbed grips, and a matte finish. Excellent condition. $380 shipped to your FFL
  8. This is a Cimarron 1860 Conversion in .38 special made by Uberti. It has a Navy grip that it marked “.45”, but the gun is chambered in .38. I prefer Navy grips on all my guns, so I always swap out Army grips for Navy. Of course, you can install an Army grip on the frame if you want to. The gun is in excellent condition, smooth and ready to shoot. I kept this as a backup to my competition guns, so it has been fired little. $350 shipped to your FFL.
  9. This is an Uberti Browning 1885 High Wall in .45-70. It has a Lyman tang sight not true to the model, but perfectly functional. The barrel is 30”. There is a complete cleaning rod in the stock. The rifle has cart marks, but is in perfect working condition. $625 plus shipping to your FFL.
  10. The holsters fit my 5.5” Ruger New Vaqueros perfectly. They should fit any SAA clone. Hope that helps. Thanks
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