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  2. Hi Doc: I'll take it. Please PM me your info. Thanks --Dawg
  3. Strange but my safe guy had a different idea. I went wanting a dial and he talked me into electric touch pad. If someone gets rough with your dial, usually a hammer. It takes a lot to open and/or repair. But with the electric, the touch pad just pops off like when you change battery. If you could reach the broke wire, you could solder the new touch pad wires together and be back in business, He had both so he wasnt pushing unwanted items to get rid of it. 25 years+ and no problems yet Just a different idea. GW
  4. On Thursday, January 23, NRA’s State Association, The Rhode Island 2nd Amendment Coalition, will be hosting a pro-gun rally at the State House in the Rotunda. NRA Members and Second Amendment supporters are encouraged to attend and listen to several speakers, including pro-gun members of the Rhode Island House and Senate. This will be a great opportunity to meet your lawmakers and let them know what issues are most important to you during the 2020 Legislative Session. Details and information below: Defend the 2nd Rally Thursday, January 23rd 4:00pm to 7:00pm Rhode Island State House Rotunda NRA Members and Second Amendment supporters will need to stay active this session, and this event is a great way to get involved. Please attend on January 23rd, and be sure to tell your friends, family, and fellow gun owners about the event!
  5. South Dakota legislators are able to carry concealed in the Capitol during the legislative session for the first time, thanks to a bill passed last year. Lawmakers with enhanced carry permits that also notify the Highway Patrol—which provides security at the Capitol—at least 24 hours in advance may now carry concealed during the 2020 legislative session, the first since the bill’s passage. SB115 (2019) passed by votes of 20-13 and 44-19 in the state Senate and House of Representatives, respectively. Gov. Kristi Noem signed the bill into law on March 18, 2019, and it went into effect on July 1 of the same year. State Sen. Jim Stalzer, who sponsored the bill, said he felt that it “gave lawmakers and state government employees a chance to defend themselves if someone attacks,” according to AP News. State Rep. Dayle Hammock, a former law enforcement officer, said he estimated that six to 10 legislators would be carrying this legislative session. He also plans to teach other legislators about how to carry safely. South Dakota joins a growing number of states that allow at least some law-abiding citizens to carry concealed in its Capitol. This change stands in stark contrast to the decision made by Virginia legislators to ban the carry of all firearms from Capitol buildings. Legislators in Virginia, with a newly-elected anti-gun Democratic majority in each chamber, hastily banned the carrying of firearms in state Capitol buildings. “These are policies and rules that should have passed a long, long time ago,” said House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn, reported AP News. A statement from House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert read, “Through their underhanded maneuvers Democrats have already made it clear that they’ll do whatever it takes to implement their agenda, including making major policy change with no notice and little debate.” “This majority, bought and paid for by Michael Bloomberg, will stop at nothing to cast your right of self-defense aside. This is just the first step as they make their way down Bloomberg’s wish-list,” reported the NRA Institute for Legislative Action. The decision to allow only armed security in Virginia’s capitol certainly aligns with Bloomberg’s worldview. Responding to an incident in Texas where a lawfully armed citizen stopped a murderer within seconds, the former New York City mayor said, “It’s the job of law enforcement to have guns and to decide when to shoot. You just do not want the average citizen carrying a gun in a crowded place.” While Virginia politicians are threatening to limit your Second Amendment freedoms, South Dakota also legalized constitutional carry last year, allowing residents to carry concealed handguns without a permit throughout the state.
  6. One thing I am noticing in the past couple of years, I saw it in Oregon and I am seeing here in California, lots of Liberal minded people buying guns and going to shooting ranges. They were / are there to buy guns and learn to shoot. One might think that this is odd but many Liberals are patriotic Americans. A bit misguided, but patriotic Americans nonetheless. Now, Antifa at a pro gun march? I would definitely go armed.
  7. I’ll take case trimmer for 55.00 shipped, send info for payment.
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  9. It doesn’t make sense that they would not have at least an informational message as an answering explanation it they are closed during regular business hours for an extended period, don’t you think? Cat Brules
  10. to offer to take your wife or sweetie to Chickfila and then Hobby Lobby. She'll thank you for it.......until she realizes it's Sunday.
  11. Could be as simple as the Seven Hills spokesman says -- an intersection of interests between groups on the left and on the right. The old, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend," bit. Or it could be a more a matter of a leftist group going where they know there will be angry conservatives, hoping for a fight. Either way, it will be interesting to watch the different takes the media offers on it.
  12. Early in the year they usually have big discounts on the upgraded life memberships.
  13. I know but if you listen to the movie, you'd think it had 8 forward speeds.
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