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  1. Watch the SASS wIre classifieds, also check the merchant side, and check out John Barleycorn. (He seems to be the quickest on the draw with a lot of firearms), or Cody, or Lassiter, or other cowboy smiths. They usually have guns in stock they worked up. Check and keep an eye at Taylor’s firearms too to purchase when stock comes in. Last, believe it or not, go to Amazon. They have Scully and Wahmaker in stock, hats, and other clothes that work for cowboy too. Cabelas has boots that will ship right to you too. I like hats from a group called American Hat Makers and they have hats from l
  2. At 30 each, yes it’s a good deal.
  3. Where at? There are some shady “suppliers” that have popped up recently but they show ridiculous amounts of stock at prices outside the norm.
  4. Check Wolff Gunsprings for suitable replacements. www.gunsprings.com.
  5. Some added information. The first one I had had an awful loading gate, and the casting broke at the pawl. Ruger took it back and sent me a whole new one that was 100% better. No issues on the gate, and with 17# Wolff springs and a lighter trigger spring it’s a good shooter. From what I’m reading though it sounds like Wranglers are hit and Miss.
  6. Mine stayed pretty clean, I’ve found that Remington Thunderbolts have a waxy coating on the bullet that will gum up even the single six quickly. Federal Bulk Box, CCI, run okay, and some Winchesters are at the max Od on the case...
  7. I’ve got a wrangler and a single six. The wrangler has a free spin cylinder, which takes a bit to get used to, but mechanically it’s close to a single six. I like it. It also accepts the springs from Blackhawks and Vaqueros making spring changes easy.
  8. No, it’s not. We have had 16 consecutive months of new record numbers of NICS checks, so we are probably at near 10 million new shooters buying 2 boxes of ammo. That means another billion rounds of ammo just for the newbies.
  9. Agree with #1 answer. Scarlett Darlin’ is one of the best.
  10. Looking Good there Hellbender! Are you guys affected by the lumber price run ups that’s happening?
  11. The 5000 were discontinued, but they made a new SKU for the new packaging and for the 1000’s.
  12. It feels like stalking on the websites. Or trying to hunt snipes and other mythical beasts....
  13. Neither did I , I got one earlier for Shotgun primers, and in the 3 minutes between the email and cart they were gone. I the looked at all primers and saw CCI’S, but although it let me put them in my cart, it went away at check out. I also lurk on ammoseek.com. Shotgun showed up later, no notice, so I snagged them, a couple hours later again just luckily while on the page SPP’s still showed mixed availability, so I got those too. But no notifications.
  14. Same price as Midway, they had ‘em for about 4.5 nanoseconds online (snagged small pistol ones) and you saved the Hazmat fee too. It’s not a complete snipe hunt.
  15. Also go to Slater’s in house Guns. he does the trigger job on the Widder Soft Stroke. https://www.facebook.com/Slaters-In-House-Guns-969409439797458/ Don’t wait, either. Your local club may let you shoot the 22 and be able to borrow the rest too. Show up at their meetings and matches and you’ll find people selling guns and gear too to get you going.
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