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  1. Krijger, Love my .45s,but for someone just starting out, I strongly suggest .38s.The .45 at Cowboy velocities has it's own idiosyncrasies. Unless you're an experienced handloader, .38s might be the way to go. jmho, Choctaw Jack
  2. I shoot a Remington(Baikal) and a Stoeger Supreme SXS.Both have been tuned by well known smiths.Been using AA's exclusively since I've been shooting CAS.Early on I had some shocking problems but I now use the Slix tool and a chamber brush about every other stage and seldom have problems.Several parts have given me lots of both red and grey AA hulls so that's what I use.Since I have a pretty good supply, I load them once and toss them. I wipe them down with silicone spray as they come off the press and they're good to go. Choctaw Jack
  3. Volga V , My kids were involved in 4H shooting sports( but not Western Heritage) for years.Its a great program but like most,its only as good as the members(and volunteers) make it.The national program provides great opportunities for our young people to compete, up to the national level. We enjoyed participating as a family,and travelled to the national contests with our county team.A great experience for the kids and parents.I would recommend getting involved as a coach or a patron. Choctaw Jack
  4. Alpo, I was born and raised an Okie.Heard them all as far back as I can remember. Choctaw Jack
  5. I fully agree with Ace's post.Spar varnish/thinner gives lots of protection and looks good too.I also like Tru-oil or if you can find it,Lin-Speed Oil.Both have a drying agent that cuts the time between coats.They are medium build finishes that will fill and seal the pores, but a good filler sealer also cuts down on the time needed to get the finish you are looking for.I sand out to at the least 600 grit before applying the first coat of whatever I'm using,then lightly steel wool before the next coat.I do this until the grain is filled and the surface looks like I want it,usually 6-8 more coats.Works well for me,YMMV. Choctaw Jack
  6. I used A Lee Load-All II and red AA for years with great results.IMO reducing your powder charge is the easiest way to help solve your problem.Although I dont shoot BP, the cure should work the same. Choctaw Jack
  7. Dirty Dan, If they are still available I will take them. Choctaw Jack
  8. As a butcher for the past 50+ years ,I can appreciate their creativity. Looks like a lot of work.
  9. Hormel just announced they will be releasing Pumpkin Spam in test markets... Uh ,no. Just....no.
  10. Tequila, Since the holes are small,try this: With a sharp blade,scrape just enough "lint" from the felt to fill the holes from the inside by pushing through from the inside (pick an in conspicuous spot under the brim or inside the crown to get your filler).Apply a little heat activated fabric adhesive to the spot and heat with an iron. Hope this works for ya Choctaw
  11. +1 to TN Mongos post.Clean and de-glaze first.To assure that you get even coverage and a really deep black,use a coat of dark blue before applying the black dye.Gives it extra depth of color. Choctaw Jack
  12. Hit a housecat at about 70 mph while riding my GPZ 750(I was riding,not the cat).The bike and I came out of it unscathed but the cat came out in two pieces. Sorry ,Allie Mo
  13. 6.0 grains of W231 works well for me
  14. My all time favorite must be the last scene between Lee Marvin and Ralph Bellamy in The Professionals ; ".....in my case,an accident of birth. But you ,sir,are a self made man." Makes me smile every time. A close second is the exchange between Robert Duval and John Wayne in True Grit ; Duval-"I call that mighty bold talk for a one eyed fat man! The Duke-" FILL YOUR HAND,YOU SONOFABITCH!!!!!!"
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