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  1. I have been using one for about 7 years I got kind of bored and bought a CZ Sharptail in Aug. from Longhunter a 20" hammerless trying to get used to it .I might go back to the 87 Woodfox
  2. keep it as easy to load in your vehicle as possible
  3. Are Match primers softer than regular primers ? I loaded some federal match large pistol primers the other night and the cup seemed easy to put a mark or slight dent in them . Woodfox
  4. I bought my Sharptail from Longhunter only got to shoot it in one match come on spring . Woodfox
  5. Longhunter did my CZ Sharptail . Woodfox
  6. Glad to see this ,always a good shoot and lots of fun . I already have plans for that weekend it is our Fathers day camping week with our grand kids hate to miss it . Woodfox
  7. you would need to unload that gun after each stage
  8. liquid turtle wax same as I use on my cars Woodfox
  9. What barrel length are the holsters and are they for new model or old model Vaquero
  10. It will ship in a nice hard plastic take down case you will be happy with it Woodfox
  11. If your asking about the chambers this is a Longhunter sharptail
  12. Hey Lumpy your just a kid I'm 75 and got bad knees and dealing with Prostate cancer but looks like I beat the cancer getting a new knee next week . I love my 87 but needed a change so I bought the Sharptail you will like it .
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