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  1. Wish I had the extra cash!
  2. Any Winchester model 100 243/308 mags?
  3. I tried holding the camera and scope as best as I could to get a picture of the cross hairs. They are thick cross hairs meeting in the middle with thin cross hairs.
  4. I am going to try my hand at reloading some 45 colt. I want it stronger than Cowboy loads but not at 45colt +p loads. I will be useing hollow points or jacketed hollow points. I will be shooting these out of a large frame Ruger New Model Blackhawk and a Ruger Redhawk. Any suggestions?
  5. I will still take it. I sent you a pm.
  6. I will take the 1st brown holster and the black belt.
  7. I am interested in the 1st brown holster. Will it fit a Ruger Blackhawk 5 1/2" barrel?
  8. This is a vintage Weaver V4.5-B scope. It is 1.5----4.5 and is in great shape. Only thing wrong is the ocular lens tightening ring has been broke on 1 side. The break is even with the scope and the lense is still tight. I tried to hold the scope as best as I could and get a picture of the reticle. Its thick cross hairs meeting together with thin cross hairs. $65 delivered
  9. I sent you a private message about the #15 holster. It says its for a N frame S&W. Will this fit a Ruger Redhawk with a 4" barrel?
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