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  1. Three of my favorites: Dickey Betts Tom Johnston Stevie Ray Vaughn Sadly, for me, two out three gone
  2. Can't believe nobody has mentioned The Doobie Brothers! ( Mostly before Michael McDonald!) Choctaw
  3. When I was a kid my Mom had all the Brother Dave Gardner albums, and listened to them often. In today's " politically correct" society I'm sure they would be frowned upon. But still hilarious none the less. Of course, YMMV Choctaw
  4. Well, family friendly forum, don'tcha know! We call them lots of things in New Mexico, but that's a subject for another discussion!
  5. ....And if they're running away from you, there are a couple of distinct clues!
  6. Some traveling nurses use these STRs while they are working out of their area, re-newing the lease as needed. Good for them , good for the homeowner. Word of mouth networking in the medical community usually keeps these types of rentals occupied. But the neighbors run the risk of it becoming a "party house" with all of the problems they create. Personally, I'd fight the re-zoning.
  7. Recently bought a Cimarron hammered 12 ga. Very happy with it. A little on the heavy side for a kid, but not bad. Of course, YMMV Choctaw
  8. Just ask Tennessee Williams!
  9. When will we see confirmation of the lucky entrants?
  10. I bought a shotgun from a pard here on the Wire. Itwas sent from the neighboring state, approximately 800 miles away.Aftr 4 weeks I contacted him, he said he had mailed it 3 days after he received funds. 2 more weeks passed,and I talked to my local postmaster,and he told me that it had to be missing 30 days from my complaint before an investigation would be started. I finally convinced him to start tracking it for me. He traced it to a regional UPS hub where it had been sitting ,at that time, for six weeks. His explanation was that it was sent by commercial rate, and packages sent by that rate were put in a bin at the hub, and they wouldn't ship the bin until until it was full. I finally received the shotgun on the 29th day of the waiting period. All in all, it looks over 8 weeks to get to me. Choctaw
  11. I remember "McCloud" quite well. Always tickled me that he pronounced his supposedly home town's name incorrectly- Tay-oss. Especially funny, knowing that Dennis Weaver lived many years in the nearby city of Santa Fe. I guess it was " poetic license " by the show's writers. Choctaw
  12. I was told by an LEO, many years ago that a game warden is the only enforcement officer that can come onto your property , conduct a search, and make a seizure of you or your property without a warrant. I actually had not considered the ramifications of this as concerning the 4th amendment. Here in New Mexico that's pretty much how poachers are dealt with.
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