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  1. I am planning on shortening the barrel on my 1858 pietta 36 cal revolver. Can someone tell me how the front sight and the loading lever keeper are attached? And for those that have already done this is there some easier way to replace them once the barrel is shortend ? Thanks Bullett
  2. I took one to a cowboy shooter who in real life is a welder and he repaired mine and fit it back to the gun. Bullett 19707
  3. I have 185 rds if 30-06 that I would like to sell. I haven't looked at each one but I think they are all commercial there could be two or thee military. Most are remington and federal a few browning and Winchester. Bullett 19707
  4. I shoot with two shooters using the 32-20, maybe they will chime in here. One is Hunt Mountain Drifter and the other is Pinto Anne. Bullett 19707
  5. Thank very much and yes let me know the cost and I will send you the fund. I will pay postage and would be happy to pay for the part also. Thank You very much and please PM me with the address other info. Again Thank You very much. Bullett 19707
  6. I asked about the 761 R Grabber and was emailed this The 8377 wad guide clamp and 830012 wad guide is the replacement. I looked at the items and noticed they have a 100 before the above listed numbers and total cost of the two is $10.42 without shipping. Bullett 19707
  7. I think you are right. I have several gift cards saved and thought that would be a nice thing to spend them on, but I will wait for a while. Bullett 19707
  8. Yes I will call them and find out what to do. Thanks Bullett 19707
  9. This is not a new idea, before the new nipples we use the idea of making rubber bands and place them around the caps. Yes it does work but the band has to be thin and placed before you get to the range. For most people it is to difficult and time consuming to do at the loading table. But yes it works very well. Bullett 19707
  10. I have a 761R grabber, 700 versamec and 600 jr and yes I have been to all those sites noted by Griff and no go. They have changed the wad fingers to a different one and they don't fit the older machines. There are no part numbers because the item is not listed anymore. The number listed by GS is probably the one. The same wad fingers fit many of the 12ga mec loaders. Thanks Bullett 19707
  11. It seems Mec has discontinued the red wad fingers that my Mec loaders use. Where can I get some or is there a substitute for them? I checked Mec, Bolistic products, and many others no go. One on ebay is up to $20.00 with shipping. This is for 12 ga. Bullett 19707
  12. I glued mine to a chop stick with gorilla glue still working. Bullett 19707
  13. Thank you very much for the update. Yes Italy has been hit hard with the virus. I wish them the best. Bullett 19707
  14. I was looking at the Cabelas web sight and almost all the BP revolvers are not available. Are they just sold out of them or do you have to go to the store to buy them. I have not purchased one since they sold out. Thanks Bullett 19707
  15. I like reactive targets, we have plate racks, tomb stone, texas star, pepper poppers that toss up target, targets that come to you and ones that go away. The thing I don't like is that some take a long time to reset. The texas star is the worst one and if your on a lazy posse a lot of work falls to a few people. Bullett 19707
  16. Hi Mike, how wide of belt will fit the holsters? Thanks Bullett 19707
  17. I guess I don't understand the problem with the timers picking up the 22 pistol. Between my 3 daughters shooting 22s in cowboy matches I don't remember one time the timer didn't pick up the time. We have many years of shooting 22s all around the northwest with zero problems. When the shotgun ends the stage there is no problem picking up the time even the 410. I have seen more problems with very fast shooters and people not able to count hits using 38 loads. Bullett 19707
  18. In Oregon we call it a true grits shoot and have it at Merlin OR. You can shoot it with cowboy guns or wildbunch. Bullett 19707
  19. I would like 4 boxes of 100 of the 50gr .224 cal. Thanks Bullett 19707
  20. Is there suwede leather on the inside of the belt? Are the loops on the pistol belt 38? Thanks Bullett
  21. Marlin makes 38/ 357 that would do all the jobs you mentioned. They will take a heavy load. Bullett
  22. Is the pistol belt included with the holsters and is the belt lined? Are both holsters in the price? Thanks Bullett
  23. What is the bore diameter and how long are the barrels? Are they off a 1851 type action? Are they pieta or uberti? Thanks Bullett 19707
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