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  1. i can only vouch for the 405 gr slug from hsm. They are accurate in my 1895 marlin lever gun with Unique powder. i can't hardly scratch the slug with my thumbnail,so they're pretty hard. Not sure how they'd be with black powder,but work well with smokeless. The rifle is shooting an inch and a quarter at 100 yards with the marbles tang sight on it. I don't remember the price,but bought a second box of them at sportsman's awhile ago. give them a try,and let us know what you think. Lunger
  2. I'm pretty sure I had a couple primers not fully seated last Saturday. I've placed a shim, or "penny" under the push rod to insure the primer is bottomed out each time, and fired 50 rounds through her gun and 50 through mine with no misfires, and deep dents. Culpepper, could I get you to take a quick look at my primer depth when I see you at the range? I'll bring factory sts also, but my wife hates the recoil of the factory ammo. My reloads feel about like the featherlite ammo did, and she's fine with that. It just has to fire everytime though. Lol!
  3. These are win 209s Yusta.
  4. Lumpy, that's what I was suspecting, and that's why I slipped a penny under the push rod for priming. Just fired 50 rounds outta my wife's gun, guess I'll fire another 50 through mine. They all had deep dents too. It was cold the day of the missfires, so I froze the wife's sg in the freezer for a full hr, pulled it out, and BANG! Springfield, its a mec 650. The problem could have been a high primer. I need to know if its fixed or not. I'll go fire another 50 rounds through my gun this time I guess......
  5. Both guns are denting the rest of the hulls nice and deep. I just had the one light hit last Saturday, and so did she. Her gun is also denting deeply. I'll step in the garage, and shoot some more with her gun.
  6. My wife and I both run skb shotguns that have never missfired, ever. We each had one light hit with a missfire. I saved her shell, and measured the rim thickness, and diameter, visually looked it over. The diameter across the rim was ten thousandths less than almost all of them. I thought this might allow the shell to go further in the chamber, causing the firing pin not to reach it. Found another shell like it finally, and put it in the left chamber, stepped onto my porch, and Bang! Anyway, I'm using a different press now, and wondered if my primers were being seated all the way down. Long st
  7. They had it on right, or you wouldn't be shooting 700 yards with it. I was shooting 1300 today with my 28 nosler. I'm leaving that one with my muzzle brake on it. No can for that one.
  8. My neighbor has that system, with the surpressor threaded on to the muzzle brake, that is threaded on to the barrel. Not sure that it reduces recoil anymore than just a surpressor threaded directly to the barrel in felt recoil. We share the same smith in Idaho, and he's truly a machinist. He properly installed it for him. Its a 338 lapua improved. Couple things I don't like about the surpressor are the shift in point of impact, and the length of it. If you buy a 30 inch Hart for the velocity, then have to spin another 8 inches on it, it's too darn long. You either have to load tune, and zero
  9. Depending on what caliber, and and surpressor you buy, it'd be wise to see your gunsmith. Many surpressors only have .050 clearance, and the threads on yor barrel for the muzzle brake you have are tipped just enough to get the bullet to "bump" a baffle, or end cap. If you don't already know, have a real gunsmith place a pilot in, and make sure you have clearance. It doesn't take much to take up that 25 thousandths on one side of the outfit to get the bullet to touch, destroying accuracy. Many smiths just thread the darn thing, and spin the muzzle brake on. Doesn't hurt a thing if that's the
  10. Almost forgot, 4198 worked great also. Recoil may have been a little sharper, but it didn't kick you really hard. I didn't have any 5744 to try. I don't think my rifle was fussy. It wanted to run right outta the gate......
  11. Lumpy told me to use unique in my 1895...........it shoots tight with the 405 at 100. No complaint from me. Lunger
  12. You, and a few others are trying to come up with marketing methods, ect for someone ELSE to do. You figure sass needs to fix this, withno real eeffort on your part. New members start at individual club level, word of mouth, getting a spectator to try a stage at the end of a shoot. Many times a spectator knows a family member or friend who would be a likely prospect. None of us would even know eachother if it weren't for sass. The clubs in my area that had opinions like yours all laid down and failed. Their poor attitude and behavior drove folks off, and then withered away from there. The othe
  13. No, I use modern longrange stuff. The farm has steep rolling hills, long draws, and flats. Quick twist 243, 6.5 creedmoore, and 28 nosler, fit in better. Shots from 200 to 600 are comcommon for the area. I do have a long brushy area above the house that works out great for muzzleloader season. The muzzleloader has waaaaay more snort than my 105 gr slugs from my 66. I've shot magpies with my skb, but that's a poor choice too. A full length, choked sg would work much better. Oh, I forgot, I did shoot a deer with a 535 gr postell, at 200 yards once. The deer wandered off in some crp for a ways.
  14. For starters, I paid the entire sass affiliation fees for a local club that dropped sass recently. I didn't need to spend a nickel because i'm a life member as of a couple yrs ago, but feel I should help out when i'm able. New shooters come to my farm for cas shooting lessons for free, I fix their guns for free, I go to WR every yr and support my friends, and sass in general. Donate to wounded warrior program, that sass took up a collection for. My wife does at least as much, and is there for me. I'd say I have a fairly good reputation. Hoping I can quit there dedeye george, most of my frie
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