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  1. Loophole , My Great Grand father was a pure blood Choctaw Indian.(He is the inspiration for my alias) Several of my cousins have had DNA tests , none of which show any Choctaw blood. After doing quite a bit of research,I've found that the ancestry databases are lacking data when concerning NativeAmercan lineage.Seems that they have more info on Central American Indians than they do North American Indians.
  2. My son ordered a new barrel ,had it shipped to his home It made it to his city and then sat at his local UPS for three days before it was delivered. It took less time to travel across the country than it did to travel across town.
  3. Bob , It'll be good to have you back where you belong! Congrats on the great news! Choctaw Jack
  4. Congratulations to Bad Chad,overall winner of the Last Revenge of Montezuma!! (Could someone post results here?)
  5. The violent removal of statues and defacing of historic monuments around the country brings to mind the purges and pogroms of the early communists of the last century. This isn't limited to the BLM movement.Here in the Southwest statues of Don Juan de Onate are being destroyed because of his treatment of native Americans. Just because we object to historic fact doesn't mean we can, or should,try to erase it. Learn not to repeat our mistakes ,and move forward. Just one man's opinion.
  6. DDD, I use polymer powder coat paint.At the temperature that it is applied, it doesn't affect the hardness of the lead.I also use mostly clip on wheel weight lead which is considerably harder than pure lead or the Lyman #2 alloy which has always been very popular.Seems like the lubricity of the polymer prevents any significant leading of the bore. I'm not really very knowledgeable about the science behind it ,but I've been using this system for a couple of years and it works for me. No reason to change.
  7. Cowboy, I'm a believer in powder coated bullets.Cleaner dies ,cleaner bores,cleaner hands. Since I've been shooting coated bullets( I cast and coat them myself) and use a wet tumbler,my blood lead levels have dropped by two thirds. Lots of info about coating bullets on the web ,very easy and inexpensive process. Choctaw Jack
  8. Can the follower be shortened ,along with the spring ,to allow the 10th round? Just wondering.
  9. Sounds like we have different opinions of what these are. I thought they were for the inner primer magazine tube.
  10. Seems like "Foot in Mouth Disease"is also at pandemic levels. Wish more people were capable of self diagnosis. Maybe A case of "Lockjaw" would help.
  11. There's a not so small fortune on that grate!!
  12. Joe Got a bag in the freezer! They are a year round favorite at our house
  13. Bread pudding.I like mine with raisins or chocolate chips. Choctaw Jack
  14. Had a Series 70 Colt Lightweight Commander with brushed satin nickel finish,ln 38 Super.Quite a handful with factory loads. One round after dark and your night vision was history Choctaw Jack
  15. One of the best examples of gentrification I can think of is Santa Fe. Some families that have lived there for literally hundreds of years have had to leave their ancestral homes because it has become trendy to the rich and famous to own a home there. For many,property taxes have risen to a point that those of low to middle income cant afford to keep the home that generations of their families have been raised in. Seems like many urban areas went through this back in the seventies.Back then they called it "Urban Renewal". Choctaw Jack
  16. Hombre is one of my favorite movies.I got to see the actual rifle at WR a couple of years ago. According to the current owner,that rifle is one of a kind ,there are no others like it. Looked like a home gunsmithing project,pretty rough,but looks like something you'd see out in the rough country. I thought it was pretty neat. Choctaw Jack
  17. I've been told by professional big game guides that wasp spray makes a pretty good bear repellent. I'm thinkin' it would work pretty well on people,too.Usually has good range, a tight, confined stream,easy to find, and affordable. Not ready to experiment on myself just yet ,and I haven't found any volunteers. Choctaw Jack
  18. Another benefit with powder coated bullets is that your guns stay much cleaner.No sticky lube to build up and catch crud,and your bored don't foul nearly as badly.At least in my experience. Choctaw Jack
  19. My son is about to turn 35 years old.Seems like since he turned 30,the older he gets the smarter I get. Choctaw Jack
  20. To the Wire, Even though I don't gamble,seldom drink,and have never smoked ,Lady Daisy Jane and I do like to visit the casinos,but only when we travel in our motorhome Most casinos have separate parking for overnighters,with security on site.Most offer at least one restaurant,with reasonable prices.Some are quite good.One of the best prime rib dinners I ever had was at a native American casino,and it cost less than$15.00 There is usually some sort of convenience store on site,and sometimes they have fuel for very competitive prices. Choctaw Jack
  21. Locklear, Be careful using acetone on leather.It will strip the oils from the hide and can make it brittle.If you get it dyed successfully, be sure to use a good leather preservative to keep it pliable. You can also have your belt lined with suede or a thin split cowhide to make it a little "stiffer"to hold a holster. Choctaw Jack
  22. Heck, I'll take 2000 9mm brass.Please e-mail or PM me with pay ment details. I can do PayPal,MO, personal check,whatever is your preference. PM inbound, Choctaw Jack
  23. Cowboy, Your profile says you can't receive messages. If you have any 9mm brass left,I'm looking for some. Choctaw Jack
  24. Governor Lujan-Grisham of New Mexico has eased restrictions on all of NM except the 3 counties that are generally considered"Indian Country",or border or contain parts of the Navajo reservation. These 3 counties have shown more vivid increases than the rest of the state combined. I'm not much in favor of her tactics either,but if something isn't done here,the nation is going to have a new coronavirus hot spot. And yeah, I do live there. Choctaw Jack
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