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  1. 20 ga. WInchester LNLR are available if you go that way. https://www.Cheaperthandirt.com WinchesterAALowRecoil 20gauge-2.75-8-Lead-25-rounds/FC-AMM-1027-484.html
  2. Sold to 3 ft..... Sent you a PM with all the info.......
  3. ExactaRoll Double-Pin Crimper 12 ga by Ballistic Products. - SOLD -
  4. Picked up 10,000 Federal Small Magnum Pistol this week in the store for $33.99 / box. Had over 50 boxes still on the shelf with half small half large pistol. All were magnum..
  5. Take her to a store to check out and handle one these in .380
  6. I have never ran New Vaqueros with the key lock but taking another look I would yes they have the cut out section. Again this is referring to Joe Perkis’s “Competition” grips.
  7. Are you talking about the inside of the grip panels or ? This is referring to Joe Perkins “Competition” grips.
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