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  1. Shot a five stage match yesterday.The temperature was in the low to mid 90's by the time we finished. I was so hot that I didn't stay for lunch following the match. Missed visiting with the posse,but it was time to go. Choctaw
  2. #23 MEC bushing,throws about 13.4 grains of Clay-Dot.Claybuster 178-12 gray wads, new series AA hull ,and 15/16 oz #8 shot. Soft recoil and handles knockdowns with ease. Choctaw
  3. Sue, My Mom lived in OK,between to large lakes.When I would visit her the mosquitos would about carry me away.She was hardly ever bitten.Her secret,according to her was drinking diluted apple cider vinegar and taking sulphur capsules every day. I never tried them,but seemed to work for her. Choctaw Jack
  4. I also refuse to use self checkouts.I worked in retail for 50 years,and was there at the beginning of that program,and I was on both sides, labor and management. For every one self checkout stand operating, it puts up to 5 workers out of a job. I agree that some of those people could care less about their jobs, but there are those that do care , and rely on that job to support their families. Choctaw Jack
  5. Several years ago I had two OOB in the same match.The rifle would run ,but just didn't feel right.I fought it for quite a while until we found that the lever was bent.Not very much but enough to throw things out of adjustment. Once the lever was put back right I have had zero malfunctions with that rifle. Didn't help my performance , I still do stupid stuff.
  6. My Grandad Dillard always wore Big Smith bibs.Never saw him in anything else.
  7. Check the use by date. I don't think it'll last that long. But at those prices,maybe it will.
  8. Contact Ken Griner at Griner Gun Works.He may have what you're looking for. 505-632-9712
  9. I use one marked Winchester. Small LED on a bendable stalk,powered by a single AA battery.I've seen them for sale at Wally World and Sportsmen's Warehouse. Battery lasts a really long time. Choctaw
  10. El Mulo Vaquero (Ken Griner) at Griner Gun Works can handle that for you.
  11. Leaving them whole and thinning them out makes them similar to chicken fried steak.
  12. Nope,cut the membrane, smash them out flat with the flat side of a cleaver,bread them,and pan fry them (hence the name).
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