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  1. Last Thursday NRA’s American Rifleman homepage reprinted their 2004 article on Cowboy Action Shooting and SASS. I couple categories are outta date, but it’s nice to see they did the reprint. https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2021/2/19/cowboy-action-shooting-something-for-everybody
  2. Got the same one, it wasn’t al CCI SPP’s, just one set packaged in loading strips. The normal #500’s are still there. “temporarily unavailable “, it still listed.
  3. In the 90’s the earliest boomers (born 1946) were hitting their 50’s and as you said, some were retiring. I can see even more retiring in the 2000’s. I think more importantly was that in the 90’s, those first boomers were at their max income years , and had the money to buy gear and guns that launched the sport. The tail end of the boomers are coming to retirement soon. Now to get more GenXers, Y, and Millenials to come in to the fold... (Baby Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. They’re currently between 57-75 years old. There are nearly 72 million boomers sti
  4. The boomer part is pretty close, but you hit the nail on the head about it’s not retirement. I suggest that in the 90’s the first of the boomers were entering their peak earning years. This let them buy the guns and gear needed for the sport. Add too it, those early boomers grew up watching westerns on tv and playing “cowboys and Indians” back when they were kids. With that combination it let them resurrect the games we played as kids with even better grown up firearms. That’s a big part of what drew me into the sport and fun.
  5. Haven’t been at this long, but 12 ga, and then you can load up lighter rounds that won’t leave you bashed and bruised.
  6. Sounds like they did airfreight. Good to know.
  7. you need to read the barrel, not the lower. If stamped 223 then it is only good for 223 rounds. if stamped 5.56 or Wylde, it’s good for 223 & 5.56. to answer how to change it, you would need to rebarrel the gun to either a wylde or a 5.56 barrel. there are a few more tools armorers wrench, barrel nut wrench, punches, delta ring tool if you have a clamshell hand guard, and a big torque wrench, plus some blocks to hold the upper that you need to do it right.
  8. Italy took a looooong holiday break that ended ~3 weeks ago, I was told that be someone at VTI, plus my industry has business in Italy that matched up. if covid allows them to get back to work, then the first guns will be coming of the lines around now, then add in 6 weeks for sea freight from Italy to ports over here. I don’t see them doing airfreight to distributors here. Too expensive for the weight. There is a possibility if my guess on timing is close, April is when things hit the docks and loosed up. Heck I have Rossi parts back ordered for nearly 7 months now. Doubt
  9. We all dream of someplace south that has warmth and sunshine!
  10. It’s Sunday Early Am (6), the website says it’s down right now.
  11. You could check VTI too possibly... sometimes you find parts on eBay. The numrich stuff can get $$’s.
  12. Go check Numrich Gun Parts. It shows the lever as part 92. https://www.gunpartscorp.com/gun-manufacturer/ithacaskb/shotguns-ithaca/100-3
  13. I’ll take the tan pants and red shirt. PM on the way
  14. A lot of patience is the ticket, a light hand on the file, and staying away from Dremel tools mostly, and a bit of mechanical aptitude and swapping parts isn’t too hard. That and magnifying glasses for old eyes. That and keep all the original stuff so if you really screw it up, you can put it back together as it was... that and having some experience building AR’S and milling 80% lowers before doesn’t hurt to build confidence.
  15. Kinda like 1873’s eh? First a short stroke, then a super short stroke, then the springs, then the carrier, and so on and so on!
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