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  1. Goody, it hasn’t been that long! But I’ll be pulling it apart to check on it tonight for sure. Widder, thanks again for the excellent advice. I’ll pull the spring tonight and see about that rod.
  2. Thanks for your suggestions everyone. Lumpy, it only holds 10 rounds! I’d never had a reason to load more, so I never tried. But I did just now and it only holds ten! I could not get an 11th round in. Thanks John Boy. That only leaves me 2” for the compressed spring unless I use much shorter rounds. Warden, I never thought of trying Schofield rounds to see how they feed. I’ll do that. Thanks for the suggestion. I think re-chambering it would cost as much or more than just trimming the barrel. Widder, those are all good suggestions. Thank you. Dutch, it does shoo
  3. I have a Marlin ‘94 in .45 Colt with a 24” barrel. It has a bulge in the barrel 5” from the muzzle, likely caused by someone running it fast and having a squib round at some point. I don’t know if I caused it or if it was caused by the previous owner and I bought it that way. The bulge is not readily noticeable by visual inspection, but it can be felt when running your fingers down the barrel. Caveat emptor, right? But I run my guns fast so maybe I caused it unawares. The gun still hits to point of aim. I have shot it many times with the bulge, because I didn’t realize it was ther
  4. Sorry Wolfgang, Gambler Rob seems to have beat you. At least as it looks on my screen.
  5. This is a nice cotton duck trail duster. It is handmade with corduroy cuffs and lapel and antler buttons. It has no lining, so it is not for particularly cold weather, but will take the edge off the morning chill. Of course, it will also keep the dust off your clothes. It is sized about 40-42. I’m 5’ 11” and thin, and it fits me well, with a little room for easy movement. This duster has been worn at many matches, so it not pristine and has some “trail character” to it. $50 shipped.
  6. This is a collection of period-correct women’s clothing. They are all XL size. All of these items were worn in shooting matches, so they may have small gun oil or powder residue stains typical of people who handle guns, but no major blemishes. They’ve been stored a while, so they need ironing. But they are all in good condition with no tears or missing buttons. 1) Lacy, polyester blouse by Mariane. Light and airy with withe buttons. $7 2) Cotton blouse by Wah Maker. This item is a bit darker than the photo makes it appear. It is closer to a canvas color. $15 3
  7. I have some loose .458 bullets that I don’t need. I have 163 pieces of 350 grain, fully jacketed, Flat-Nose I have only 9 (nine) pieces of 500 grain, jacketed, Round-Nose, Soft Point The whole lot shipped to you for $55
  8. I’ll take #3 - .54 bullet mold
  9. https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/32475
  10. I know some boxes are going slow, but I mailed two flat rate boxes from Texas to Alaska on Monday and they were delivered Friday, which is pretty fast for normal times.
  11. Who made my Remington New Army .44 cap gun? The logo under the barrel is a capital letter “A” with a double diamond within it. I have attached a photo of the logo that is just in front of the ram rod. All the writing and proof marks are on the underside of the barrel. It was made in 1981 (AH). It’s not a Pietta. It’s not a Uberti. It don’t think it’s ASM. What is it? Appreciate insight into who manufactured it.
  12. Thanks for the feedback everyone.
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