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  1. ^^^^This^^^^. I use this load too, same mec setup. I also loaded 12gn Clays for an Uber-lite load.
  2. We can hear you, YOU DON’T HAVE TO YELL!
  3. Got it all fixed. A bit of silver solder, clean up with a file, quick cold blue, and it’s running just like before.
  4. Thank you everyone for the help and advice. The collar is back in place. I proved the action works, and I’m waiting for Amazon to get my torch and silver solder (I always wanted a mini torch!). I need some carbide tipped drill bits to finish the holes to solder the collar back in place. I was quite surprised to find the collar was hardened steel judging by the lovely screeeeee sounds the bit is making as I burned up a bunch of titanium coated ones even with machining oil. It’ll need some file and emery cleanup, degrease, and reblue and it’ll be good as new. I expect it’ll be ready to shoot early next week.
  5. I’ll look, it definitely is a quality gun. I got the collar back in place and once there, everything runs flawlessly again. Now I just need some better drill bits to get through the hardened steel collar and Amazon to deliver the silver solder and the mini torch. It’ll be ready to shoot early next week.
  6. Looking at the history on Norinco IAC 97’s (from the wires) although not a 06 or later, it is a model with most all of Cap’s improvements, real nice walnut and everything locks up tight (no drooping) and ran smooth until the collar shifted. it’ll get fixed up. I’ve got a friend’s son who just moved outta Buckaroo who’s been shooting it all last season. It ran better than my other ‘97. Not as nice as the real Winchester I bought from @evil dogooder, but close….
  7. Yep, I’ll need to. Now to just whack it back in place. And get some silver solder.
  8. I have a nice Norinco/ IAC 97 that at a Women On Target event (we had a bunch of us demonstrating and have the new women shooters trying out Cowboy Action. They had a blast) had the action slide pull loose from the hook while the bolt was back, but the cartridge guide was only halfway down and all locked up… After noodling and puzzling and taking things apart and together a billion times and dealing with all those 97 parts, I finally realized that the action slide is now stopping in a new and different place than it used to. Pulling the action slide from the mag tube, I can see that the slide stop has finally pounded the 4 spot welds Norinco did around the stop collar loose, and based on the drag marks on the tube, the action slide has hammered the collar forward. I’ve ordered a replacement from Numrich (a Chinese copy to match I hope), but my question to everyone is; Is it worth trying to get the old mag tube fixed as a spare? and who can beat it back into place and either braze or reweld it once again. since we are hard on our 97’s it’d be good to have, since it’ll probably happen to the spare (now active) one I also have. thanks all!
  9. @Widder, SASS #59054 put all his tips and trick for a Henry 22 on YouTube. There’s a part 2 too. If your even slightly mechanically inclined, you can DIY
  10. I bought a hard storage case from Harbor Freight. I did a small one that holds 3 single sixes. A bigger one hold 2 pairs of revolvers plus a pocket pistol. You can pluck the foam and arrange them standing up, rather than flat.
  11. This came out last year. I have a single shot 20 that fell under the recall. Henry took care of everything quick and easy.
  12. How’s about the 9 shot diamondback sidekick? https://diamondbackfirearms.com/sidekick/
  13. Here you go: https://www.scam-detector.com/
  14. Yes they will, had a Buckaroo use them last season. Just don’t forget about the safety on it.
  15. Run the website through www.scam-detector.com do they take credit cards? do they only do PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, or Bitcoin? If so, walk away. let us know what you find.
  16. I’m finding this information most helpful. Try here. https://reloadammo.com/38-special-reloading-data/
  17. What’s the auction site hosting the scammer? just so we know not to do business with them. I see it, kinda in the small print.
  18. I bought ‘em by the 100’s. I did 200 of ‘em. But I found them at Brownells. Now they are out of stock, everywhere… except probably that somali guy who runs the scam sites.
  19. Check out Starline brass. I bought 200 from them a few weeks back. If it says backordered, go order it. It’ll get to you pretty quick.
  20. They’re free, ‘cuz the 73 don’t have no cartridge stops. http://marauder.homestead.com/files/73Carbine.htm
  21. It would be rare to do something to get a gun that runs right out of time. Unless you do as I did, and try several times to run a round in the chamber with a laser training cartridge already in the chamber. Then you bend the carrier arm. That needs a new arm and fitting into place. To check, you do it the same way you check timing on a short stroke kit. slide the dust cover back, holding it horizontal and run the bolt back, and watch the carrier for interference with the bolt. Run the bolt forward and make sure the bolt and carrier are clearing each other. Then also do this with the gun at a 45 degree angle up. (This changes the geometry slightly, and makes sure you have everything in time) also check you springs on the carrier arm and the lever. Too loose, and it’ll not get the carrier down in time. jacking out rounds I found to be operator error running the lever too fast and forgetting to pull the trigger. doubling shouldn’t happen. There isn’t space in the carrier to hold two. You didn’t note ammo, or OAL. Does it do it with all ammo, or factory ammo, or different lengths? the light pin hits sounds like you need to tighten the hammer spring down, or adjust the tension screw, or your firing pin is all gunky. So check the firing pin, spring, and inside the bolt to make sure it’s not full of crud. hope this helps some. This has been what I’ve seen or done to myself.
  22. Yep, you’re right…. I’ll edit my comment…
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