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  1. Great article and centerfold pic in DP’s Blue Press, (in mailbox today) of the 1860 Henry. If that dont get ya’ fired up for this match, well, find somethin that does! The article did it for me! B. Tyler Henry, Smith, Wesson, Oliver Winchester, Volition Rifle, Volcanic! All the players!
  2. Gal-Dern you are tough on your big brother, (moms favorite too!) anyway, I likes my .38’s too- 38-40, 38-55, 38 lapua,(ya, I know 3-38 lapua, but it fits my narrative!) haha! Lookin foreard to the Siege!! Ned
  3. H. P. Hud! it will be great to see you. And yes, got me a shiny new Henry rifle, just for this here shindig! Sounds like it will be a blast! And sorry to say, that myself and Tanga will miss Wooloroc this year, we will be in Alaska! (Like it hasnt been cold and snowy enough ‘round here)! Haha And you can tell Dantankerous that ill be loadin five at a time in my pistols, only chance I will have to keep up with you other hog-leg-jockies!
  4. Well boys, myself and another cowpoke from MO have decided to make the trip to Kansas for this shoot! Yeehaw! Lookin forward to seein you fellers!
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