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  1. Harness up them cayuses and let's go for a ride!
  2. Stagecoach robber, Bill Brazelton
  3. Wait....these fellers lived through that?
  4. Head up to the Rockies, ya fur trappin' rapscallions!
  5. A little well known massacre in the Old West. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KccZOKpWhw8
  6. Hollywood didn't get it all wrong.
  7. Make one! Go ahead, it's easy.
  8. A pioneer woman as tough as nails.
  9. Happy Independence Day...but not for these fellers.
  10. "Gimme that Schofield" -William Munny
  11. Rob Jensen. Stunt man, actor, head honcho at Old Tucson...and my friend.
  12. I buttoned it up good!
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