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  1. Are you looking for a Barrel only or a complete front end? I have a takedown barrel that has a polly choke on it, you would need to shorten it if you wanted a 20" barrel . It is barrel only it doesn't have the barrel extension with it . $150. + shipping I can send a picture if you are interested . Woodfox
  2. Maybe next month shoot well my friend Woodfox
  3. I was told by a old gunsmith that there are different size adjusting sleeves . I never seen one I had that problem with a model 12 once . never with a 97
  4. they do fit only difference is the slot for the trigger guard on the repro is a little longer than original
  5. The original post was for a 38-55 I was refering to the traditional Hunter about having a tang . I also have a BPCR in 45-70 and would like to find a traditional hunter in 38-55
  6. I seen 1 BPCR in 45-70 and a traditional Hunter in 38-55 he has to make sure to get the traditional hunter with the tang on the receiver there are some brownings without a tang
  7. your magazine tube could be bent or out of round ,barrel chamber ring could be out of round , is your extractor broken ? sounds like a tare down and a good cleaning may be in order . Woodfox
  8. I got these from Buffalo brothers for my 1875's there is some fitting involved
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