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  1. Mel might be anti-gun,but I'm sure he's not anti-money!
  2. Back in my youth I worked for KFC when it was still the original corp.Each franchise underwent an inspection by the company's own inspectors on a regular basis.If the restaurant didn't measure up,they would pull your franchise. At the time,those franchises were some of the most expensive in the country. Not many failed. Seems like that after PepsiCo bought KFC,the quality went downhill. Very sad to see. Choctaw
  3. El Mulo Vaquero,Griners Gun Shop
  4. I use RCBS .45 ACP dies with a Lee FCD added.Cases are .45 Colt rough cut to .900 and finish trimmed to .898.(Going from memory here,may be wrong.I use .45 ACP data ) Rounds check out fine in a .45 Colt chamber checker. I use a 160 grain Lee mold and powder coat my own bullets and use Federal #150 or #155 primers,whichever are available at the time. I haven't found a powder that I'm completely satisfied with yet.W231 works but leaves sunburnt powder,Unique is cleaner,but I think it may be a little slow. Thinking of trying Titegroup next.Whatever it takes ,I'll keep looking 'cause I really like this round. Suggestions gladly accepted! Choctaw Jack
  5. Don't have designated sides for my pistols.My luck is equally bad with either one,and I shoot just as badly with one as I do the other.
  6. Don't name my guns,but usually each vehicle gets a name. They all seem to develop a distinct personality,so they get a name. Choctaw
  7. Marshal, I shoot a 200gr RNFP in my Uberti revolvers and my '73s.No problems in any of them. I 've shot them with several types of lube,but by far the one I like best is powder coated.I cast and coat my own,and have had the best results doing so. Choctaw Jack
  8. Western Heritage Museum(Cowboy Hall of Fame) in OKC. Allow at least a day for this alone. It's a "dont miss".
  9. Ethan, If you already shoot .45 colt,how about cutting some down to C45S ?If you don't like the cartridge you haven't invested much to find out. Choctaw
  10. Macon, If there are enough interested shooters,the Tres Rios Bandidos might start up Wild Bunch again.Contact Largo Casey or El Mulo Vaquero and let them know you're interested. Choctaw Jack
  11. Gene, I use the Lee 6 cavity .452 200 gr.RNFP mold,straight wheel weights,and have had zero problems in casting. I also powder coat my own,using Harbor Freight red powder.For me,red is the only HF powder that gives adequate coverage. I size after coating with a Lee .452 sizing die.Powder coat can add 2 to three thousandths of thickness,so this gets them back to spec. I also shoot 4 Uberti .45 SAA clones,and have no leading problems.This bullet also works well through my '73 short rifle. Hope this gives some useful info,and of course YMMV. Choctaw
  12. Carlzbad, Put me in line if the deal falls through. Chocktaw Jack
  13. Ace, Growing up in Northern New Mexico,the boys in my neighborhood (3 sets of brothers) used to pick up soda bottles to cash in at the local store to buy our .22 ammo..22 longs were 50 cents a box,so our daily minimum was 10 bottles each to support our shooting habits,at the princely rate of 5 cents per bottle. Then add in another 25 cents for a quart of ice cold A&W root beer meant we had to really hustle to make our quota. I don't remember not having the required cash very often. Wish it was that affordable now.
  14. Yes,I watched too.Not the best but it beat watching reality shows.
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