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  1. El Mulo Vaquero Ken Griner, Griner Gunworks Bloomfield NM
  2. I use the same toaster oven that I use to bake my cast bullets after powder coat.
  3. I'll probably go see it,if the theaters ever re-open. If I hadn't read the books first, the movie might not have made much sense. I did enjoy it. Choctaw
  4. 6 grains of W231 .Accurate,easy recoil,fun to shoot.
  5. Pat, Just Google Winter Range 2021.Entry form is on the site.
  6. If recoil from the .45 Colt round is a concern , you might consider switching to .45 Schofield , or my personal choice , .45 Cowboy Special. A 160 grain bullet with a moderate charge of an appropriate powder will produce very little felt recoil. Works for me,but of course YMMV. Choctaw
  7. Noah, I bought my grandson two Heritage Rough Riders, a Henry Youth Model, and a Stoeger .410 double. He likes my match guns better. All the gear I bought for him is really fun to shoot, and I'm hoping our club will have a rim fire shoot for the older crowd. Choctaw
  8. El Mulo Vaquero Ken Griner Griner Gunworks #30 CR 5192 Bloomfield NM 87413 505-632-9712
  9. Forty Good on ya!! If we had more exchanges of mutual respect such as you were a part of,this society wouldn't be in the shape it's in. Once again, way to go! Choctaw
  10. Just left my local Sportsmans.They had a total of 400 primers(Fed.155's)on the shelf. Now they don't have any on the shelf. Shooting season isn't over yet! Choctaw Jack
  11. JJ Reb, I put together a full "Buckaroo" outfit for my then 10 year old grandson. A pair of .22 revolvers, a Henry lever action rifle,and a slicked up 410 double. He shot them really well but he much preferred my ,45 revolvers,my 18 inch rifle,and my 20 inch 12 gauge double.He shot them just as well as the smaller guns,but the smile factor was much greater. Looking back ,I should have spent a little bit more and bought the center fire guns for him and saved myself a lot of money. All depends on how well the young'un handles the noise and recoil of the larger firearms. Choctaw Jack
  12. Lug soles? Think "Waffle Stompers" !
  13. Went to the local Sportsman's Warehouse yesterday. Might have been 2 thousand assorted WW primers and 1500 Federal #155 primers on the shelf. I bought a thousand 155's(all they would allow).Maybe these will get me through the rest of the year. Never seen stocks of components quite this low.
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