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  2. Imis ; Have A great shoot !!! Looked up where you're from .... Was wondering how far it was from Greencastle Pa. Looks like it's to far for a day visit .... Fresh hot Coffee and Harvest Loaf Jabez Cowboy
  3. Nice if you have the time to reload cylinders on a bench. However not so good for a match. I can reload my two Colt C&B Navies cylinders on the piece faster than one can reload with that device. I use a tower of power, when I have the plenty of time. During a Match, not so much.
  4. Dunno... I think I'd be more creeped out than amused by something like that.
  5. Just outside Richmond is the Cold Harbor battlefield. Also pretty neat. It's covered in forest now but the trenches are still visible in the ground. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Cold_Harbor
  6. Hammered or Inside Hammered S X Ss Or A 87 lever .. Jabez Cowboy
  7. Recently I found an old coin in a stash left to me by my father, and got excited when I saw 1792 on it. Then I researched it and found out that it was some obscure Irish coin but only worth about $10. I was a bit bummed, but it's still neat to have a nearly 230 year-old coin.
  8. Okay, we're on the same page. It's funny, I look back at some of the stages I wrote about 10 years ago. I was brand new to SASS having come over from the modern shooting disciplines like IDPA, IPSC and such. I wanted my stages to be challenging because that's what I liked. If I saw stages like that today my first thought would be to look for a rope to hang the stage writer.
  9. I thought of taking a large C-clamp and welding on a base. Or two C-clamps welded end to end with one open one way and the other the other. One would clamp it on a bench, the other to shove in balls. The Acme threads would probably work better for pushing anyway.
  10. Yeah, I kinda figured as much. Thanks, everyone for your feedback. WBM
  11. As my mom would say, "...bright eyed and bushy tailed."
  12. That's right. If his total time was 465 seconds his % penalty would've only been 2.15%(?). I was just being sarcastic about some people wanting to raise the time penalty for a miss.
  13. There is no definition in the handbook that actually defines "bandoleers" or "belts" when checking Section 9 of the handbook, and that is the source of my confusion. It is a matter of simantics and interpretation. It should be more specifically defined so there is no ambiguity especially if a "bandoleer" is not considered to be a "belt" by those in authority at SASS. Here is the official dictionary definition of "Bandoleer" "A BELT fitted with small pockets or loops for carrying catridges worn across the chest..." Now, remember, at the very begining of this thread, I commented that I believed that the rules prohibited bandoleers above the belly button due to this provision within the handbook, "Ammunition belts must be worn so all ammo is positioned at or below the belly button." But, rather than receiving an interpretation, I was told to "Read on," as though my interpretation above in red was invalid. Now, the phrase "Combat style shotgun loops," is also referred to on page 3 under the heading "Cartridge Belts, Bandoleers, and Pouches." But, "combat style" whatever that means, isn't specifically defined in Section 9, nor is there any offical definition of it in any dictionary. So, the actual definition is ambiguous at best, very subjective, and left wide open to interpretation, not to mention...are shotgun shells considered "cartridges" within the hobby? Isn't such ambiguity, both within the handbook, and advice to "read on," pretty obvious as to why I'm confused as to whether bandoleers are prohibited if worn above the belly button? That's all I was asking...
  14. Nothing like hard economic times to bring the old coins out again into circulation. Were the coins in the OP gold plated at the mint? I have a substantial number of Bicentennial dollars, halves and quarters, but have never seen any that came from the mint gold plated. There were a lot of plated, painted and otherwise altered Bicentennial coins produced by private companies; few if any are worth anything more than face value (and then some are worth less because they are defaced). LL
  15. Today
  16. Not gonna happen for you pard, just sayin'. I'd bet most of those permits are politically connected. Move to the Sierras and you'd have a permit in short order. Most if not all of the conservative counties will issue permits without much drama.
  17. Forty, We need photos of you in the hat! Send me one, if need be, and I'll post it. Allie
  18. I go to matches for the shooting, the people are a richly added bonus. I like throwing knives, tomahawks, stabbing dummies, etc. off the clock. I like reactive targets, movement, multiple shooting positions with the shotgun, and far targets on occasion. I like challenging stages with a fun twist here and there where you have to keep your mind in the game rather than the same 'Ole 10-10-4. I like all shotgun stages or rifle/handgun only stages. I like cleanable stages but don't worry about it if I don't shoot clean. Since I don't dedicate myself to a particular class from shoot to shoot, I like matches that allow for less common classes like Cody Dixon, Pale Rider, Plainsman, Josey Wales, Real Cowboy, etc. to be shot during the regular match. Anything out of the norm will draw me in every time. The so called "P" traps are another area that doesn't concern me unless it is a mega complicated sweep. Most of the 'P's I see are not from a trap but more from not keeping your mind in the game. Location and layout of the range is another area that brings me back to matches as I head to the Sierras in a couple of days for a match nestled in the pines of Railroad Flat. There is a range down south that puts on a first rate match but the layout of the range disturbs me so I won't go back.
  19. Oh if only. I live close to the Republic of New Jersey and I shoot there often. I DO NOT carry when going into that place. Also, Maryland is almost as bad. Everything locked up in containers.
  20. I look at Stats. If I see a stage that had many misses and P's, I'll not write a stage like that. I think everybody knows shooters that want to shoot a clean match each and every match and shoot slow enough to do that. If they are tripped up by a P trap, they are not happy. It's usually not the target distance that trips them up, it's usually confusing stages. I realize there's different perceptions and enjoyment factors. I just lean towards a bit easier than harder for the middle of the pack shooters.
  21. Hello, just to let you know that you can win PCC Polish Capper during next week Bordertown http://www.bordertowncas.com/index.php competition. We offered as last year 3 of our PCC cappers for best participants. Have fun and enjoy. best regards Polish Cappers http://www.polishcappers.com
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