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  1. Gavin About the only advantage to the Supreme Coachgunsother than the optional finishes(IMHO) is the screw in chokes. I've shot mine in CAS for several years and never felt the need to change choke tubes.The only complaint I have is the soft firing pins.Hardened pins are cheap and easy to change out. For an entry level shotgun I would recommend them. Choctaw Jack
  2. Forty Rod, Try spraying the galvanized with white vinegar,as an etching agent.Rinse with water,let dry and paint. Choctaw Jack
  3. LDD, IMHO the best cut for jerky is top round(been a butcher for 50 plus years).I slice mine about 3/16 of an inch and marinate overnight in a zip-loc bag.My favorite marinade is 1/2 teriyaki, 1/2 light soy sauce with garlic and onion juice to taste(a little goes a long way). Place on racks to dehydrate and sprinkle with seasoned pepper. I dry at 145 to 150 degrees until it reaches the desired crunchieness. And yes,dehydrators are worth the money! Enjoy, Choctaw Jack
  4. Dave 6.0 gr W231,Fed. primer,200 gr.RNFP Choctaw Jack
  5. Cholla , Roadside Restauarant in Bloomfield NM.On your way between Monument Valley and Chama Choctaw Jack
  6. Red, Lexol leather cleaner and conditioner or Neatsfoot Oil.Use these types of conditioners sparingly. They can soften unlined holsters to the point that they won't hold their shape. Choctaw Jack
  7. Up for sale a complete rig for the new shooter.The belt measures 48 inches from the middle of the buckle to the center hole,2 1/2 inches wide, ranger style.2 strong side holsters for 4 5/8 in. Colt clones.Also included is a right hand cross draw for the same revolver.All are unlined. Comes with tapered 12 ga.shotgun belt,suede lined,measures 45 1/2 from middle of the buckle to the center hole.5 double pouches with 2 .45 cartridge loops on each end.This belt has been lengthened at the buckle end.Also 2 1/2 inches wide. Price is $150.00 shipped. PM me for info or a phone# for details. Choctaw Jack SASS#91083
  8. Tony, You could try Flitz,Simichrome Polish or Mothers Mag polish.All are in paste form and stay where you put it.I dont think it would hurt your leather but it's easy enough to keep it from going where it isn't needed. Choctaw Jack
  9. MM Gramps, Heritage Rough Riders are worth a look.Inexpensive,serviceable and reasonably accurate they make a good beginners revolver. Choctaw Jack
  10. MD I also have a considerable amount of "cowboy costuming" around my waist .I found that wearing my gun belt lower on my hips and using holsters with some kick out at the top of the holsters helps clear my belly.It also cuts down on any interference between gunbelt and shotgun belt. I have also changed my foot position so I don't have to do "the dance".
  11. Thanks TL, I can handle the long John's but I don't think Lady Daisy Jane will look too favorably on the girlfriend idea!
  12. Weather conditions between my house(4 Corners area)and Phoenix are bad and getting worse.Just for safety's sake I think I will go long way around,thru Albuquerque to Las Cruces and across I 10. After all that I'm hoping that conditions are good at Ben Avery. So the question is ; How's the weather down there? Choctaw Jack
  13. Shot a 6 stage match yesterday,with one double charged round.No harm but it sure woke up the rest of the posse!It was loaded on my progressive.Maybe I should go back to the "old school " process as a refresher. Choctaw
  14. Billy Boots, Chicken George's route around El Paso is a good alternative,but after living in the area for 20 + years ,I think I would time my trip to avoid peak traffic hours and just cruise on thru on I 10.Just my opinion,YMMV. Choctaw
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