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  1. @Tequila Shooterand @Sedalia Daveare a pair. And Dave is honest as the day is long. La Sombra
  2. Mainly pocket pistols I’d bet! La Sombra
  3. I suggest that you read Curt Rich’s (alias Capt George Baylor) website section on reloading BP. http://www.curtrich.com/bpsubsdummies.html There is a plethora of opinions about loading non-smokeless on Dillon products. Do not load real BP on them. You can load substitutes on the 550. I load APP on my 550. Just clean the powder hopper after use. Since the rifle by your description is older, I would start out with light loads and your choice of fillers (grits, crushed walnut, etc.). Search this site for more info. Regarding brass. I have not had any issue with Winchester brass. Starline is not an issue. Good luck, La Sombra
  4. My 38-40 brass order from April arrived yesterday. There is hope. La Sombra
  5. @Itchy Triggerthat explains where the videos of you went. The digital circular file! La Sombra
  6. What a group of scoundrels! Congratulations, Abilene. La Sombra (Whose videos has only 4.7K views. No love for the sombrero.)
  7. El Catorce, Follow the link. Those boxes scream you and appear to be reasonably priced! La Sombra
  8. He's young. He's foolish. He'll use a hand truck from the car to the table. La Sombra
  9. A suggestion to avoid the problem of "I'll take X number and then order nothing". Have folks prepay for their orders. Then SASS can order prepaid + 10% number of bobble heads. No one is really left holding the bag. Just an idea. La Sombra
  10. I have found that if I tap the shell on the table three or 4 times before I crimp the crimp does not swell or open up. I also load 7/8 oz and 60 grains of 3f APP, pink wad and a AA shell. La Sombra
  11. Yeah you need one for your gun cart and another for the truck dash.
  12. RATS! Someone beat me to the suggestion of Bear Creek Supply. Great folks. https://www.bearcreeksupplybullets.com/bulletselection with more than just 405 grain. If you're shooting APP, the bullets are coated. So minimal fouling. If you're shooting the Holy Black, your grease cookie should help with minimizing fouling. Your call. Also July Smith is GTG on any deal. (should you decide to cast your own) La Sombra
  13. Abilene, Which WalMart is that? La Sombra
  14. Cosplayers? I guess I'll need to bring my padded sword for the next match.... SASS shooters are SCA LARPers with real bullets? Maybe RenFair actors without mead. SMH. Great video. La Sombra
  15. Heh! Where my residuals from videos in which I starred? I didn’t sign a release waiving my rights. Abilene, your channel is great. Keep up the great work. La Sombra
  16. Abilene, He does have some interesting guns. My Martini Henry was from him. But you need this for your next elephant hunt. La Sombra
  17. Hoss, Now all you need is the door to a pot bellied stove hanging under the poncho. That would complete your outfit. La Sombra
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