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  2. When is the book set? Could farmers be buying from her for their herd?
  4. Here in Pannsyltuckey, the Keystone of Liberty, you'd be fine. As previously mentioned though, You'd make the 6 O'clock News, with some commentator standing in front of your house, advertising your address to every other wacko within 100 miles, thereby painting a target on yer back and for lack of other "Breaking News" they would be out there for about 3 days. Unless one of those deceased was an underage teenage victim, at which point, you're screwed.
  5. I moved his nurse from Southern California up to NE Washington. Dad had a small moving company. I of course asked her how big he was.... I’m 6’3” and 260 lbs. She looked me up and down and said.....”Well he was as tall as you.....probably taller, but he certainly was NOT as big as you!” I never felt more like Hoss Cartwright in my life. Dadburn it! Later we were touring Hollywood and I found his boot prints at the Chinese theater. I put my Clydesdale clod stompers next to his and it pretty much confirmed what the mean nurse had said about me.
  6. Do not know about high step but sure is big dog...Very big dog... Texas Lizard
  7. Takes 4 decent sized ones to make a sandwich. Just sayin'
  8. The OP made me do this- https://www.jeffhorowitzmd.com/bbl-anyway/ OLG
  9. I have been thinking about something like this. Hope to see you at Land Run!
  10. I’ll bet they don’t taste like chicken.
  11. Still available. I'll have these at Land Run.
  12. We’re over in Sedona and our daughter and son in law are taking us to the Enchantment Resort for brunch. I looked over the menus on their website and it looks amazing, oysters on the half shell, horseradish crusted prime rib, etc., etc.!! Can’t wait. Probably be a waste of money for the daughter, she’s undergoing chemo and doesn’t feel well, but they insisted.
  13. Two pair still available. I will have these at Land Run.
  14. You need to get ahold of the smith and have him ship you a new spring. I understand that that everyone makes mistakes but you always function check a weapon before it goes out the customer. Min any event that’s on him. And he needs to square up with you on that.
  15. Then you really should save up and buy a new Charles Daly from Deuce Stephens or Boomstick J or Lassiter, etc... OR save a little more and get an SKB.
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