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  1. Scheels in MN have CCI Large Pistol in stock and selling for $59.95 / Brick.
  2. I think that was only done to original 87’s, not the IAC’s. I believe Fireball can give the true facts on that modification.
  3. As I understand it , Vista Outdoors owns Remington, Federal, CCI, RCBS & Speer. And the majority of the primers being made by Federal & CCI are going to Remington.
  4. I’ll take a box of 45 ACP large primers.. PM me PayPal info.
  5. Seems to be the new price. Scheels was selling Win #41 Small Rifle primers this month for $75.15 / 1000 out the door. That included tax of 7.54% in MN. Limit was 200 each purchase. Shortage plus no competition with Vista Outdoors owning Remington, Federal, CCI & Speer.
  6. Okay, once a year replacement is still cheap maintenance for the sport. Not many shooters average 5 matches a month 12 months a year in Minnesota, Wisconsin.
  7. Your correct, can’t come close to a aluminum carrier in weight. Stock weight for a .38 brass carrier is 3.7 oz, the weight for the same carrier after being milled by Cody Conagher Is 2.9 oz, the weight for a Cowboy & Indian’s .38 aluminum carrier is .98 oz. If one shoots 5 matches a month for all 12 months it would be 7,200 rounds. Close to 3 years for 20,000 rounds. Replacing the aluminum carrier for $75 every three years is cheap compared to the other costs in this game.
  8. Poor quality for $200 six guns. Hammer springs so stiff my wife had great difficulty cocking them. Replaced with 17# springs. Loading gate is very small and everyone complains about how difficult they are to open. Almost impossible for our 10 year old granddaughters. Took them totally apart and improved that problem and replaced the heavy trigger spring with a lighter one. Getting a lot of misfires because the top of the hammer was hitting the frame before the transfer bar so took them apart again and removed material from top of the hammers. That worked but another big problem from the beginn
  9. Metro Trap Range in Blaine. MN has them for $10.50 a box.- Update - Went over to pick up a couple cases for a local cowboy shooter and they had sold out in less than a week by High School Trap league’s. I never knew it but apparently they aren’t allowed to shoot reloads.
  10. 205 grain RNFP Bear Creek. They were delivered in less then 10 days after ordering them on the phone.
  11. Caboose


  12. Thank you Gambler.. I answered your pm.
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