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  1. I had a Ruger Blackhawk once that had a sloppy base pin to cylinder fit. When cocking and the pawl raised to pushed the cylinder around it would push the top rear of cylinder up enough so that the top front part of the cylinder would go down and forward just enough to hit the forcing cone and bind up. I ordered a couple close tolerance base pins from Belt Mountain and the problem was solved.
  2. I would suggest a O.A.L of no less than 1.46. Personally I use 1.48 to 1.50 OAL.
  3. What is the first numbers of the serial numbers? 510 or ???
  4. I’m curious, what is the hammer insert and what does it look like installed?
  5. This is a Shotgun Boogie Version 1 Trigger kit for Uberti 73 used in a half dozen matches. Includes the 2 piece trigger, 3 adjustment screws, pivot pin, Trigger spring with washer and Lever safety spring. $165 TYD It takes all the flop out of the trigger and when installed correctly the hammer will not engage the safety notch on he hammer. It also sets a little forward of the factory trigger. You can read detail installation instructions written by Larsen E. Pettifogger in Volume 28, Issue 1 of the January 2015 issue of The Cowboy Chronicle page 36.
  6. Nothing suspicious about his activity, he is a scammer who recently used a alias of berettagod1 in his personal messages contacting members who have WTB ads in the classifieds. Respond to the email address he provides and he has pictures of items members are looking for that he gotten from the internet. He was reported to the moderators last week..
  7. Yup, he is a scammer. Last couple weeks he used a alias of berettagod1. Uses emails of cokerbaresa@gmail.com and icegait@hughes.net and evelynayeni65@gmail.com and phone number of 859-414-0611. Goes by the name of Martinez Sandje with a Kentucky driver license. I reported him to moderator last week.
  8. Get yourself a tube of Flitz paste polish and clean your gun using a white cotton t-shirt. You’ll be amazed how well it will work and clean up your rifle.
  9. Yup, same experience but I started with 15# Wolff springs. Then I cut 6 coils off the factory springs with same results of 1 to 2 misfires out of 6. I have added 2 washers in each and not getting any misfires as of yet. I know a pard who installed 17 # springs in his pair and they worked with no misfires for a couple hundred rounds but now he is getting misfires with those. I will only cut 5 coils off the factory springs on my next attempt. Extremely tight and stiff guns. The cylinders fit so tight It takes effort to turn them with the loading gate open. The loading gate spring is also incredibly heavy, I put my Wranglers away with the loading gates open hoping they will take a set to reduce the strength. If that doesn’t work it will be tear down time.
  10. Unless some kitchen table gunsmith tried working on the sear notch in the hammer or trigger sear. In that case you may need to get a new hammer or trigger.
  11. And easy to renew through the mail... And New Mexico recognizes AZ CCW if your driving through NM on way to and from Arizona. That’s why I maintain a AZ CCW because New Mexico doesn’t recognize Minnesota. Same for driving across Texas, they recognize AZ but not my home state of Minnesota.
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