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  1. If still available I'd like the black Wahmaker trousers and the green scarf shipping to 37421 and how to get payment to you. Thanks Yohan
  2. Pony express stopped by when I stepped out for lunch :-) glad no horse poop dropped off :-) thanks
  3. Payment sent by paypal :-) Thank You
  4. I'll take that 1k of nickel if that is ok assuming you still have them?
  5. exactly how you keep her shooting get her better stuff than you. Same with my wife she has this rig it is a awesome rig.
  6. You must have been on a different posse. I missed you plus I was running late :-) glad you got to come down and hang out.
  7. Yank do you shoot some of the local matches down there with Fast Eddie?
  8. Apologies about that I corrected the post, but I meant Titegroup. Since there was no real reloading data for what I was trying to accomplish and everyone kept telling me to use Titewad instead why the confusion. I understand Titewad is a great shotgun powder but when you have 8 lbs of Titegroup and trying to decide whether or not to change the shotgun over to what is left of my 8lb keg of RED DOT and use the Titegroup for pistols instead. Plus I have NO Titewad. :-) I have my reasons for wanting to keep my Rifle and pistol powder load as it is since several of us that shoot together have the
  9. I want to thank Barkeep Casey for starting this thread for me. Final results are 2 thumbs up !!! If anyone wants to know if you can use TiteGroup for shotgun loads That is a big YES. My wife and I discussed the shells after the match as well as watched the videos we took. Wife's thoughts were if anything felt recoil was actually less than the Winchester AA 980fps 7/8ths loads we were buying prior to reloading. She had no issues with loading, firing or shucking. looking at the videos we could not tell from one weeks shoot to the next any visible difference. I mixed a
  10. Real good deal. This is the same rig my wife uses. New model Vaqueros is the fitment.
  11. Ok so yesterday I took both SKB side by side and Winchester 97 out and shot them hard to tell the difference in the factory 7/8 shot 980 fps Winchester AA and the loads I created. I am going to use them in a local match this weekend as they seemed just as good not only did I reload red AA hulls but the Grey ones as well as Remington green hulls all worked equally as well I am assuming it is because all are loaded identical using calipers and scale so close it doesn't warrant discussion. This is using TITEGROUP Powder 13.5 grains, 404.4 grains of shot and the white waa12l wads I am also u
  12. Still waiting to see will post my findings :-)
  13. Iron head I'll take it see you at NAR's next match :-) I did get a couple of pounds titewad from pistolero last match not so much for me but for a new shooter as in brand new waiting for him to shoot his first match. :-)
  14. none of my SKB's or pump use inertia all manual triggers
  15. Well guys this is a lot of info shot load is actually between 7/8oz shot and 1 oz 404.4 grains ((0.92352) of an ounce) of shot that is as low as my current shot drop will go until my new drop gets here from Dillon then I can drop it on down to 7/8. I currently have 19 test rounds using 13.5 grains of titegroup and AA hulls with aa12l wads or something like that. If I have done the math correctly it should be right at 1000 fps but I don't have a chronograph to test that so if it'll work on the knock downs I'll let you know. Hopefully I'll get to test the shot on some knockdowns this weekend. Te
  16. I'll give you a bump since I am going to hang onto mine
  17. I have seen this rig in action and it works and is fast at least in Vidette's hands I am old and fat :-) and SLOW. All top quality!
  18. I love my original XD 45 with 4 1/2 barrel That is a good price. Very accurate pistol.
  19. Fretless welcome to the SASS world!! I too am a new shooter just since September last year and I was fortunate enough to get a deal on the Dillon XL650 My buddies reload on either A dillon 550, 650 or 750. I absolutely enjoy mine.
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