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  1. Thanks to all...….. Guess NO PROBLEM FINDING A PLACE TO SHOOT SASS...……...
  2. My wife and I are looking at homes in Estrella, AZ. Thinking about buying in the next 12 months. Are there any SASS clubs nearby...… If so how far. Thanks RT
  3. Well Fingers, I'll have to pass at this time...…. I'll check back when I have more cash ……….Regards......RT
  4. I can go $575 because I'll have about $75 in expanses to get to you and back home..... Hope you understand......I'm trying to be reasonable but I only have so much to spend ..............RT
  5. OK Fingers.... I live in Iowa, on the Mississippi in Davenport. Where are you located? I would need to drive down to pick it up if you are willing to sell for $500. Thanks ……………. RT
  6. interested in your vault. If I was to buy it I wouldn't want it in my vehicle all the time....so how much does it weigh?
  7. I Spent time myself shooting in Australia with Painted Mohawk and in his wife. I was staying with friends and had coordinated my visit with shooting at his club. They supplied me with guns, ammo and a great shooting / friendship opportunity for both me and my wife. They are GREAT people and at some point hope to shoot with him here, once the exchange rate gets better. Your experience will be very positive. The country is beautiful and the people are wonderful. ENJOY...………….. RT
  8. Oatsville, did you reply sounds good to Rootin Tootin or somebody else. PM me your email address for confirmation or email me at prlucky299@aol.com
  9. I'll take the 1873 Uberti in 357 for $750 Codymatic 24 inch pm me with details on where to send the gold and I'll email you and FFL from my guy
  10. Should I send the barrels as well. for a correct fit on the repair or new fore stock. Thanks...….. .RT
  11. Ace, I'm not complaining about your work just thinking it needs another approach. Tthis is the fore stock that you repaired with glue and saw dust, because the area was too small for a wood replacement . While it worked initially the repair failed over time this past year with all the bumping and movement on the firing line. The glue and saw dust just seemed to get flexible and ultimately fell off. I'm just thinking maybe it should just be replaced or more wood cut out to allow for a wood replacement. Just let me know what to send you...…… Regards RT
  12. Thanks Billy. That's what I want I sent you my email. If you send me a pm I'll also send you my number so we can talk operational details. Thanks...RT
  13. Great news ACE. You did a repair last year but it didn't hold. I need a beavertail fore stock for my SKB 200E, 12 gauge. What do you need to make and fit it? Is just the barrel assy enough... PM me...Thanks RT
  14. Billy, the answer is yes, but I want to discuss the operation.  I want to be able to adjust the smoke density  and have a timer that I can program for 30 sec so I can produce smoke during a shooting string only.  I have found a couple of units that will allow me to do that.


    How long will it last before refilling the tank.   drop me a line at     prlucky299@aol.com    and we can discuss further...  THANKS...…..RT

  15. Thanks for all the recommendations...….. Some are do-able while others are as far out as my smoke machine idea.... Thank you to all...… I'll post what my final plan and outcome eventually turn out to be..... Thanks again RT
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