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  1. PK, Check out Texas Gun Trader for Austin. Guy has a rough 97 for sale. Best luck, La Sombra
  2. Abilene, So my reloading mentor who is well known to you, AD, suggested the use of the collet crimp die. The following was my response to a gentleman who said the same thing to me in a message. Also my rifle bore is .427 as are my bullets. So the issue with the rifle being difficult to chamber a round is not the bullet. Does this explain my need better? Thanks, La Sombra
  3. So I have decided to reload 44-40. My reloading mentor believes that a Lee 44-40 Collet Crimp Die would assist in the making of this ammunition. Unfortunately Lee no longer makes them in 44-40 and the usual suspects have none in stock or for sale. I am looking to buy a Lee 44-40 Collet Crimp Die. Please note this is not a Lee Factory Crimp Die. If you have one and you'd part with it, send me a PM Thanks, La Sombra
  4. I’ll take the 30-40 dies. PM me your payment details. La Sombra
  5. I'll take #19 and #20 45-70 brass. PM me with payment details. La Sombra
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