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  1. Once,many years ago I was traveling across north Texas and I passed a truck pulling a McDonalds refrigerated trailer It was emblazoned the "Golden Arches" and whatever catch phrase of the day was( long before" You deserve a break today!). Printed on the side of the trailer in about 4 inch letters was: MacDonalds Horse Meat Plant Didn't know where it was going or where it came from,but it was years before I ate in one of there restaurants again.
  2. I believe that Yul Lose has some experience repairing and improving the front wheel assembly on the Rugged Gear carts. Maybe he will chime in?
  3. As I have said on the Wire before, I retired as a butcher after more than 50 years in the meat business, so I think I have a little background here. We used to call these types of street vendors"gypsies" ,because they seldom stayed in one place very long. Many of them sold misrepresented, inferior ,low-grade products as higher grade,or premium,cuts.One such seller in our area is advertising " 20 boneless ribeyes for $39.95". In today's economic conditions(or any other in the last 75 years ), it is impossible to sell any premium cut of meat for that price. A customer told me he couldn't pass up a deal like that ,and bought a box of these "ribeyes".He reported that they were so thin you could just about read the newspaper through them, and about as tough as shoe leather. In this instance I guess the old saying was pretty accurate; If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Choctaw
  4. UB, If you go around poking bears ,it might be beneficial to take a friend along who is slower afoot than you. Just a thought. Choctaw
  5. +1 to Garrison Joe's post. I've done lots of stocks using Tru-Oil or my personal favorite, Lin-Speed Oil, and never had a problem with "oozing" or softening. Some of my stocks have 25+ years on these oil type finishes, and are still in great shape. Of course, YMMV . Choctaw
  6. Took me a minute! (Been a long time since playing in the college orchestra).
  7. Hang in there,Sue. June isn't that far away! Choctaw
  8. I worked in grocery stores my entire career,more than 45 years. For every self checkout register operating in the store, 4 to 5 lose their jobs (depending on their business model). I refuse to use them.If that is the only option I go somewhere else.
  9. Slk, I've been shooting a pair of Evil Roy revolvers for over 10 years now, and I still enjoy them.I couldnt begin to count the number of rounds put through them,and the only additional work needed was to tighten the mainsprings.Only once in 10 years. For most of that time I shot pretty stout .45 colt rounds through them and never babied them.In the last few years Ive been shooting Cowboy 45 specials,not because of the revolvers, but because of getting older and the advance of arthritis. I could have bought nearly any revolvers I wanted, but I liked the Evil Roys. Of course ,YMMV Choctaw Jack
  10. I use a squirt of Lemi-Shine in my wet tumbler .Its designed to eliminate water spots. If you like a simpler solution,ascorbic acid works just about as well.
  11. Want to buy a Pre-owned canvas shotgun shell belt. I would like leather or elastic double loops,but open to canvas loops as well. Needs to fit a"well rounded"individual ,48-49 inches to the middle hole,or something close. Let me know what you have. Choctaw Jack
  12. Paid .30 a gallon at the Malco station next to the KFC I worked at.In 1970 I made 85 cents per hour.The $3.00 it took to fill up my 1963 VW Beetle would have bought a lot of other things back then,too. Just sayin' Choctaw
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