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  1. I have several shooting outfits, but nothing suitable for a banquet or formal gathering. I’m interested in a nice frock coat; something I can wear with a white dress shirt and a cravat or string tie. I’m a 42 regular. I’m interested in shirts and pants to match if you happen to have a full outfit you want to sell. My pant size is 34 x 34.
  2. Thanks for all those responses. I’ll need a second mortgage for most of them! But I know they’re worth it. I found out Springfield makes the Range Officer Compact that is more in my price range.
  3. Hashknife, I have an Officer 9mm. I like it well enough but want the longer sight radius of a 4”. And it’s like anything else one has a passion for- I don’t have a reason except I want one.
  4. Hey Wire Pards, Does anyone make a 9mm 1911 with a “Commander” length slide and an “Officer” size grip? Anyone heard of such an animal?
  5. It’s all good. I needed to know the truth of things before offering it for sale. I’ve been on the Wire long enough to know what sort of responses to expect. Rifle seems to work fine. Bullets go down range when the tigger is pulled. It’ll make a good back up gun for someone wanting one cheap. One that will allow someone to finish a match without the cost of a full-on race gun. Maybe one of you fellers is interested? I’ll make you a deal!
  6. Thanks everyone for your frank opinions. The rifle isn’t mine. I’ll be selling it for a friend. Maybe not on the SASS Wire though!
  7. Pards, I have an 1873 rifle imported from Italy by Chaparral Firearms in Melbourne, Florida. It is in .38/.357. It works pretty smoothly. The wood does not appear to be walnut, but I can’t be sure. Can anyone tell me more about it? Who made it? Are the replacement parts compatible with other makes such as Winchester or Uberti? Do they have a good reputation? I appreciate any information you can provide. Flaco
  8. Howdy, If you still have this rifle I will take it. Just let me know.

    Thanks Al

    1. Flaco Joe

      Flaco Joe

      Horseman, thank you for your interest, but Col. Falcon Tusacrora was the first to respond and he bought the rifle.




    2. Hoseman, SASS #35541
  9. 415m3,


    if you are a SASS member, please tell me your alias.  I encourge you to change your log in name so that people can see who you are.


    I have a Kentucky single-shot muzzle loader in .45 cal that I am selling.  I will accept $100 shipped, because it is used and has some minor blemishes.


    It has an adjustable trigger, so that you can set it how you like it.  There is a minor crack in the wood just ahead of the left had screw, but it is not a stress-bearing portion of the stock. There is a bit of discolortion on the barrel.  But  the bore is clean, and it is in perfect working condition.


    Let me know if interested.  I accept PayPal, but will ask an extra $5 to cover my PayPal cost.  Otherwise, a check is fine, and I will ship the pistol when the check clears.  If that sounds good to you, I will need your mailing address.


    Let me know,

    Flaco Joe

    Let me know.  Pic attached.





  10. Rooster, the ASP 1860 Army appears to be of good quality.  The wood is lighter than the current Pietta and Uberti models, with a little courser grain.  The action is stiff, but it is still covered in cosmolene, so it is a bit gummy.  Overall, it is not as fine a quality as an Uberti, but still a nice gun.

  11. Hello the camp, I'm sad to report that our gun cart perished in a shed fire recently. My wife, Lanky Jane, is a pretty fair carpenter, and will build another one; however, we have not been able to source the wheels we seek. We need a retailer for inflatable tires on spoked rims, like bicycle tires, only with a hole through the hub that will enable a piece of bar stock inserted as an axle. Anyone know of a source for such a cart wheel? Thanks
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