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  2. I think it’s more like “The Island of Misfit Toys”
  3. My heart goes out to your family, Doc.
  4. Prayers of comfort for you, your wife, and her siblings. Prayers of faith and courage for your MIL.
  5. Oh, there is so much I want to say here but I am having a good day so far... I think I will just say that I am sick of our young men and women going to war for an ungrateful nation to satisfy the wants of people that do not deserve their effort, their honor, their loyalty or their lives...at least 50% of this nation...
  6. If I open a topic and read it, then go back to the forum, the topic I just opened is gone. If I want to return to it, it doesn't exist any longer. Any way to configure to change this?
  7. Today
  8. back up last go around, what doesn't sell goes back in the drawer and thanks to all who have looked and bought.
  9. I'm having a hard time finding the sabots for that.
  10. Howdy..I was using 3/4 oz of shot with 48g..I was having a few backups at clubs that like to put targets out a bit further, so now using 1 oz with 50g..I have plenty of the earlier Winchester hulls & use them with Win 209 primers & 12SL pink wads. BP is expensive here so I use the cheapest which is Wano 5FA....also use it in pistol / rifle .
  11. You did the right thing Turkey & now the shooter you challenged will at the very least have some doubt in his mind..just because it ain't been noticed before doesn't make it right !!!
  12. SHB p.32: "Internal modifications not referenced here that cannot be seen while the firearm is at rest (action closed) are allowed provided they do not affect the external operation or directly conflict with one of the modifications listed here." and "Firearms must operate as intended by the original pre-1900 designs they depict." To me it looks like it does affect the external operation of the firearm and it's not according the original design (but that's my opinion about short strokes, too )
  13. Buckles for the top 5 in each category. Also each shooters pack will have goodies from sponsors and each NC cowboy club
  14. With the internet, business models can change overnight. Companies that can’t adapt quickly will die.
  15. If it is an internal mod only; did they have to approve it?
  16. The lever and lifter springs are under considerable tension from the springs. They often strip before they release. Usually, if you CAREFULLY place a wide screwdriver under the spring and a second narrower screwdriver inside the spring near the lever articulation point, then twist the lower driver to GENTLY raise the spring clear of the articulation, then twist the smaller driver to pivot the spring toward the outside, (off the lever articulation point), the screw can then usually be easily removed. Do NOT just slide the tensioned spring off the articulation point, or you will round the sharp edges needed to hold the spring in place. Always lift it off with the lower (wide) screwdriver. After initial adjustment, I very seldom move the adjusting screws. To disassemble the action, I simply GENTLY, as above, release the springs, and replace them in the same manner, with two screwdrivers. ALWAYS put a dab of grease on the articulation surfaces of both springs. Replacement hardened screws are available from Taylor's. They are not inexpensive. Even these can strip, if you try to back them out with the spring tension applied. Hope this is clear enough to be helpful. If needed, I could post a photo of how to position the screwdrivers. Don't be overly forceful. Use just enough torque on the screwdrivers to lift and disconnect the springs.
  17. .... I still can’t believe the ROC approved it.
  18. In all fairness - a lot of "solutions" are. Most challenges could be readily handled by someone with enough skill, talent and practice. But... In most cases; the driver is benefited by adding anti lock brakes or traction control to their car. In most cases; the accountant is benefited by the presence of a calculator or Excel sheet. In most cases; the carpenter is benefited by power tools and pneumatic hammer. I'm sure at some point - the designers at Winchester were debating the need for a lever safety while updating the 1866 design. After all; if the shooter would just do his job - there's no need for one. Stinking hardware solutions. But ultimately if the software benefits from the hardware - where's the harm?
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