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  1. Dad found one on Gun Broker and another gun smith on these forums has one available. If he cannot get a matching pair, I’ll come back to this post. Thanks!
  2. I have a Stoeger that has served without fail for over ten years. If this SKB isn’t a significant upgrade, I can always pass it on.
  3. Thanks Larsen. I found one for sale for $800. I may have to grab it.
  4. Are Ithaca Model 100 shotguns a good option for CAS? I found one with a single trigger in 12 gauge that looks pretty nice. What would be a good price range for one? Thanks
  5. Thanks everyone. I can confirm the frames are Colt. The serial numbers end in “NF”. They left the factory in 1970. Someone put a lot of effort into converting them to .38-40. They are not for sale, but if that ever changes, they’ll be on the Wire.
  6. A member of our club has acquired a pair of revolvers that are hard to figure out. They appear to be Colt New Frontier frames; HOWEVER, the barrels are clearly marked “Cimarron Firearms” with Uberti markings. Important things to know: 1) their serial numbers are consecutive, 2) they are chambered in .38-40 which is not a chambering of Colt New Frontier models, 3) the rampant colt image is clearly marked on the frames but the barrels are roll-stamped with Cimarron markings, and 4) the front sights appear to be custom. These revolvers are a mystery. They were purchased here in Alaska. The actions are silky smooth which means they likely have been used for CAS; however, these guns are unknown to members of our club. Does anyone have any information about these guns? If there is no factory model that matches them, it would seem that someone spent a lot of time and money to convert a pair of Colt frames to .38-40 using Uberti parts.
  7. I am placing this "want to buy" ad on behalf of my father, Rusty Drall. He is in the market for a pair of Ruger Single Sixes in .32 Magnum with adjustable sights. He would prefer that they already have action work on them. He is not interested in shorter barrels. His current main-match guns are a pair of 7" Ruger Blackhawks. He is wanting the single-sixes as a lighter option. Adjustable sights are a must. If you have a pair for sale, PM me and I'll get you in touch with Dad.
  8. This is a Winchester ‘92 clone by Navy Arms. It is in .45 Colt with a 24” barrel. All the steel is beautifully color-case hardened including the hammer, tang, and fore end cap. The colors are really nice and the photos don’t do them justice. Wood is beautiful with no obvious scratches or dings. No action work, but it is very smooth with solid lock-up. Comes with an Evil Roy butt cover and a leather lever wrap. There is no box or paperwork. $1100 shipped
  9. I’m hoping to find a truck gun rather than a show piece, so I’m hoping for a lower price range gun. I’d rather not pay more than $650. It’ll cost me about $38 for shipping and $10 for my FFL. I have a couple guns to trade too. Thanks
  10. Thought I’d put this out there one more time. Still looking for one.
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