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  1. B.I.G. If you don't find a source for your green bullets,you might consider coating your own.Order uncoated bullets and pick the color green you want from a powder coat supply house (lots to choose from on the web), "borrow" the toaster oven from the kitchen ,and coat your own.Very easy to do,cheap,and you might even enjoy the process. Just a warning though; once you use the oven for powder coating ,your wife might insist on a new one.Mine did.
  2. A pair of Uberti New Sheriff 3 1/2 inch ModelP's about 2 weeks ago.
  3. I learned to"saucer" hot coffee as a small child ,while sitting on my Papa's knee.One of my very earliest memories.
  4. Traditional Christmas biscochos made with lard,anise seed,sprinkled with sugar and aged in an air-tight cookie tin for at least two weeks.They melt in your mouth.Worth waiting for!
  5. Get in touch with El Mulo Vaquero (Ken Griner at Griner Gunworks).He may have one in stock.
  6. Warden, Just bought a pair of these Old Model model Ps just as you described,except mine are New Sheriff's with 3 1/2 inch barrels. Thinking of shooting them at this weekend match. Really neat revolvers
  7. Been a butcher for 50+ years,and eaten raw ground beef,at times,since the beginning.The best,in my opinion is very lean,preferably 90% or leaner,ground sirloin as cold as you can stand it.Proper sanitation practices are a must,clean tools,work surfaces and machinery without exception. My personal favorite is thin sliced top sirloin or tenderloin wrapped around sliced red and green peppers and red onion with a sprinkle of seasoned black pepper.Really tasty!!
  8. In New Mexico the DMV is linked to the Nmdoj ,so the officer has the information that the registered owner does or does not posses a carry permit. On the two occasions I've been stopped after getting my permit,I presented my card along with license and registration,and was told" Oh,I dont need that,I already knew about your permit before I approached your car". That's OK,I'm going to show it anyway.Dont want any misunderstandings when a loaded firearm is involved,his or mine.
  9. Pure Carnuba wax.Most leather suppliers( Tandy Leather,Weavers etc)sell it.Readily available on the internet.Provides good moisture protection, keeps the leather in good shape. Use like any other wax,apply a thin coat, let it dry,buff it out. Choctaw Jack
  10. The Redwood Highway from the Oregon state line south to the Ukiah area is really beautiful. A little touristy,but well worth the drive. Got my Hummer H3 stuck in one of the magnificent "drive through" Redwoods,but ,what is a side mirror compared to something of that majesty? Still had a great trip.
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