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  2. I have a Surefire MAG5-60 that I would like to sell. I would like $75 shipped to you if legal in your state.
  3. High winds this week knocked the greeter shack off its footings and pushed it back some. We'll have it fixed up in plenty of time. Not sure about installing a recliner and wet bar though.
  4. Was the saddle ring on the lever action carbines meant to be used on the civil war style cavalry carbine slings?
  5. What Mary said! I absolutely love this match! Mark, Boaz, and their crew do such a great job! Posse 12 was awesome!! It just gets better and better every year!
  6. I have 50 pieces of startline 45-90 brass that have never been loaded the I would like to sell. I will take $55 shipped for them.
  7. If something happens I'd take them for that price
  8. Spending a little more to make yer jewels cozy ain’t such a bad thing, Rye.
  9. Only if I wear buttonfly pants, too risky when a zipper is involved
  10. I'd go "commando" if I had to spend $25.00 for a pair of underwear! I think it's ridiculous!!! (No offense to those of you that like 'em, enjoy)
  11. Firehose pants + chainsaw..... Thank GOD I had those on. They choked the blade down and I only got a nick on the thigh
  12. This is the SALOON ya know!!! Anything goes here, we're drinkin'!!! Got yer $$$ for the Pistolero pins, sending them out Tuesday.
  13. While we recognize the subject didn't steal any horses, he is obviously guilty of trying to resist being hanged for it... That's funny I don't care who you are!
  14. What's this 'underwear' you folks speak of? I thought we all went 'commando'......... OLG
  15. Someone already mentioned the Fire Hose pants.
  16. I bought two pair - couldn't stand them. They stretched out really fast. Much prefer the Jockey Sport Microfiber Midway briefs - cheaper, more durable and much more comfortable (I especially like the fly!).
  17. Should you need it pumped or water in a pinch let me know up at the gate and I’ll direct them down to your RV. They usually come through three or four times a day and I’ll flag them down.
  18. I wear the new style underware (really a new type of material), not from Duluth. They are absolutely the most comfortable I've ever worn....well worth the extra $$$.
  19. Well, this was one of my "go to " reads. I haven't read it for 4 or 5 years, but I know I've read it at least 25 times. Along with Space Cadet and Podkayne of Mars. All lovely little morality plays.
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  21. Anyone know where there is a supplier of 32-20 blackpowder big lube bullets ??? Thanks again, Larabee
  22. Well, I could save you the headache and buy the whole kit & caboodle right now in one swell foosh... In other words, I'd take it as is right now at your price if the other two gents don't mind too much.
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