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  1. Sent you a pm .. Will give you more detail tomorrow..
  2. Yup, turn it off and then back on. Can work miracles.
  3. Can’t send you the pictures you requested without a cell number for text or email address. PM me.
  4. Call PISCO 87 Parts. 541-396-5558 , tell them what you need and they will tell you how much. You will have to send the $ via US mail and then they will send the parts.
  5. 20 ga. WInchester LNLR are available if you go that way. https://www.Cheaperthandirt.com WinchesterAALowRecoil 20gauge-2.75-8-Lead-25-rounds/FC-AMM-1027-484.html
  6. Sold to 3 ft..... Sent you a PM with all the info.......
  7. ExactaRoll Double-Pin Crimper 12 ga by Ballistic Products. - SOLD -
  8. Picked up 10,000 Federal Small Magnum Pistol this week in the store for $33.99 / box. Had over 50 boxes still on the shelf with half small half large pistol. All were magnum..
  9. Take her to a store to check out and handle one these in .380
  10. Sportsman’s Warehouse in Anoka, MN is less then a mile from Federal’s plant but they never have an abundance of Federal Primers and have been out of small pistol for a while. My personal opinion for the shortage is panic buying since the riots and pre-elections jitters.
  11. Is the gunbelt lined with suede?  Did Mku140 buy the shotgun belt?  If so, how much for the gunbelt?

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    2. Caboose


      mku just purchased the shotgun belt. Shipping is getting so darn expensive.

      $180 for the gunbelt and holsters plus $15 for Flat Rate Medium for $195. You can pay me with PayPal if you pay as a friend so I get the full amount or US Postal Money Order.


      For PayPal use my email address    ecaboose@gmail.com 


      Thank you,


    3. Sam Jones

      Sam Jones

      For $195 shipped, I'll take the holster.  I'll send a check.  You may delay shipment until the check clears if that makes you comfortable.  Please forward name and address.


      Michael Irwin

      8330 Big Walnut Rd.

      Westerville, Ohio 43082



    4. Caboose


      The gunbelt and holsters sold yesterday. I marked the ad SOLD immediately after the sale.




  12. slight thicker 

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