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    Yeah, but it was not a good thing... Before I could stop myself I had shot him 10 times with the rifle, then slipped 10 more in from my handguns... ran up to him and hit him 4 more times with the shotgun. Then looked around and ask. "What was my time?"
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    A small but fairly aggressive grit carborundum stone would be my first choice - a sliver that can be hand-worked back and forth with careful strokes. Could even be roughed in with a small diamond coated bit in an angle-head die grinder, then finished to square corners with the stone. Pulling the barrel would make it so much easier, however. Then you just run an end-mill down the slot. EDM machining would be the high-end, very accurate approach. If you had a buddy in high-tech metal shop. Good luck, GJ
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    I find that hard to believe as many SKBs were made in the 70s and 80s and by then many shells were plastic in a length of 2- 3/4. Below is a 1969 catalog of the Ithaca SKBs showing all their 12 ga guns had 2 3/4 inch chambers. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=0ahUKEwjvwb7GsNvRAhVLPrwKHT6zBhUQFgg3MAc&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.skbshotguns.com%2Fpdf%2FITHACA-69-2.pdf&usg=AFQjCNGszlSbhCq4Blc5Gi5A2TUS8XjxHA&bvm=bv.145063293,d.dGc&cad=rja
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    Leather stays loose rolled in my plastic "packer" boxes with the rest of the gear needed for Cowboy or Wild Bunch. Labeled Box for each so I don't take the right box to the wrong match. All the stuff I need makes it to a match - nothing left hanging on the wall 30 or 300 miles away from the match. But then again, perhaps your rememberer is sharper than mine. Good luck, GJ
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    Hi Raging Thunder, First, that is a nice room. Hanging holsters would look I don't hang my holsters as they would just collect dust. They are in a closet, loosely rolled in the canvas bag that I use to carry them to the range. Also, I put tennis balls in the holsters so they don't smash. PVC pipe would work too. Regards Allie
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    Ain't those Leverevolution rounds the best!? Big fan of those, shoot many in my 45/70 Marlin Cowboy. It puts a thump'n on things for sure. Major Art Tillery
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    Frankly, buy 200 rounds, (or whatever it'll take to complete your local monthly match), of good quality American made ammo in brass cases and go to a match! I know one feller that diddled and dawdled around for many months, saying he needed this or that... And a week before his first match... he died of a coronary. I think of this guy every time I read of someone saying I need to get this or that before I come out to a match. A waste of (insert your favored Naval expletive here) TIME!
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    Nowhere near enough. A few years ago, before starting our own business, I was shooting several times each month. Running .45ACP & 9mm about 2,500-3,000/month each, .38-.357 about 500/month, .243, .270, .308Win, .30-06 about 200/month each. .40-65 about 50/month (trouble finding ranges with enough distance to make it worthwhile). .30 Carbine (rifle) about 100/month, pistol (Blackhawk) about 50/month. .300 Savage, maybe 20/year (expensive and hard to find brass at a reasonable price). Over the last nearly 3 years, shooting has dropped off dramatically. Owning and running a business not related to shooting can do that. Getting back into shooting more often now but not where I was or want to be.
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    Put a cookie sheet under that Mec and it will keep most of your shots from falling on the carpet.
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    At 500 yards, I would invest in a GOOD scope AND tripod. Otherwise, I'd find myself ultimately buying the scope and tripod I should have purchased to start with. And, I wouldn't loan it to the club, either.
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    100's typically have splinter forends and generally non switchable as far as which barrel fires first, 200's usually have beaver tail forends and switchable between which barrel fires first, 280's (the few that I have seen) seem to be a nicer grade of wood with a straight English type stock. The 100 and 200 models are usually pistol grip stocks. Have seen several where the forends are opposite (splinter on 200, beaver tail on 100) don't know if the shooter switched or they came that way. Have never actually seen a 150 so can't say there but I seem to recall someone saying they are a 100 with nicer engraving. There are plenty of other combinations of forend, stock type, quantity/quality of engraving etc which may be factory and may be shooter changed. I like the 200 version with beaver tail forend and pistol grip. Mine have a conversion to a mechanical rather than an inertial switch between barrels so the button to switch is locked in place. I am a larger cowboy 6 feet and 260 so the larger 200 fits me better. YMMV Regards Gateway Kid
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    'So-come up to the lab and see what's on the slab. I see you shiver with antici.... pation' OLG
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    Ya know....Colts really are better than Rugers!
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    It was not, in my opinion caustic. It was simply an observation. I think two men who are being watched on TV by millions of Americans and are representing the corps should be as absolutely perfect as possible. I stand by that.
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    He was a fine fella... he will be missed. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.
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    What difference does it make? Do you spend more money than you make? Just askin', friend. Ya see... companies have to make money... in order to survive. But this a quasi-profit makin' company. Their not Wall Street. But they got folks they got to pay... and good'uns,too. And they got General, Sales and Administrative Expenses... and Moon and them folks have got to overcome them monies. They have to make a profit. No ticky... no laundry. You think 'bout that. ts (corrected by family members) You like SASS... make a voluntary contribution to help. I am goin' to.
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    I have not but I am planning to use my Rossi 92 .45 on deer this coming year. I have already tried it with the Leverevolution round and it's accurate and consistent. I may not even bother trying to handload a round for it for hunting after shooting that round....nah, I will anyway. That's part of the fun
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    Why stop there? You can freegraze on this forum, and get all the rule updates and info without being a sass member. You hope that sass figures out a way to bring in new members, but the question is what are YOU doing to bring new members? You support non sass clubs, and encourage that, do you think that's helpful? What's in it for me attitude is whats wrong with succeeding at anything. Just stunned, Lunger
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    Rossi 1892 in 44 Magnum Light, handy, I shoot it well Great caliber for Ohio deer cuz the ranges are reasonably close, and 44 Mag bullets are great for deer-sized game. --Dawg
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    I'm thinking, if I'm buying loaded ammo with the intention to save the brass for reloading, buy ammo made with quality brass even if it's not the least expensive.
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    Do not start the insults again. Snarky comments and subsequent references hidden.
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    With SASS I've just remained a annual renewing member. As far as the NRA, it wouldn't matter to me If I was a life member. With the continuing 2nd amendment battles I would still be occasionally donating. Besides renewing my annual membership through 2026 I send additional and also to the California Rifle and Pistol association. Republican National Comittee and presidential election this last year too. Trying to do my part.
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    I don't get hounded either, but I read about others that claim they do... and use that as their excuse to not renew... anyone looking for an excuse, will likely find one.
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    Hello Folks, I would not favor limiting posting to members only. In the last year, we have had several potential members post questions and later join SASS. I know this as they asked me to change their name to their newly acquired SASS Alias. That alone is sufficient, in my mind, to not limit posting. Regards, Allie
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    Another 9mm....not impressed. It won't do anything the Beretta can't do. If they wanted a plastic 9mm that goes bang they could have bought all the Glocks they wanted for less than the "trial " cost us, and what is the point to the modular design when changing it to another caliber is the same price as buying a while new unit.
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