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I just had an interesting thought


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I just finished watching The Magnificent Seven. The real one.


At the end of the movie there's four good guys that are dead. They buried them in a row. Nice. I presume there were also farmers that were dead, and they also buried them.


But Calvera had 40 men, and they're all dead.


It's one thing to dig holes in the heat to bury my friends, and it's okay to dig holes in the heat to bury people that I hired to work for me.


But people that were trying to kill me? I'm going to work in the heat over them?


I figure if it was me, I would load all the bodies up on top of their horses, and lead the horses out into the desert 10 miles or so away, and just push 'em off and leave 'em there. Let the coyotes and the buzzards have them.


You reckon they did that, or they dug 40 holes in the heat? :P

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If I was one of the villagers, I would want to ensure the vultures and coyotes were fed.

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6 hours ago, Abilene Slim SASS 81783 said:

“Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms.”

This ^^^^^

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Which one is the real one? I personally liked the one with Denzel and Chris Pratt the best, but that’s me.


But to answer you’re question: Yes, haul em’ off somewhere and leave em to the buzzards.

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I would burn them.


Keep their money, sell their unwanted horses, guns etc....... and

use the money to rebuild the town they shot up.

And of course, reward the remaining 'good guys' appropriately.


That is exactly what I would do.





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