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  1. Just an fyi if any one needs 2 for competition, midway has this pistol in stock
  2. Because all my 1860 are .44 and the lead and powder cost less to shoot .36
  3. Thank you all that helps a lot, have a wonderful year
  4. I have 1851 and 1860 pietta .44 pistols, will pietta .36 cylinders and barrels work on those frames
  5. Is the lead you want to cast balls out of for cap and ball pistols
  6. Looking for evil roy volume 3 to finish out set
  7. I posted this looking for caps dont need your stupid comments, a local shooter saw it and contacted me for a face to face deal that was my -purpose, i dont ship anything, i buy from reputable sellers that know the law, i dont need schooling from someone that thinks they need to interject their knowledge that is common to people that have been doing this all their lives, so stfu
  8. Ok i think we all know the law but thank you for your comments
  9. It doesnt if it is from a ffl, stores regularly ship to me with hazmat fees
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