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  1. Not much information here regarding Doc's "dark side", mostly a collection of unidentified and questionable old photos.
  2. Looks pretty solid, anybody use one? Who does cowboy work on them? thanks, bb
  3. Currahee


    Helpful, just look down the right side (suppliers) for Midway or Brownells; skip the gougers.
  4. Currahee


    Alternative site suggestion?
  5. Currahee


    Interesting, but some of the sellers seem highly suspicious with no address given or an address with a totally different company on the sign board. I would only buy from know sources, Brownells indicated in one instance.
  6. You should get on the notification list now!
  7. LOL! So how do I get on the shipping wheel.
  8. More off than on. Natchez has had them on the market for the last two weeks.
  9. Just paid an arm and leg for Federal Large to Natchez Shooters Supply. My question is how does Natchez get Federal primers to sell when these are unavailable from the biggies: Midway, Grafs, Brownells?
  10. Is this considered to be in the "good" range of production?
  11. Who there pardner, make wild bunch a standard category??? SASS bosses don't like that kind of talk!
  12. Okay, other than engaging the wrong target (designated firearm), clue me in.
  13. Indeed, just move, look, shoot. No such thing as a procedural.
  14. Lefty was disappointed to say the least, and these days doesn't want to talk about it. Sam Houston left for AZ when the Piru range changed hands. Now working for Dillon (perfect job for him). Those days were great fun and I miss it a lot.
  15. Sure why not. Maybe the current management doesn't share the attitude of the old regime.
  16. Sadly true. I just hate to think of SASS as an old folks home outing.
  17. Wow, really? Shooters don't like to be challenged by something new? Shooters don't like movement (look at the popularity of USPSA). Don't get it.
  18. Requires overly and knock-out targets for scoring. But, then why couldn't we use just regular SASS targets and score as SASS? In any event, the moving while shooting action is exciting. The 3-Gun range at the old Deadwood Boys was linear as you can see in the video and used built props to direct the shooting. But it would be easy to use barricades as USPA does and constantly change them for every match.
  19. Always thought that this was much more challenging. The Wild Bunch didn't like it for.....reasons unknown. Here's Bud to give you some idea of how it's done:
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