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Aussie Angel has Died

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Judith Durham passed this weekend.  She had an absolutely fantastic voice.  Sadly she is gone.  The Seekers concert in 1967 is the largest concert ever held south of the equator.  This old video is not great quality but show cases their Academy Award nominated song "Georgy Girl."




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She was my personal favorite female vocalist of our time and generation. A pure, bell-like voice. The total antithesis of the usual pop singing star; all of the viccisitudes and sometimes tragedies of great talent and fame in our era passed her by.


I remembered the Seeker's hits from the 1960s, but more or less forgot about them down the years. Then something about 10 years ago got me interested in them again, and since then I've often revisted her great songs. A great personal story, too.


Plenty of their stuff has been on youtube for quite awhile.


Judith Durham, RIP

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