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I need some help.  I had Juno for a long time but it began to feel like the people running it were not really interested any more.


Now I have gmail and it's just simply a PITA with unsolicited ads from all over the planet and a really user unfriendly system.


I've had a couple of others that didn't make the cut and I'd like some suggestions.  I want something VERY easy to use, fast, reliable. and without a lot of useless crap to get in my way.  I also don't want to spend a month's mortgage payment to get it.


I want to be able to opt out of most (all?) ads (why on this green Earth would someone send me ads for water skis, parachutes, women's clothes, garden hot houses, sewing machines, and other garbage?)


I want to be able to have an address list that actually works and doesn't drop names or refuse to open messages just to tick me off.


Remember that I am a true dinosaur when it comes to computers and give me some ideas (and reasons) to check out a new system.



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Almost all my email goes through gmail one way or another. I even have my own domains separate from gmail, and the mail for most of those goes through gmail.


The gmail website has ads.


I have an iPhone and the app on it has no ads.


My computers run Thunderbird for eMail, are constantly syncing with gmail, and have no ads.


I almost never actually go to the gmail website to read mail, but can if I need to.


the short answer is to just not use the gmail website to read eMail.

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I have absolutely no problem with gmail. They have a great handle on ads, most go into my spam folder. Check your settings maybe? 

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Forty, who provides your internet service? Some providers can give you email access through their service. 

I tossed Gmail to the side. Now I have Yahoo email account that I have had for over 25 years. They do have ads on my computer but on my iPhone I pay $1 a month for no ads. I do not have that ability on my laptop. 

I also have an Apple email due to my use of an iPhone. I only use it for Apple related emails and as a backup should Yahoo go down. 

Getting an email address without ads may be tricky. You will probably have to pay a small fee, but I honestly do not know who provides such a thing any more. 

Check this out:

I was surprised to find AOL still has free email. 


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I've got Outlook, ending in @msn.com. They have lots of ads too. UNLESS you download Ads Killer. On Google Chrome, at least, it's free, and NO ADS. I also have AdBlock and AdBlock Plus, which stops ALL ADS, even on YouTube. All free. You'll thank me for this.

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I forgot to mention that I use a DuckDuckGo email address that is tied to my Yahoo account. I use an address like “my-name@duck.com” and emails come to my yahoo account but all trackers are removed. 
The only trouble I have found with it is some gun related sites do not see the Duck.com address as legit or maybe they don’t want to allow it as it removes trackers. 

I hope I explained this well enough. 

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I use gmail. 

what I hate about the internet (this is a leadin to a zillion ‘don’t get me started’ stories) is everybody is trying to sell me storage.  Gmail always warns me that I am close (92%) to my maximum storage, but they won’t tell me what the storage pig is. So I delete a bunch of crap and never get below 90%. Same with Apple, I don’t want to store all those old pictures forever AND give digital rights to some gigacorp.


an e-mail horror story from the distant past… I had a lycos email account, it was in the days of dial-up, yeah, had to keep my pet t-Rex on a leash and poop scooping was horrible. But I digress, I logged into MY lycos account and I was reading the email of a woman in the UK.  I suppose a proper etiquette would have been to log out or something, but no-o-o, not I. I continued reading.  Very interesting hobbies, indeed.

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