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  1. If COVID keeps me indoors more, I’ll be fittin it too soon! LOL!
  2. There’s a 410 SXS that came up yesterday in the posts that you might be interested in.
  3. Hey Hellbender, just to let you know, the shirts I ordered showed yesterday. Scully XXL is probably in real life a 3X, but I’ve got a couple of pards who could use it when I get them to a match next year so that’s no big deal. One was a former University of Utah defensive back, and he’s the size of a small mountain.
  4. Bump for good pards (danged autocorrect who made this parts the first time) who need help.
  5. Can I do 4, 9, 16 please? Let me know where to send the gold.
  6. Hi Red Cent, Can I take 28 and 30 off your hands?
  7. I’ll take #1 please... same address to send the gold?
  8. Figures, you’re in Florida now, got outta the Mid Michigan region before the snow falls, eh?
  9. If you decide that you want to ship FFL to FFL, let me know.   I’d be interested in the 73.  If I were a few thousand miles closer (I’m in Mighigan) I’d be likely to drive there.  

  10. Love the s-asspole sweep, but there’s some charm to the tadpole jumping around. it’ll probably garner a boatload of procedurals when everyone loses count.
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