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  1. Hey Folks, Long shot here, but I need 165 grain, .308 diam., Swift A-Frame bullets. Even a partial box is better than none. If you have some lying around your shop, I’m buying. Thanks
  2. I’m seeking a full length, uncut, Winchester Model 12 barrel. I do not want one with a compensator. I understand these may require some fitting. The barrel may be Full of Modified choke. Let me know what you’ve got. Thanks Flaco
  3. Thanks Deacon, but I have one of those myself and it’s not what I need.
  4. Howdy Pards, I have a crazy revolver project in mind and I’m looking for a used shotgun rib I can cut down. I need the rib off a single-barrel shotgun. It needs to be solid. It needs to be concave underneath as it will be mounted on a Vaquero. I’ve attached a photo of what I’m sorta looking to do. New ribs are stupid expensive! I’m hoping someone has one lying around that they’ll sell me for a few bucks. I don’t even need a whole rib. Just ten or twelve inches of rust-free rib will work. Thanks
  5. This is a repro Colt Model 1872 Army .45 Colt by Cimarron (Uberti). This gun is like new. It has been fired, but very little. There is no drag ring around the cylinder and the color case hardening is gorgeous. Tiny handling marks, but no more than typical for any gun that has been handled. It is bone stock, but the action is smooth and lock up is tight. Included with this sale are a cross-draw holster by Hunter and a .45 cartridge belt by Triple K. I’m a size 34 and the belt fits me with four holes to spare. Length is 43” from the buckle to the first hole. The revolver
  6. Thanks Marshal Hangtree, but they are definitely burgundy, not brown.
  7. This is a pair of suede leather riding chaps. They zip up on the inside of the leg. They are size large. I am a fairly thin guy with size 34 waist and they fit me snug. They are a burgundy color. $50 shipped
  8. This is a small leather bag for a lady shooter. It has an small internal pocket inside the larger space for keeping smaller items. It also has a wooden push rod for assisting with loading a tube magazine. $15 shipped.
  9. I'm on the way home from Winter Range. Will you a a check or a Bank check? let me Kown.

    1. Flaco Joe

      Flaco Joe

      Sure. I’ll take whatever payment is best for you.


      I’ll take PayPal at crocketts@mac.com, or you can send a check to:


      Scott Crockett

      2731 E Marianns Pl

      Wasilla, AK 99654


      Give me your address and I will put them in the mail tomorrow.




  10. Thanks


    1. Marlin1881


      Great deal and 100% first class.  Thanks!

  11. Howdy, If you still have this rifle I will take it. Just let me know.

    Thanks Al

    1. Flaco Joe

      Flaco Joe

      Horseman, thank you for your interest, but Col. Falcon Tusacrora was the first to respond and he bought the rifle.




    2. Hoseman, SASS #35541
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