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  1. Savage 99 in 250-3000 was my first centerfire rifle, took my first deer with it. Moved on to bolt guns but I still love the 250-3000 cartridge. Choctaw Jack
  2. This one is, as usual,simply gorgeous!
  3. As reprted locally, the Assistant Director took a plea deal, probably involving a reduced sentence for testimony ,probably against the other defendants.
  4. I've made shotshells using overshot cards that I punched out of non- corrugated cardboard . Iused a hollow punch from Harbor Freight . The punches were really cheap, probably cost less than the gsa checks. Of course , YMMV. Choctaw
  5. I dont think I would survive, at my age, a wild weekend like I had when I was young.....
  6. At least she isnt using her "Bernadette" voice from The Big Bang Theory. Like nails on chalkboard!
  7. A high capacity rotary style magazine would make much more sense. And probably not as ugly
  8. They are the same thing as botas. They protect your lower legs and boots. ......andgive you lots of style points.
  9. I wipe them down with a cloth saturated with silicone spray. Helps them shuck a little better. Choctaw
  10. Nice to know I've been using each and every one of these tools in the method described! Thanks! Choctaw
  11. Lassiter has my PW 87 now. Can't wait to get it back. Choctaw
  12. I have an 18.5 inch and a 20 inch '73. Both have been worked by the same smith ( Ken Griner @ Griner Gunworks),and run equally well. For me, it boils down to "feel".The shorter rifle justs feels better to me. I would advise buying your rifle with the work already done. Saves time and trouble. Choctaw
  13. UB, The storm that hit you earlier just made it to us 25 mph winds,rain,sleet , thunder snow,( that was interesting!), and now its snowing sideways. Won't even ask "What's next?" Choctaw
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