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  1. Thanks but it isn’t like I can go out buy any brand of powder I want. I got lucky finding some WST and that is the only powder loads I’m interested in at this time. Please everyone, I only want light WST loads for 12 gauge.
  2. I used WST years ago for 12 gauge but can’t find my notes. Looking for soft load information for 12 gauge,, 7/8 shot, wad used and how much WST or MEC bushing number. Thanks
  3. I was taught as a youngster to never dry fire any 22 caliber firearm, handgun or rifle exactly for this reason.
  4. Thunderstick in Tucson, AZ had a 73 in .22 caliber last week. Give ‘em a call at 520-290-8599.
  5. I trace the outline of the loading gate spring on paper then squeeze with pliers a little, just a little, about half the spring thickness. Works great on Vaquero’s too. Makes those tiny loading gates a little easier to open.
  6. Tombstone Leather Products at. knightsleatherproducts.com
  7. The spring isn’t that brittle., just squeeze a little.
  8. Try this. Don’t get carried away. I trace with a sharp pencil first for reference, and I squeezed about half the thickness of the loading gate spring. It helps a lot with the loading gate.
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