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  1. I ordered some of these
  2. Loaded the Hornaday XTP 60 gn JHP on top of 2.5 gn of Bullseye. Headed for the range and did my Qualifying to add the Beretta Tomcat to my CCW. The rounds cycled every time and grouped very well out to 10 yds. Much better performance than either the Magtech or the PMC factory ammo that I had.
  3. A bit more digging around and I found a article in "Handloading" Oct, 2014 by John Barsness. The Article is "The Classic .32 ACP". It features the Beretta Tomcat, the gun I just purchased to replace the diminutive Seecamp 32 ACP which was just much too difficult for me to shoot and use. Here are the loads he had in case you might want to jot them down for future reference. These loads averaged 800fps Hornady 00 Buck 53gn---------------Unique 3.0 gn Speer Gold Dot 60 gn--------------Bullseye 2.5 gn, Power Pistol 3.5 gn, Green Dot 2.4 gn, Unique 3.2 gn Hornady XTP 6
  4. Do you remember what powder and charge you ended up using?
  5. Found some! Thanks to all that have given help.... My wife and I went to a hardware store here in town.... she wanted a bag of mix for her flowers... well the store had a small section of loading stuff... didn't have much of anything on the shelve.... except there was a box of 60 gr XTP 32 cal and a box of 85 gr XTP 32 cal. I got them both! Now... if you have a proven load for these weight bullets, lay it on me. Thanks again to all Snakebite
  6. Snakebite

    32 Bullets

    Anyone know where I can find some bullets to load up some 32 acp ammo?
  7. So far my supply is holding out, but I'm not convinced that this is going to end as soon as some folks think it is, and when it does primers are going to be expensive. With the new political climate being what it is this is a Golden Opportunity for them to make a grab at more control over the Shooting World. I just can't believe that one of the "Enemy Among Us" will let this pass when they realize how vulnerable we are right now. Mine and Fannie's current shooting schedule takes about 1,000 rounds per month... (two days each for a minimum two different clubs). After this next week end I'm cu
  8. I suggest going with a 12 ga. If any shells are available they will most likely be 12 ga. They are sold in most Liquor stores and Chinese food restaurants. A Low Recoil 12 ga round will recoil less than most 20 ga rounds, same about of shot but a bigger hole to go down will yield less recoil. 12 ga shells are often cheaper than 20 ga. You can also find a cheap/used Mec 600 jr set up for 12 ga and load you some very low recoil shells for about half the price of new low recoil shells (if you can find them). I will admit that right now Primers are hard to find but in the long haul they will co
  9. I've got the first pair of New Vaqueros that he ever did. They still run fantastic. Wes was a Great guy with many great stories about his time working on the Hollywood Westerns.
  10. I prefer Bronze brushes. I use them sparingly. In the rare occasion that I have some particular area where the Bronze wasn't aggressive enough I might push a SS brush through. If the barrel was just full or lead I used the Otter's electronic lead remover. It is pretty amazing at how much stuff it will remove. After 20+ years of playing this game using BP/Subs, I switched to Smokeless powder and started using epoxy coated bullets. Fouling has become a problem that I no longer see. Snakebite
  11. Aw Gimmi a break, Black Powder won't kill nothin.
  12. Bla, bla, bla... the answer is YES. You can't get enough BP in a 38 case to hurt that gun. Snakebite
  13. I've read your question over several times and not sure I understand what you are asking. The best clone was/is the USFA. Most of the Italian copies were very close to the early Colts in design. None of them were of the same quality unless you compared them with the Colt Cowboy which was a POS IMO. Snakebite
  14. Sure sounds like 3-Gun to me. Many years ago I presented the idea of a category in SASS that would be populated by "Pros" and "Top Gun" only. It was to be based on qualifiers earned throughout the year and put into play at the World Championship. If throughout the year you earned some minimum number of points then you had no choice other than to shoot in the category and the World's Champ would come from that category. At the time I was calling it the "Open" category and would allow any SASS legal gun and shooting style. The idea at the time was to put all those Top shooters into one pot so th
  15. IMO the lack of understanding by some people that the costume aspect is of major importance to this game just shows that they don't have any idea what this game is about. When the dress code started sliding, the game started sliding with it. Snakebite
  16. The restrictions in California say that gatherings of 10 or more are required to wear a mask only IF they can not maintain the social distancing of 6'. We have made the necessary changes to our match so that we can meet the current mandates, so, we are moving forward with our annual Fort Miller match. One thing we are doing is to offer shooters the choice of being on a posse where everyone is required to wear a Mask (can be pulled down while actually shooting) or they can choose to be on a posse where Mask are not required (optional posse). Of course social distancing will be maintained, that
  17. Well it is good to be safe.
  18. It was at our club that a woman got a eye full of glitter. It cut her eye and she had to go to the doctor. It took weeks for her eye to heal up. Adding anything to your Shotgun Shells is not a good idea. Adding the wrong thing to the powder charge can turn that shotgun shell into a bomb and or greatly increase the pressure. IMO there is no place in this game for that kind of fun. It is dangerous and puts others at risk. Snakebite
  19. My wife has that youth model and it works great. Holds 10 rounds loaded to 1.5" oal.
  20. Maybe they are working with the technical staff to improve a weak spot in the Primary or Secondary RADAR coverage.
  21. They sure do look the same. sb
  22. I agree with Nate... I've had great success with the high end single trigger shotguns and nothing but trouble with all of the low end single trigger shotguns. I used the double trigger Stoeger shotguns for many years. Although I do not think they are the greatest I believe they generally work better than the Single trigger Stoeger. Many folks will pay well over a $1000 for their Handguns, well over a $1000 for their Rifles, but skimp on the Shotgun.... IMO, it is the Shotgun that wins or looses the match. Snakebite
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