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  1. Yep, when you can drop a 38 round right down the barrel, and can tap it out with a bamboo skewer, you know it’s just rattling down the pipe.
  2. I saw Bear Creek has HBWC’s, I’ll see if there are others on their list. Thanks.
  3. Hi All, I recently acquired a Pietta 1858 Remington with a conversion cylinder. With regular 38 RNFP ammo, the rounds are keyholing at 5 yards. Everything I read suggests using 148 grns HBWC (hollow base Wad Cutters) to expand to the gap and engage the rifling. Anyone ever use 38SW rounds at .361. I hesitate to try just because they are a hair oversized to the barrel bore and I can’t find any reference either way. thanks kindly in advance for advice. Not Dead Ed. UPDATE 7/27/22. Bear Creek has a 150grn, RNFPHB (hollow base) bullet now in stock in addition to the wadcutters. I ordered 500 of them and will try them out with my BP subs here this weekend. The long skirt on the bullet should engage the barrel’s rifling.
  4. Hi Blackwater, I have a new shooter who says she’s interested, I’ll send you a PM with her contact information. Thanks,
  5. a quick search gave these. Steve”s Guns is the 92 expert on 92’s Steves gunz, https://store.stevesgunz.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=95 online outpost. https://onlineoutpost.net/products/rossi-1892-safety-replacement-plug-stainless-steel-or-blued-steel have fun.
  6. First Welcome Pard, Here’s a hint if you’re looking for an 1897. Change your title to say: WTB 1897 shotgun. that’ll get it seen. with your SxS have you had any work done on it, or is it just stock and stiff? If stock and stiff there are a bunch of cowboy gunsmiths out there who and slick it up too.
  7. @LQ Joneshas a post about this same guy offering a condor ASM revolver for sale too. He said beware. his SASS # doesn’t check out he noted too.
  8. Hi Charlie Two Feathers, I’ll take the Red One! Lemme know where to send the gold.
  9. ^^^^This^^^^. I use this load too, same mec setup. I also loaded 12gn Clays for an Uber-lite load.
  10. We can hear you, YOU DON’T HAVE TO YELL!
  11. I went and asked Santee from the Arizona Ghostriders how’d they shoot in the old west. Here’s his reply. “Most revolvers during the Civil War were considered point-and-shoot, so that tells me one-handed (reins were held in the other hand). Photos where men are messing around pointing guns at one another show one handed, and the movie "Great Train Robbery" also indicates one-handed. Yes, that movie was 1903, but they got info and some staging from Buffalo Bill's show. Bill Tilghman made a movie about his days as a lawman, and used some real outlaws from the period. Yes, one-handed shooting. Did two-handed exist? I'm sure it did. Also, there is this photo here from the same time period in AZ of a gunfight. It’s not a great photo…but he’s holding the gun in one hand. Drawings/paintings also show this one-handed style as well as dueling early in the period (was one-handed).“
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