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  1. If I had a dime for every dime I had....
  2. You're right. She'd kill me! Let's put this subject to sleep!
  3. You'll burn through this video!
  4. Both. I have a lot of research material that I utilize every week. If there are folks who are extremely knowledgeable I'll get them involved. A good one would be Dave Rodgers who is author of the Frontier American Illustrated News. https://www.frontieramericanillustratednews.com/articles-categories
  5. I finally decided to pull the trigger on this video.
  6. Linn Keller....I may never get close to mastering it myself!!! Roger Ebert I'm not....but here goes!
  7. You as well!!! Jot down a few notes on this one....
  8. Grab some eggnog and take your masks off....
  9. Give me 1000cc's of D5w, stat!
  10. Typewriters, guns...same thing. Right??
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