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  1. NYPD Glocks have heavy trigger pull too..
  2. Better yet, buy one of Shotgun Boggie’s triggers.
  3. Yes, I know. I asked for personal experience, not hodgdon load charts.
  4. Anyone using IMR Red for their favorite pistol loads in the 105 to 125 grain range for .38 special that can give grains of powder, bullet weight and velocity? Thanks..
  5. If that’s true I wonder why Cap offered the load 2 with a positive stop, I believe he called it his “Posi-Lock”-“Top Gun” modification. I have one. I believe a true “Drop 2” was only done on original 87’s by Fireball, and never done on IAC imports by anyone. There seems to be confusion on the difference between Cap’s original IAC imports with what he called his load 2 that had a hole in the center of the follower and depended on the nose of the ejector catching in that hole to prevent the carrier going too low and the modifications that Lassiter does to provide a positive stop that prevents the carrier going to low regardless on how hard the shooter pushes down when loading 2 shells. A different version was later offered by Cap and he called it his “Posi-Lock”-“Top Gun” modification. In both cases the shooter has to push the shells down and not “Drop 2”. Sounds like you have a super clean IAC 87 for sale and I would be first to make you an offer if I didn’t have 3 in my safe already, two with Lassiter’s modification and one of Cap’s Top Gun modification. All 3 have the positive stop for load 2 that requires pushing the shells down. There is absolutely nothing unsafe shooting a positive stop load 2 done by Lassiter or Cap.
  6. Used Brass Carrier from 38/357 Uberti 1873 that has been milled to reduce weight. $45 Shipped.
  7. That’s the Dogooder side of you Evil. If anyone can handle that increased workload it’s you with that high energy level you have. It’ll be fun watching the kids shoot.!
  8. I have zero experience with magnum loads in a 73 but I wouldn’t do it in my rifle. I believe the reason Winchester developed the heavier frame 76 was because they felt the 73 toggle link were too weak for higher loads. I would go to the 92 or 94 or Marlin for “stout magnum loads”.
  9. Sassy Dancer is tops.! That girl never runs out of smiles.
  10. Bordertown rocks and so do all the hard working Cowgirls/Cowboys who work so hard to make it happen.!
  11. Type “Action job on Ruger Wrangler” into search. Lots of comments on different wight hammer and trigger springs for the Wrangler.
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