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  2. Yep! Got up this morning and got them ready. See you Thursday!
  3. https://bulletsbyscarlett.com/shop?olsPage=products%2F230-grain-45-colt-or-acp-sized-452&page=2 OLG
  4. My most favorite flowers are in season!!!!!
  5. Uses 209 primer - black powder is is fuel. STL Suomi
  6. I figure all body oils (finger print) would have been burned off by air fiction.
  7. I bet you that thing shoots out some serious flames. How do you not need an FFL to buy that? It's apparently CA compliant too. Red Wolf
  8. I need to know what bullet supply co to order from for a good cast bullet.
  9. A couple of times I have had one of my bank's ask for my password while I was making a deposit. I guess they're on guard for every type of scam there is in the world, but it sure annoys the hell out of me. Like what, some thug is going to walk in and deposit money in my account. More power to him.
  10. I keep 3 young persons shooting using EAA's. The only thing I did was weld up the hammer doing away with the transfer bar. Tow guys and a girl learnt how to load a six shooter real quick. I picked them up when I started shooting and they are still going strong in my son's safe with grandkids working on them.. Our rule is you shoot them you clean them and have never had a part break.
  11. They were probably opening an ESCROW account with your first check. Red Wolf
  12. From Laser Cast's reloading manual. 230 grain LRN. 3.9 grains of Tight Group. Right at 170 power factor. I use Hi-Tek coated bullets from Cimarron Bullets.
  13. OK...we ain't got no such creature in any size around here; what is it? LL
  14. And there is always the DIY route like you see here.....
  15. Leaf-peeking is perfect north of the boarder. Canadian that is,, even some snow for you to enjoy.
  16. Oh, I almost forgot... 8 Legged Freaks That one will make you squirm.
  17. If YOU were opening an account, I can maybe see them wanting your date of birth. But HIM opening an account, and using your check as his initial deposit - all they should be concerned with was IS THERE $2500 IN THAT ACCOUNT, which they should be able to find out instantly, using the numbers on the bottom of the check.
  18. A film of heartfelt passion. A true love story.
  19. Add some style points. Used one time for pictures and banquet. 250.00 shipped to CONUS. Larry 830-935-4624
  20. So your guns are already cleaned & lubed after we shot in the rain all day yesterday? Mine are scheduled for tomorrow. I do have all the ammo made, including the missus' black stuff, ready to go! Pulling out of here Wednesday morning in the big boy!
  21. Naw. This was a number of years ago, in San Francisco. No passwords used then. My account, my payroll check, and I had my checkbook and a deposit slip. Every movement on the teller's part was in ultra slow motion, while wearing a disdainful facial expression, and the teller at the next window smirking. At the time it was quite obviously ethnic harassment.
  22. “There was a light comin’ down from the sky, I don’t know who or why!” :-) Cat Brules
  23. Your “mothers maiden name“ is a password on the account. They ask you for that because it should be easy for you to remember. You can tell them anything as far as the password goes. If you do “just tell them anything,” make sure you remember it or write it down. If they insist, tell them “no“. Cat Brules
  24. Interesting. might try reloading some BP shells with something like that. I have a cousin that lives across the road from MotA. Imis
  25. 100% orignal s&w 5 shot pocket pistol. 3 1/4" barrel. Can shoot smokeless powder, won several throphies with this pistol. Purchased it from the orginal owner before his passing. Never shot much, very tight, and 100 percent functional. Will share a great, and accurate load to the buyer if requested. 600.00 CONUS. Larry 830-935-4624
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