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  1. ok as only shooting for 1 year what is the actual call?? At some point I would like to know the correct answer please.
  2. OK the way I read it there were 2 SDQs Shooter moves from 1 shooting position to the next with unloaded shotgun and sweeps 3 people. WTC and where are any penalties applied. I know for certain this is a SDQ happened to me personally 3 or 4 matches ago Shooter removes his long guns from the cart on the 2nd stage of the day. On the way to the loading table, the shooter sweeps 3 people. I thought this to was a SDQ???? if so then that would be the 2 sdq's i mentioned for a MDQ :-) WTC and where are any applicable penalties applied?
  3. I don't shoot BP in competition but love hunting with BP gets you in the woods earlier :-)
  4. Maybe :-) i'll never tell on them
  5. 1. SDQ 2. SDQ 2 sdq's equal a MatchDQ send shooter to put up equipment or not but thier day of shooting is over they can continue to help but no longer allowed to shooting the match. I am not telling how I know this
  6. Yohan

    97 work

    For my 97 I use Curly Bill in Harriman Tn.
  7. No Scrubby sell it to me :-) I'll do it :-)
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