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  1. My math teacherz would be proud of you. do you do power all numbers too? seriously, I’m savin this table. It just might come in handy….
  2. We have about a dozen core members who are at the working level in the club. we have 15-30 people at a match.
  3. I have 2 on my 73’s. They fire my CCI’S without issue. Try tightening the retainer screwdown, the put a few turns on the set screw to put more tension on the hammer spring. edit, I have 2 sure hit sights lightened hammer spring. Got them from Online Outpost.
  4. Chewed on by brass rats?
  5. I have slightly heavier spring, but they go bang without issue in my Codymatic 73 and my vaqueros with 19# springs. they seem to be pretty good. I can’t complain.
  6. Decoder: SCOTUS: it’s not a rash you get down there, it’s the Supreme Court Of The United States cert: short for certiori, it’s legal and Latin, and since no one speaks it but old Catholic Priests, Doctors, and lawyers, we have no idea what it means, but if you guess certification, you are close enough. BATF: no it’s what cowboys take on Saturday night, but with a typo, it the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. They’re the guys that suck every bit of fun out of life. Sorta like an ex wife but worse. BS: it’s what you think it is, not the electric schoolbusses that our Vice President says she loves.. WV: West By God Virginia! EPA: there was a Simpson’s movie that featured The EPA as the villains. They weren’t wrong. Short for Environmental Protection Agency. They don’t like gas or diesel cars and trucks, or gas stoves either or lead in your bullets or shotguns. Chevron Deference: it’s not a gas station you drive past, it means that they used to let regulatory agencies make whatever rules they wanted since the Legislature made them an agency. That is being reigned in. (We hope). Unless there are pictures of SCOTUS justices in Jeffery’s Epstein’s files somewhere. ACB, it’s not a spelling error. It stands for constitutionalist justice Amy Comey Barret (sp?) RGB: it’s not a a Rocket propelled grenade thing, it was the late liberal justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. That’s with the 3 name names. The only time anyone uses my middle name is when I was a kid and in deeep deeep trouble doing something the BATF wouldn’t like out in the woods. GCA: it is a morning talk show on ABC… no not really, it’s the Gun Control Act, a scourge on the land and second most hated gun act behind the NFA National Firearms Act. I would really really like a tank, or just a suppressor to save my remaining hearing. hope this helps….
  7. A quick look shows Couture is a guest. If we member, guests can’t sell, they can buy, but not sell on the wires. and yes, it looks he's a lurker…. Report his name to ERM.
  8. HenryUSA (the Big Boy guys) do indeed make a new version of the original Henry. However that company has no connection at all to the original company that produced Henry Rifles. That was Volcanic, which was bought by Winchester. in addition to Henry USA, Uberti makes Henry Rifle clones used by more people than the Henry USA version. This is due to the fact that the Henry, 1866, and 1873 all have the same toggle link action in them. their 22 levergun came lock stock barrel and tooling from Germany, however it is made here now, and it’s a good little gun once you give it the Widdermatic treatment and work off the paint and get the bolt back to spec width, and change out all the springs for Farm truck springs.
  9. Henry USA does make a copy of an original toggle link Henry. Henry USA has no connection to the original Volcanic Arm Co Henry. The majority of the Henry’s come from Uberti in Italy.
  10. Not to complicate things, but if you have a bad left wing, have you considered shooting duelist? Before launching into a gunfighter career, you might want to work on the basics using a traditional 2 handed grip. that said, if you want to shoot gunfighter, absolutely go for it.
  11. That’d fix it. You could put em up on the Wolverine Rangers classifieds I bet too. We got a bunch of new shooters with the JCR looking for guns too….
  12. Coffin, you need to be a SASS member to sell on the wires. What’s weird is it shows your member info, and the like, but the post has ya as a guest? weird….
  13. Interesting. Hadn’t seen that, but maybe it was the 3 hour tour….
  14. I tumble brass & nickel all together, but never saw any aging. However, the citric acid/ lemi- shine if left running for a while might be affected. I find 45 mins gets everything shiny.
  15. Looked at a lot, tried some, and found I like the following. big glug of Dawn dish detergent 1/4- 1/2 tsp of citric acid (the kind you use for canning) SS pins. the citric acid is what’s in the Lemi-shine. simple mix and inexpensive too.
  16. I’ve used wolff spring www.gunsprings.com on all my Rugers including my Blackhawks. I’ve found I need 19 pounders for pesky CCI primers, but 17’s will handle the others. before you take the spring out, go look on YouTube how to get them back together. I’ve mangled many a fork until I figured out the drill press method was easiest. when you have it open, polish up all the wear surfaces with 800 grit paper and Flitz… you’re not removing metal, just smoothing it up. Also polish the bar the spring rides on.
  17. I’ll take the Justin’s. PM me and let me know where to send the gold. thank you.
  18. Whew, that’s a whole lotta questions there. First, if you are going to shoot in SASS, GO TO A MATCH first before you even start purchasing. Second, some shoot real Colts, but most shoot modern reproductions made by Uberti, Pietta, or Ruger for revolvers. Most 1st generation colts are highly collectible, and we’re pretty hard on our guns. Now in your caliber questions, a 44 Henry was a rimfire, not a center fire round, therefore the firing pin location has to be different than a center fire round. Therefore a different gun is needed. I suspect that the 44 Russian, 44 S&W, &44-40 are all different models when made. There was a recent article in GUNS magazine Old West Guns that had an article on all the 44 caliber rounds that might help you. It should still be available online or on the magazine rack. (I found mine before Christmas at my Walmart) I think there are many other publications out there beyond Wikipedia, which for the most part, is almost, but not quite, entirely incorrect, but a good place to at least get to real reference materials in which to go down the colt history rabbit hole. EDIT: this month’s American Rifleman magazine (Jan 23 edition) has a great article on the history of the 1873 colt. Also, cartridges headspace based on the rim, but fit in the cylinder based on the case, not the rim diameter. …. Frontier cartridge is a hoot to shoot, but you’ll be reloading obviously, and you’ll want to look up how best to clean your guns in between and after matches so you don’t wreck’em. Have fun, and like I said, get to a match, ask questions, and try things out before shelling out $$$’s.
  19. I’ve had one since they came out. I enjoyed using it. It does help improve your trigger control, especially if you are prone to jerking or slapping the trigger. Combine it with a Barrel Blok and it’ll let you manually cycle the slide easily.
  20. 145 GRN RN. .361 OD. https://missouribullet.com/results.php?category=5&secondary=29
  21. When the smoke from your pistols is still obscuring your walk back up to the unloading table, you’ve got enough smoke. As the TO said, No misses, but you ain’t clean!
  22. Check Capt. Baylor’s table, if some chose 1cc of APP, even the holy black at 1cc would fail at testing. that’s why the proposed rule isn’t fully cooked yet….
  23. A CC cubic centimeter is a measure of volume. Grains are a measure of weight. What varies among the different powders is their density (grains / cc ). CC x Density (grns/cc) = Weight ( grains) So 1 cc of Goex will weigh (in grains) 15 grains, 1 CC of APP weighed 12.4 grns (when I measured it the other day). 1 CC of Pyrodex or 777 will weigh different from each other too. Hope that helps.
  24. Not Dead Ed


    Well a couple of weeks if you like making smoke clouds and obscuring everyone’s targets at the range while laughing the whole time, but just loading and on the shelf, they last like any other smokeless round…
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