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  2. I have volunteered to help Shadi with the class but forgot to ask him last week when it would be. He will chime in here soon I am sure. Just 12 more days to get ready. Colts fixed, rounds loaded, getting my head right??? OK maybe that one was pushing it a little. NRA show next week then going to Copperheads on my way home. Should be there next Monday evening at the latest. Load up and come see us at the first Kentucky State at Ponderossa Pines. If you don't make the first one you cant say you made them all.
  3. Coolest dude in history!!!
  4. My dad had worked at a sand mining and processing plant. We need some dirt so we got in the truck, 1969 Chevy 3/4 ton with a 6 cylinder, and went to his work to get some. Two and a half yards of soil. I had just enough traction to steer, but could feel it almost breaking traction when I accelerated. Fortunately it was only about 10 miles.
  5. Actually, J.E.B., I believe that to be an acronym, an abbreviation MUST be pronounceable; that's what separates it from being a mere abbreviation. https://data.grammarbook.com/blog/abbreviations/abbreviations-acronyms-and-initialisms-revisited/ All acronyms are abbreviations, but not all abbreviations are acronyms - I think! Your LWTS is an abbreviation, of the type referred to as an initialism; unlike an acronym, it is not pronounceable as a word. LL
  6. I use SS .357 NM Blackhawks as my main match revolvers! Been using them for 5 years without a hiccup. Bought them from another cowboy when I first started CAS already slicked and reverse spin pawl installed. I have big hands and the BHs just seemed a better fit for me than Vaqueros. Altho, they are just a wee bit heavier.
  7. Agreed. Then my second favorite, is similar to this. It's from Hostiles. Change of emotion in a few seconds from serene to terror. Quickly goes from a very happy, placid scene (home schooling) to a violent, murderous scene (home invasion).
  8. One of the few times we made plans to shoot at a match far away and combine with some sight seeing. I took pictures of all the guns we packed - including the serial numbers. This happens to be one of many. The match got rained out so we didn't get to shoot but the guns enjoyed the trip.
  9. Worst beatin' I ever got in my life was a skinny little fourteen year old honor student. Someone slipped her a hand rolled dusted with PCP and she just honestly knocked me north, south, east, west, up to the Texas moon and down to oil ... four of us town cops had to gang her and flatten her with sheer tonnage and ... ... oh wait ... ... that's not the kind of beatin' ... ... sorry about that, I got confoozed ... Maybe I best remember dear old Dad tryin' to teach me at a tender age that "Hurry up is brother to mess it up" and content myself with my slow times, at least for now ... ... ain't no fourteen year old girls in sight anyway ...
  10. That is a govt sponsored hotline, from the govt that betrayed and continues to betray us, why would I want to call them? I volunteered for a real Suicide Hotline , not this sham. Imis
  11. Tom, About 70. 3 boxes of Winchester 95 grainers plus a few from a fourth box... Wyatt
  12. Here is an original 87 Wallhanger that I tinkered with and got it running. It does its part when I do my part. It fun to shoot the 87. I shot it in two marches just because it's fun. I keep slipping back into the notion of getting another 87 to shoot in matches - one that I don't have to back up two steps to move to next station. This one will only fit on loading table at an angel. Here is a Coyote Cap 87 I ran across and was compelled to buy because of price and condition. Never shot it in a match. Traided it off quickly.
  13. (squints at picture) (takes off bifocals) (cleans bifocals) (mutters about bifocals being worn out from looking through them so much) (replaces bifocals) (squints again) Well darn. I was kind of hopin' that little girl had pale eyes. Was that the case I'd lay money on the dog's name ... but it ain't ... darn it ...
  14. Lists? I dont gotta have no steenking lists. Said the guy with no pistols. Imis
  15. Just in time for Easter! https://youtu.be/4BsWlhTCeGo
  16. Along with Brooks & Dunn........
  17. I use Blackhawks for the rifle targets in Josey Wales,and a SBH for SG targets , only a couple of times a year Imis
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  19. 46. FOOLS AND CHILDREN When a man intends to kill, he is fast, brutal, without mercy and out to win, and anything is fair. We were too close to drag iron and I caught his wrist before he could gut me: I got my elbow into his jaw and got some distance and my knife come out point down and I taken me a punch at his face. He saw my fist coming in and ducked to the side but my blade was stuck straight out and I cut his cheek to the bone on the way past: he sliced me across the kidney as I passed and we turned and he whipped an overhand slice at me and I spun my blade around his the way Mother and I spun blades when we engaged, fencing: I knew where my edge was and when I give my blade a twist, his knife hit the ground and his thumb with it and I kicked him beside the knee and he went down with a scream and he came up with a hideout pistol in his off hand and I recall it bloomed a fireball the size of a peck basket as I came down on it and I taken a cut down the length of his arm and peeled off a hell of a chunk of meat and he lost that hideout gun and started losin' his life's blood and I stepped back and I let him bleed. We hadn't exchanged word one. I'd come up on him by surprise, and him a hard man to slip up on, but by God! I'd Injuned up to near arm's reach of him before he smelt me comin' and now he lay dead and I smelt his blood and I stood there and waited. It did not take him long to die, not bleedin' like that. I looked around and noted the location, I taken his proud-ofs and stuffed them in his saddle bag, I tied his still-saddled horse behint mine and marked the location. Digger would be able to get the dead wagon here without difficulty, I knew; I'd already taken what Digger might wish to take – he wasn't any more honest than he absolutely had to be, you understand – then I rode on towards a bend in the railroad about two mile away, it was on the way home or mostly so, and I knew the water that ran there. I wished to clean my blade and wash myself. Now there's where I realized yet again that the Lord looks out after fools and children. Parson Belden allowed as we are children of God. He said as much at that last funeral he preached, and he said in part, "Children learn by asking questions and making mistakes, and this child of God wishes he'd asked more questions," which generally a sky pilot don't try to make things funny at a funeral but I don't reckon the dead man would have minded, for he was of the same mind his own self: I knew him and knew he'd appreciate the chuckle. Anyway I watered the horses and I set them a-picket to graze and I commenced to clean off my fightin' knife and I heard the train comin'. I slung the water off my steel and wiped it dry, I slid it back into the sheep skin lined sheath – I always did favor lining my knife scabbard with sheep skin, wool in – it cleaned the blade every trip in and out and the lanolin in the wool oiled the steel – I looked around before I got up and both horses was lookin' to the side. Not towards the oncoming train – I had a concern whether the dead man's horse would spook when The Lady Esther came chanting by – no, they were looking off a little ways more torst the cliff face and then I saw her. It's not unusual to see mountain folk in the mountains, it's not out of the ordinary to see the Daine family here there or yonder, but it was a little out of the ordinary to see Gracie Daine looking around at that curved cliff face, then counting her paces as she marched straight toward the tracks, and then she stopped and she set her bow to her fiddle and started to play. The tracks took a big bow right about there and the Sheriff he explained to me that as the train run around that curve, it was going up hill, it was pullin' hard, and she was in just the right place to hear The Lady Esther labor for the longest time, and when she started to saw attair curly back fiddle, why, I found out why she'd picked her spot. The Lady Esther had her speed set, she had her ears pinned back and she was barkin' sweet, there is a particular sound to a steam engine when she's at labor and The Lady Esther had that sound: she was neither speedin' up nor slowin' down, and I walked over with them horses in tow and we stood there and listened to this little Kentucky mountaineer play attair fiddle and she used Mama's locomotive to make her music with. I needed that. She played with a quiet little smile on her face, she swayed just a little as she did, she had an angel's contented look about her, and I needed that. It is no light thing to kill a man, especially a man who is bent on killin' you, and I needed this reminder that there is somethin' good yet in the world other'n bad men who want to run a knife between your ribs. The Sheriff he said once or twice he was just an old softy and I reckon I inherited that from him, for that blue eyed Kentucky hillrunner's fiddle sang like the purest choir that ever tuned up in a church, and I felt just awful soft and sentimental as I stood there and listened. Finally, when she started to fade her music down a little, why, me and the horses we cat footed off and she still had her eyes shut, playin' softer as the train drew its clatter into the distance, and we went on for a little ways before I mounted up and we rode on into town and I sent Digger after the carcass, and reported to the Sheriff. I went on over to the church and I stepped across the threshold and taken off my Stetson. I walked slow and deliberate up the aisle and I recall how my boot heels just plainly BOOMED in the echoing silence. I was there on business and when I am on business my pace is deliberate. I stopped before the Altar and I looked up at attair cross on the wall and I remembered a little blue eyed Kentucky girl playin' a curly back fiddle with her back against the cyarved out cliff face, spinning music from wood and strings and a steam locomotive, and I reckon I smiled a little as I spoke my business. Seems like my words hung for a long time in the church's shadowed inside, like they still echoed a little as I turned, and departed, and settled my skypiece on my head as my shadow darkened the doorstep on the way out. Seems like I could still hear my quiet voiced "Thank You" as I went down the white washed church steps.
  20. Despite the rain we set the targets up yesterday evening. We're just about ready for y'all.
  21. Take it from someone that shoots an 87 as his main match shotgun, If you are going to buy an 87 for this game buy it from Lassiter. A properly tuned 87 is an absolute joy to shoot. Those that have glitches will frustrate yo so much you will want to wrap it around a tree.
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