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  1. I'm not a LEO, ex or active, but as a ex Fire Fighter I can tell you that with lives at stake in a fire situation we would have gone in. We were there to protect and serve!
  2. A nice window to the past. I think Hells Hinges with William S Hart is also a very good view of what the old West really looked like.
  3. Taking the keys and car away from my mother was one of the hardest things I've ever done. She was 94, and actually could drive the car, but her reactions and alertness were slow, and she was a disaster waiting to happen. I'm 75, have my cancer problems, but at this point I can still function pretty well. I can shoot most stages in the low 20 sec range, take my mile and half walk every morning being dragged by the dogs, tow and back my new truck and trailer and do most things that don't take a large amount of stamina. We all age at different rates, and our abilities to function vary greatly and can change virtually over night. As time goes by and my lifetime of being an extremely active person slows down at a faster rate every year, I wonder what adventure God has waiting for me around that next corner. Many folks won't admit to the fact, but our Game is heavy with folks either like us or very close behind us. We all need to look out for one another and help one another as much as we can. One thing I learned over many years of being a volunteer and paid call Fire Fighter is this.... you MUST take care of yourself or you will not be able to take care of anyone else. So do that.... take care of yourself as best you can.
  4. Quitting the game is a big and difficult decision that at some point we will all have to deal with. I have been involved with a few episodes. I don't personally agree with those that say "You'll know when it's time". In most cases (not all), people just don't want to admit it. It's not just here in this game... how many people are out there driving their cars putting others at risk because they just don't want to give it up. I don't blame them, but there comes a time when someone other than the person involved must get involved. To that end, I have ALWAYS done everything possible to kick that can down the road as far as possible. When the same old fella just could not walk from the loading table to the stage without sweeping everyone on the range, we finally made the decision that we would stage his firearms for him. When things got even tougher, we would have him shoot the stage from just one position. When he kept dropping guns, we finally had to end his action shooting, but we got him involved with some Bench rest shooting. Your peers and your friends will know when it's time for you to step back.... the only thing I can see your doctor deciding on is whether your physical situation can take the abuse that a Shotgun or such can deliver on recoil. We owe it to ourselves and to others the help each other to enjoy life as much as possible. We also owe it to everyone to ensure that we maintain a safe environment for everyone. Bottom line is this..... if the people your shoot with have real concerns that cannot be addressed, then, and only then should you consider stepping aside. Snakebite
  5. I have two walking sticks. One for town and one for the hills.
  6. It's a great cartridge and very accurate, but I don't recommend it for this game. IMO 357 is far and away the best choice (38). If you need big bore, then 45 colt or 44 WCF is a better choice due to availability of guns, ammo, supplies. 44 WCF is one of the best cartridges available for BP use, and 45 Colt is one of the worse, IMO.
  7. Without doubt there are times when determining the latest rule interpretation is not as easy as one would like. Couple that with Gray Matter becoming more sponge like and it becomes necessary at times to reach out for guidance from another source. I would suggest always starting with reading the rule books. After that there are any number of avenues that can be taken. A TG that takes his/her job seriously should be a good source, but where ever you go, don't just let some zealot give you his/her rendition of what the rule is. I've heard and read many mouths and keyboards spout off into their rant trying to support their version of a rules interpretation. If you don't know, then seek competent advice.
  8. Everyone needs help sometimes.
  9. If you have a questions about the rules of the game, what path do you take to get an answer? Look at the rule books, ask a friend, ask your TG, jump on the wire? How useful are the TGs in today's SASS world? Do they still serve a purpose or are they just filling a spot in the lineup? Snakebite
  10. Rain, what the heck is Rain? We have Sun. It dries brass about as fast as you can spread it out on a towel.
  11. OK, I rechecked. My MEC 9000, using a #27 Bushing throws 14.6 gn of Alliant Extra Lite. Average of 10 throws. I looked up charts, and they vary, but Indicate that a #27 Bushing throws 15.7 gn of Alliant Extra Lite. At this point I was really perplexed so I went to the Trap Shooters Web site.... several listed a #30 Bushing throwing 15.6 gn of Alliant Extra lite!!!!!!!!! Some on that site said that in general: "single stage loaders tend to drop heavier than listed, while progressive loaders tend to drop lighter than listed". I have no idea why that would be the case. Bottom line is that I don't know why things vary so much but am not too concerned about it. For many years I have found that using a Grey 7/8 oz wad in a STS hull with any Fast Powder that brings the wad up to the proper spot for a good crimp, regardless of the weight, seems to work just fine. I've never noticed any High pressure signs. There is no doubt that it is always much safer to use published and proven Recipes and I am not suggesting anyone follow what I do. My experience in this is not scientific at all. It's just the way I load Lite 12 ga shot shells for this game. I sure would not take that approach if I were working at the other end of the scale. Snakebite
  12. I don't get it. I use #27 bushing and throw about the same same charge of Extra Lite. I'm going go recheck things. Hummm? Maybe my Grey cells are fading.
  13. And you certainly mastered the Gun Cart Category!
  14. Very interesting thread. Many things in common with the responses, and so far not one comment about joining for the stiff competition, is seems to be for the fun.
  15. THAT, IMO ..... is the single biggest problem with the system RIGHT NOW that has caused the current Delima. Changing or introducing new rules to the game should be a process that involves or at least gives every member the opportunity to provide feed back to their TG. The rules should not be determined by just the vocal few that make the most noise at a Big meeting. NO RULE should be put into place just because the few TGs that attend Land Run or EOT vote for it. I've been to many of those meetings and the fact is, many of them are less than a stellar event. Major decisions are made in the corporate world everyday via Video or an internet vote. I do believe that meetings at these matches can provide very good feedback, and should take place. But any vote taken should be limited to what issues should be pushed up the ladder. These meetings should be the place where rule proposals begin, NOT where they are settled. Any proposal that has enough support should be sent to the ROC to make sure that the proposal does not conflict with another existing rule. Once that is determined, it should be sent out to every TG and posted on the TG wire for follow up discussion by all TGs. At some pre determined time the Question would be called for and ALL TGs would be given a time window to cast their vote. If passed, the ROC would add it to the Rule Books and announce the fact that it was in effect. I think that this full action only needs to take place once a year. Any emergency rule that needs to take place can be done on a TEMPORARY basis by the ROC until the TG body can make the decision. Snakebite
  16. I had a Uberti 1860 replica in the early 90's. At my first annual match I had round go off in the magzine right above my left hand. It blew a large hole. Hauled me to the ER for 25 stitches to close the hole. After repairing the magazine I sold that gun and got a 66.
  17. It is JMO that things are going through some major changes. It is going to take a little time to make the transition from the Old World of SASS to the New World of SASS. I'm very proud of the years I spent on the ROC, particularly the years as the Chair. We accomplished a great deal, and we worked with the TG Body in every way. We were the Buffer between SASS and the Membership. Not everyone believes that, but that is the way things were. The ROC is and has always been in a position similar to the Supreme Court... Not making rules, but interpreting them when necessary. Do to the fact that TG activity has fallen far off course over the past several years, much more has been thrown on the ROC. ANYONE that thinks it is an easy job is just totally wrong. It is a job that is very trying and very tiring. Trying to satisfy both sides of the equation is difficult. With so little real activity on the part of the TGs (not their fault), everything fell on the ROC. During the major shake up at the top of this game, rules, training material, Instructing material and just about EVERYTHING was effected. Even though I am no longer a direct part of it, don't think for a Micro second that I am not informed. This organization will either find it's way or it won't. I think that it will, but in the mean time, if you don't want to be a part of it, then don't let the door hit you in the @$$ on the way out. I'm not happy with everything, but I'm not jumping ship either.
  18. Snakebite


    I've heard that those little diagonal pieces come in from China, and that each one of them have a micro chip built in that monitors every piece of brass that is tumbled. They then send a report to the BATF who logs what brass you have and then puts your name on a list as to what guns to look for when they decide to come to your house and confiscate your firearms. Of course, I might be wrong, I heard it on one of Tucker Carlson's rants. (I must admit that I've not tried them)
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