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  1. You don’t have the tape measure position correctly. Your center hole is closer to 37” then 36”.
  2. Not on the .38 I had or my 45 colt converted to 45 acp I currently use in WB. Both were done by Cody
  3. Try PISCO for 87 parts. 541-396-5558. 140 East 3rd Street, Coquille OR 97423 You will need to call them and tell them what you want then they will give you a price plus shipping. Then you will have to send them payment via check or money order with the items you want and they will ship. No on line payment setup. I’ve ordered twice from them a couple years ago with no problems.
  4. Marty Ahlman was Coyote Cap. Cap’s brother Larry owned Ahlman’s. Larry recently crossed over too and his son Mike owns and runs Ahlman’s. What part do you need? I might have it..
  5. GrabAgun had them last week. May still be in stock.
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