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Was looking for some photos of the new Federal primer boxes and to check the current MSRP.  Came on a site that looked like the Federal website.  Had primers listed.  Everything looked legit until you get to checkout.  Venmo and Bitcoin -- FRAUD.  Be careful folks.  Looks like even the manufacturer's websites have been hacked or copied.  Some sites are legit.  For example, you can buy powder directly from Hodgdon off the Hodgon website.  ASSUMING of course you are on the actual website and not a fake.  Again you will know when you get to checkout and they don't take credit cards.



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The real Federal Ammunition site is FederalPremium.com.  
they make it close for those who aren’t careful…. 
funny, all these scam sites have a similar look to them too….  

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2 hours ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

There should be a pinned list on this forum of the known fake/scammer component sites.


You'll just be chasing your tail. They can change their names and certificates faster than you can get them listed.


Remember the simple rule of commerce: If it sounds too good to be true, it is more than likely a scam.

Other things we have already hit on:


No CC for payment? Scam

Business out of a house: More than likely a scam

Website just listed: More than likely a scam

Has stock and the larger retailers don't: Tread carefully


Good catch @J.S. Sooner, SASS #73526Also watch out for similar URLs. I suggest that someone with business dealings with Federal point this fake site out to them.


Otherwise have a nice day!


La Sombra

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On 12/8/2021 at 1:59 PM, J.S. Sooner, SASS #73526 said:



Here is the domain name registration information.  Registered to an individual with mailing address of Douala, Cameroon in Africa. 



Federalprimers-dot-com lookup.jpg


Also The security certificate is only good for 3 months instead of the norm which i will not post just in case they attempt to change it to appear more legit.



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Scams. Anytime they accept bit coin, Zelle, Cash app, and not a credit card it's a scam. These are cash apps and no different than you handing cash to a guy in a trench coat on a street corner and him telling you he will be back in 30 minutes with your primers.





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38.7 on scam-detector.com

but it looks like all the other scam sites with pop ups touting people looking or buying.  
Simple advice, stick to things you know, are legit, midway, Brownells, grafts, Natchez, Bass, Cabelas,  or locals. 
if we all did that, the slugs wouldn’t have people fall for scams… 

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