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  2. Ceiling Fan Chain Pulls is an absolutely BRILLIANT idea!!!!
  3. There is little or no difference in HARDNESS in like (ie: small pistol) from brand to brand. There difference is in the compound placed in the cup after the cup is made. Federal uses a very sensitive compound. When choosing small pistol primers, there is no difference in small pistol and small pistol match primers. The match primers go through one more step in quality control. And many times, the match primers are cheaper than the standard small pistol primers.
  4. Makes more sense than it being called a "deer stand" anyway...How would a deer get up to such a thing? CS
  5. Uberti Schofields also come in 3 1/2", though that may be only 45 Colt. If you want to shoot 45 Schofield rounds in it, those will likely be even more expensive than 45 Colt if you buy the ammo. Uberti made the Schofield in 45 Colt only for a long time. Back when Navy Arms was the exclusive importer, shooters were clamoring for it to come in .38 Spcl. It took several years, and then when they were finally available in .38... a lot of them ended up sitting on shelves for a long time. Go figure. Available in 44-40 as well, BTW.
  6. I do similar, but I use little velvet drawstring bags.
  7. Hashknife, we did get to see a circling condor. They sure know how to ride the thermals.
  8. Seriously if you have never cooked with meatballs, you have never cooked.
  9. Maybe it's not a deer stand, but a bear stand and it's working as intended.
  10. Like New, great for those cool mornings, and chilly day's. XL. 100% cotton. tags says cut#23387, Style 564589. Double row of buttons. Its long pass your Knees and above your ankle. Style has been worn in many western over the years. $79.00 shipped conusa.
  11. The 200 magnum is my primer of choice, 100's if I can't 200's. Randy
  12. I have a bit of a big hand and the Ruger Bisley with checkered Eagle Gunfighter Grips seem to work best for me. I shoot Duelist. Thanks Randy
  13. Been there many times, it never gets easier. I don't know how all that works (yet) if we'll see them in Heaven or not. If we do I'm gonna have a pack of 'em! JHC https://www.bartleby.com/364/335.html
  14. When you start to shoot the red stop signs you have to sing "STOP! In the name of love".
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  16. I will also turn the engine off.....If it ain't to hot outside..... OLG
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