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  1. Does anyone have extra they want to sell or know where to get some #10 remington or #11 cci,winchester,rwc, for slix nipples
  2. I still shoot those stubby bisley anniversary black hawks i bought from you years ago, everytime cojak saw them he cursed at me
  3. boom pop

    land run

    i heard land run will open registration on 01/01/23, does anyone know what time?
  4. Fleecing the wire to see what is available in .357 pump rifle
  5. boom pop


    I am sitting around looking for something to do and have 2000 empty .38 cases. If i load them up with app how long do we think they would last
  6. Mike is one of the best in the game to do business with, a good man and a man of his word.
  7. MINIMUM ENTRANT CATEGORY MANDATES In the interest of ensuring and promoting a true competitive environment at the SASS Sanctioned Championship level of competition (State, Regional, National, and World Championships), all possible category breakdowns may be offered, however, categories above the base categories will only be honored if they meet the minimum entry mandates decreed by SASS and the Championship agreements. Ladies’ categories must have a minimum of three entrants and open categories must have a minimum of seven entrants in order to be honored at the SASS Championship level. Exceptions to the category mandate include Buckaroo/Buckarette, Junior, Elder Statesman/Grand Dame, Cattle Baron/Cattle Baroness, El Patron/La Patrona, and El Rey/La Reina. If an offered category does not meet the minimum mandates, the entrant(s) will be entered into the next category down as the categories collapse toward the base categories until the minimum mandate is fulfilled. *Shooting categories offered at any match are ultimately at the discretion of the Match Officials to ensure the success and viability of each match individually.
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