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  1. I have too much .45 lc hardware and am going to sell off some to make room for .38. I have 2 full size vaquero case hardened frame in blue with super Blackhawk hammers pioneer hammer springs and lightened trigger. and a barretta renegade all for 1800 obo
  2. sorry I am deep in harvest, wife found a 357 somewhere in the back of my safe, fo figure.
  3. I have a renegade in 45lc nearly new with light springs and slick as butter, wife say she gonna shoot so I need a 357 for her, If we don't have any trades out there I will sell this one and buy her one, let me know what you have in a 357 rifle and I might buy it out right, this one is for sale also, I will get pics on here in a bit. thank you boom pop
  4. "Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not."

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