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  1. It’d be just my luck that the one I’d get would be a lame one with a front wheel that goes all wobble wobble wobble, and would have a horrible srrrrreeeeeeeeaaaak from another wheel that could be heard clear across the range! I’d prob’ly have to shoot it and put it down.
  2. Nice, but still no primers coming for us plebes....
  3. Up close, or far far away, it all misses the same darned way.... LOL.
  4. Gotta Luv the packaging! let’s hope the roundish lumpy things that weigh a lot are lead boolits. :-)
  5. They are too close and the angles too close to 90. The match directors book says P6 Pistol targets • Minimum distance is 7 yards; maximum distance is 10 yards. • Minimum pistol target size is 16” x 16”. . Shotgun targets • Minimum distance is 8 yards; maximum distance is 16 yards. • Minimum shotgun target size for 8 yards is 8” x 8” (MGM size poppers allowable) • Minimum shotgun target size for over 8 yards is 16” x 16” average. Rifle targets • Minimum distance is 13 yards; maximum distance is 50 yards. • Minimum rifle target size is 16” x 16”. https://www.
  6. Wood single six, Blackhawk, and vaquero grips drop right in. Spring kits for SS, BH, and Vaquero also drop right in. Watch the hammer spring weight. Most have good luck with 19#’ers, I used 17#er without light strikes on my wrangler and single six. No one in the thread mentioned hammers.
  7. Already reported to Eliphet R. Moderator. ‘Spect just a scam since this is first post. And it’s clear they’ve no idea how to ship.
  8. How you gonna ship them?
  9. Here, read this thread. it should answer your questions.
  10. Search in the forums about 97 serial numbers and it will tell you if it is an early or later model. IAC was an importer of the Norinco made guns.
  11. Thanks, this is really useful information.
  12. I have a set of them and it works okay, but the first one I got must have been made by an Italian with covid because the plunger had a burr on it and jammed. I had a gunsmith friend fix it, but it’s an easy fix knowing what to do today. It also had the legs on the bolt just overlong enough that it hit the safety plunger giving the trigger a funny hitch, and sending the bolt out of time. I few light passes with the file and a polishing stone on the legs fixed the interference issue and the hitch. the newer Uberti made this year, needs the safety pin pulled and polished. I can feel it
  13. They will if the current occupant of the White House and his party get their way.
  14. Shoulda saved this for April 1st! Funny. nerf guns will be allowed too I assume.
  15. Updated again, I’m sending the scales to Taos, and he’ll work some fitting and filing magic on them. Glad to help out. It sounds like a fun project and the price is right if it goes sideways....
  16. Two Guns Josh had a great time at the shoot, and we might get his had interested here too. Josh’s Dad got a set of rough riders from another Pard in our group, and he’s borrowing my H01 and my cut down 97. His Dad is going to build a cart next. As budget allows them, they’ll work on more long guns. here’s a picture from the shoot. The Big Guy is Boot Hill Dan who I just got to join, Two Guns Josh is Lower left, and his Dad is far right.
  17. Right now he’s borrowing my Henry H01 that I’ve slicked up, and a cut down Norinco 97 that he found was easier for him to operate than my 311. His hands were too small for manipulating the lever all the way over to break the action open. He has a complete blast shooting yesterday, and his Dad might decide to join up too. By the way by about the 4 time running through our practice stages he was shooting near as well as some of the old-timers...
  18. His got a pair of rough riders that were a safe queen set from another pard’s buckaroo.
  19. Thanks to Arkansas Harper, for helping out a new buckaroo. I have a friend who’s son just started shooting with us today, and he had an absolute blast! I’m helping his Dad find a reasonably priced used starter rig for a Buckaroo. if anyone has one, PM me please and let me know. I’ve already sent links to him for Mernickle, and Michigan Rattler. thanks all.
  20. You can buy a regular loop lever from Henry directly. They are usually in stock. It might save you a few hundred bucks at the same time.
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