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Not listed in any order of preference.   SKBs I've handled that were done by them were sweet.

Mine were done by Johnny Meadows, (but he's mostly retired) and Doc Noper.




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A couple of evenings opening and closing the action will loosen it up enough to please her, if that is all that is all of your concerns.  Even a little toothpaste in the hinge socket and hinge pin will speed up the "final fitting" of the hinge.


Used to be the factories polished that hinge socket after machining so the gun would almost drop open.  (Yeah, 50+ years ago.) Now, you can't pay the factory to do that.  They all claim, "well, we didn't want to polish all the years of life out of the gun."  When, it really saved them $5 of labor.


But, tuning up a double is not hard work.  A local gunsmith ought to be able to do the work if you can tell him all you want slicked up.


I'd second Ken Griner in Farmington NM or Boomstick Jay (Leonard, TX) for being closer to you than many.


good luck, GJ

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Getting a double match ready is more than just polishing until it will fall open. 

Funneling, polishing the chambers and potentially a mechanical reset, not to mention cutting the barrels and replacing the fiber optic sight with something SASS legal also need to be done. Screw any of those up and you can kiss your $1,500 investment goodbye.

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Make sure that you find liw recoil  shotgun shell for her or reload  them. Before my wife's  car accident  she used a 20 gauge  for a few matches  factory shells beat her to death, she switched to  a 97 with winchester  featherlites and my life got  a  lot easier. 


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