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  2. Thank you for the update. Sounds like he could have been injured a lot worse, glad he’s on the mend and back at it.
  3. I was there, close by, and saw the accident. He tripped while fast running the boardwalk, carrying his open shotgun between the five shotgun shooting positions. We couldn't see anything that tripped him, and the deck is in good condition, but in this stage, shooters had to have one eye on the upcoming shooting position, so he possibly wasn't able to also watch the deck below his feet. He stumbled a couple steps, trying to recover, then went down HARD on his face and chest. With his hands full, he couldn't catch/attenuate the fall. He had evident scrapes, cuts and bruises, and at first could not move his jaw - - perhaps dislocated. The jaw issue seemed resolved after a few minutes, but we were afraid he might have a skull fracture or concussion, or broken ribs, so we insisted he go to the local ER. Anything medical beyond that he will need to be the one to share. Suffice it to say that he returned to the range that evening and stayed the night, then unbievably finished shooting the match next morning and co-MCd the awards presentation that evening. My understanding was that the SDQ occurred because his (unloaded) shotgun muzzle touched the ground. Last time I spoke with him, he was feeling much better and in good humor. Some of you are likely to see him at the California State Match, this upcoming weekend.
  4. One of the technicians at the oil change place I managed was called "Uni", I found out later his full name was Unique Supreme Jones , His mother didn't want him to be just another Jones.
  5. Still for sale at Land Run. Thanks Maverick. I’ll let you know what happens
  6. Please help me find the place in the "rules" that contradicts page 21 Page 21 at the bottom, SHB - Chief Range Officer/Timer Operator (CRO/TO) – is the Chief Range Officer (CRO) for the stage and is in charge of the firing line as long as he/she is running the timer, and has the primary objective to safely assist the shooter through the course of fire. - Spotters/Counters – have the responsibility to count shots and misses and to verify targets were engaged in the correct order for the required number of shots.
  7. I looking for information on a price on AWA lightning rifle in. 38spl. Any help was will be appreciated. Thanks
  8. 128! and they didn't take me when I went down to enlist. I reckon the doctor that sent me home figured he'd sent enough young men to the meat grinder! It was only an ugly superficial laceration that showed 25 stitches in the scar tissue. 48 years later, you can't even find the scar!!
  9. Yeah, that would freak me out. I’ll bet he never left his helmet unattended after that. Or at least he secured it from spider ingress As for the Battleship compartments, that is a shame.
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  11. There is a Youtube video of a doe that is killed by concussive force by a close passing 50 BMG. 17HMR over the 22WMR, 17 WSM over 17 HMR if you are using a scope.
  12. Well, they said “young bear”. At least we know they didn’t mistakenly encounter Forty Rod.
  13. If you keep looking long enough, you might find one you know how to use..... ..........Widder
  14. I went to Boston for the first time last September. I was there for a week for training. Everyone I encountered was friendly and hospitable. I finely got to see the USS Constitution. It was a lifelong dream to walk her decks. Everywhere I went in Boston I encountered friendly and courteous people. I walked pretty much everywhere I went. Had some great food too. Chinatown was pretty cool. I do see myself going back again someday. There is so much history there and so many historical places to see. One of my new favorite restaurants is the South Street Diner. I had lunch 4 times there. Wonderful people and darn good food. Heck I even carried my 1 1/2” pocket knife everywhere I went and amazingly enough I wasn’t stopped, frisked or interrogated...
  15. "Above and Beyond" is on Prime Video.
  16. Just found another batch that was supposed to be 125gr .38s. Weighs in at 169.1 grains with lube and calibers our to .3085. Old 30-30? Anybody got a guess?
  17. 4T - Did you lose something in PV? https://gcmaz.com/state-animal-officials-relocate-a-young-bear-after-being-captured-in-prescott-valley-sunday/
  18. Interesting. https://ew.com/article/2015/04/28/paul-reubens-father-above-and-beyond-doc/amp/
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