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  1. Looking for a .45 ACP cylinder for an old model Vaquero.
  2. Hey Dusty,


    I have several one-piece grips for the Navy frame. I have both finished and non-finished versions. They may need minor fitting to your specific gun.  


    One is in the rough

    One is Mesquite wood

    One is a factory grip


    Not sure if they will fit your gun, but you are welcome to try it and return if it doesn’t work.








    1. Dusty Morningwood

      Dusty Morningwood


      I need grips for the Remington 1858 Navy.  But thanks for the pics.  I may need some 51 Navy grips soon.


  3. This is a pair of vintage cowboy roping cuffs. Despite their age, they are in good condition. I don’t have any information about them other than they are very old. $150 shipped.
  4. A Great Guy to do business with!



  5. Oh man! I can’t believe I forgot the caliber! Yes, they are .45s. I edited the listing. Thanks
  6. This is a pair of classic original Vaqueros. They are both blued with color case hardening. They are both 5.5 inch barrels. They are both .45 Colt. Both these pistols are stock with no action work.. One is nicely case hardened. The other is as it came from the factory, but the case hardening is not as nice. Both guns are in great condition with no corrosion or dings. There are no boxes or paperwork for either gun. This sale is for the pistols only. $1400 plus shipping to your FFL SOLD
  7. Most folks post an “I’ll take it” on the actual age like you did, but the first guy contacted me via PM and I was already talking to him when your post came in nearly an hour later. I am at work and so didn’t get online to edit my post right away. I do apologize.
  8. Sorry Wyo Joe, another taker beat you to it via personal message. It is sold pending funds but if it falls through I’ll get back to you.
  9. This is an older Taylors ‘73 in .38/.357. It has an 18” barrel and straight stock. This rifle was short-stroked by Longhunter and then had some later tune-up work done by Boomstick Jay. My dad shot this rifle with .357 and had a few hiccups with it. I shot it fast with my .38 loads which are 105 grain conical and an OAL of 1.44 and never had any problems. The rifle will hold ten .357 rounds. It has a few cart dings on it, but the blueing is good. The dust cover is missing, because my dad is absent-minded, but who uses those these days anyway? $1
  10. This is a presentation set of a Colt Patterson revolver reproduction made by Pietta of Italy. The revolver is heavily engraved with silver color gilding. The pistol comes in a walnut box with a bullet mold, cap box, five-spout powder flask, loading lever, cleaning rod and caps. The caps will have to be removed from the box in order to ship it in the mail and will not be included, but the cap box will. $1,000 plus shipping
  11. This is a Smith & Wesson 1911 E-Series in .45 ACP. It is a Commander model with a 4” barrel, scandium frame and stainless steel slide. Also includes night sights. Slide has some minor holster marks on it. Comes with two 8-round magazines, box and paperwork, and a leather, right-hand holster by Bianchi. This is an excellent, lightweight carry gun! And it’s a gorgeous gun to boot. SOLD
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