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  1. Perro, Your .257 bullets arent going to work in your daughters 243.Or did I misread?
  2. I have bought 3 freezers from Best Buy.Good experiences all 3 times. Usually shop Home Depot for hardware and such.Dont much care for Lowes.My usual go to is Ace Hardware,just because they are close. Choctaw
  3. Tequila, Maybe that list could be posted or pinned elsewhere, maybe in the SASS Merchants Corner ?
  4. Flat Top Okie, Just wondering if when Winter Range moves to Oklahoma,will the number of shooters be limited to 420 or so , as Land Run is this year? I have shot WR for the last 5 years, and there has been 700-800+ shooters every year. Just wonderin', Choctaw
  5. I've found that using a VPN helps when trying to unsubscribe from a lot of these unsolicited e-mails.0f course, YMMV Choctaw
  6. Roger, I use (approximately) 13.4 grains of Clay Dot with a Winchester AA hull,nearly any 209 primer,and just under 1 oz of 7 1/2 shot I adjust the amount of shot until I get the crimp I want.Easy shooter,handles KD's with no problem. Choctaw
  7. Use a straight edge across the base of the rounds to find high primers.Ideally,they should be below flush.
  8. I used whipped topping bowls for a long time as shake containers,but a pardon posted a chart showing which material generated the most static electricity. PVC was 2nd on the list, so I made some containers out of 4 inch PVC pipe.I glued in a plugin one end and left the plug unglued on the other.l cut them at about 7 inches,and they will hold several hundred .45 bullets at a time.Put the bullets in ,add powder, and shake vigorously for 15-30 seconds and they are good to go. I've found it takes less shaking and it seems to cover better than the topping bowls. I bought enough PVC t
  9. Cowboy Shooters Supply sells a Pisrol Rack that can probably be adapted to your cart.
  10. I use one of these to hang my loading strip from. Choctaw
  11. I've used a lot of HF red PC powder.It works pretty well,but on a previous thread Scarlett Darlin' warned that using it might damage barrels because of the silica used in the powder. I have no way to analyze the content,but it does seem to be slightly more coarse .Like Largo Casey ,I buy most of my powder from a local powder coat company.Good selection of colors,and sometimes I get a really good deal on colors that that they want to get rid of.The price is usually just a little more than mail order,but I pick it up locally and don't have to pay shipping which can actually work out to be cheape
  12. Be thankful you can dine in.The whole state of New Mexico is on lock down when it comes to restaurants.Take out or delivery only. Sure miss our local steakhouse. Choctaw
  13. CC Shootist, Like you,I don't like to borrow gear.But if I hadn't I would probably have missed out on the most fun I've had in years. I say go and try whatever gear is offered,talk to those who it belongs to ,and have fun. I'm sure you will offer to use your own ammo,but most cowboys prefer to shoot their ammo in their guns.Most of the time a sincere smile,a handshake,and Thank You will be most appreciated. Welcome to the sport, Choctaw Jack
  14. Think I would like to have a slicked up Henry .22.The way things are going it might become my main match rifle if primers don't get any easier to come by. Choctaw
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