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    What brand of powder? I haven’t seen any Alliant powder on the shelves since last fall. Has anyone seen any new supplies of Alliant?
  2. I am interested in purchasing 45 ACP conversion for the SQ Deal B if you have one.
  3. Congratulations Deuce. Amazing how with all the work you and Carty did setting the steel and setting up the stages the week preceding the match you are still able to be Top Gun. Well written crystal clear stages that when read no one ever had a question. I really liked how the stage props insured everyone shot from the same position, that really leveled the playing field. Thanks for a awesome match.
  4. Congratulations Vic, awesome come back.
  5. 1. Matching pair of EMF 5 1/2” .38 SPECIAL - STALLIONS - -SOLD- These will be available at the Fea Market in the Lucky Lady on Wednesday the 15th & Thursday the 16th if they don’t sell on the first day. I’m told that will be the same place where all registered shooters will check in.
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