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  1. No details with the location except Indiana. Lots of items posted, and a 0 reputation. I’d ask for a pic of the items with their sass badge and name by it. Not to be distrustful, but…
  2. Now that read funny as all get out! “Hey honey, either get me a horse, or pack your things”….
  3. Hey Deuce, I’ll take it. sending you a PM ‘bout the gold…
  4. I used Wolff and Taylors. What in particular are your issues? perhaps it is not the spring, but the gun that needs smoothing up…
  5. Remember to put the BP cylinder back in and ship the Howell cylinder separately or you will need to go FFL to FFL on it… the AFT has no sense of humor. fortunately Cap and ball guns aren’t considered firearms yet.
  6. Didn’t know this existed. Just ordered one plus mesh screens for it from Amazon. Thanks!
  7. A quick look shows Couture is a guest. If we member, guests can’t sell, they can buy, but not sell on the wires. and yes, it looks he's a lurker…. Report his name to ERM.
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