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  1. If your shooting original 97 it will help save your stock from splitting . Woodfox
  2. it all depends on how deep the carving is in the wood Woodfox
  3. Thanks to all the Firelands crew the range looks great . Woodfox
  4. BTT for Friday looks like great weather tomorrow Woodfox
  5. We will be shooting this Saturday the 8th. of August check our web site for all the info @ ourcowboys.org Woodfox
  6. Who rebored your 30cal to 48-55

    Thanks, WW

    1. WOODFOX , sass#34179

      WOODFOX , sass#34179

      Allen Siegrist Whitmore MI 989-873-3929 

      8752 Turtle Rd. 48770 

       it took about 2 months to get it back 

       it was a few years ago don't know if the ph# is still good 


    2. Wild Willi
  7. I’m looking for that Kilpatrck belt would you consider $250 for ever thing as I would have to sell the shotgun belt and holsters. 

    Turkey Bob. 

    1. WOODFOX , sass#34179

      WOODFOX , sass#34179

      I'd like to get my asking price since shipping is included I think you can still buy the belt new from Kirkpatrick .

       Thanks Woodfox

    2. Turkey Bob

      Turkey Bob

      They still make the belts but not in chestnut the color we both have. 

      The will not make one in that color anymore I have talked to them but no luck. 

      Turkey Bob

  8. Hey Cripple Creek ,

     Call 419-424-3400 or nate@buffalocartridge.com  He goes by Nasty Nate he would be the guy to talk to .


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