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  1. No, it has not been modified that I am aware. However, I have shot it, and I can load two at once. I can push a round in and down, and the second goes right in the tube and then lever and fire and lever and fire. Hope that helps.
  2. Thanks


    1. Marlin1881


      Great deal and 100% first class.  Thanks!

  3. Jasper, I made an offer to another fellow yesterday here on the Wire via PM. If he does not take the deal, I will sell you one. I’ll get back to you. Thanks
  4. This is a set of 10mm/.40cal carbide dies AND a conversion kit by Dillon Precision. These are both brand new, unopened. The security tape is still intact on both boxes. These items retail for $127.99 before shipping. Both shipped to you for $110. Flaco
  5. This is an RCBS Lube-A-Matic 2 (LAM II), bullet lubricating press. It is used, and comes with everything you see in the photo. This will ship in a Medium, Flat-rate, Priority Mail box. The second image is taken from a new sales listing on the internet. The first photo with a red background is the actual item for sale. $105 shipped to you.
  6. This is an assortment of Lee reloading equipment. All of these items are new in the box, unused. 1) Reloader press 2) Safety powder scale 3) Bullet lubricating and sizing kit - .38 (.358) 4) Powder through expanding die - .38 special 5) Powder through expanding die - .45 Colt 6) Funnel 7) Shell holder, #11 8) Shell holder, #1 Everything will fit in a Large, Flat-rate, Priority Mail box. I would like to sell this all at once as a lot, because the individual pieces are too small to ship economically separately. $110 for the lot shipped to you.
  7. This is a set of three Lee bullet molds for .38 bullets. They are brand new, never used. All three molds are for 125 grain bullets in caliber .358. All three molds come with their own set of handles. $140 for all three shipped in a Large, Flat-rate, Priority Mail box. Thanks
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