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  1. Hi Evil Dogooder, check your PM’s. Sent you tracking numbers on the payment, and request for more pictures…. . Just checking everything was all in order… thanks,
  2. Taylors also sells Running Iron hammers. I changed them out on my Uberti’s. It was pretty easy.
  3. I make my own dummy rounds, I replace the primer with either RTV, a glued in nub of mechanical pencil eraser, or a small punch of leather. As you said this lets me train to prevent jacking a round out, which I was doing a lot of at the beginning. plus it lets you check what bullet type, OAL work best for you. check on feed problems check on extract/ eject problems check on timing problems without a trip to the range. Plus it’s cheaper than snap caps.
  4. Gotta picture of it you can share with us? thank you,
  5. I looked at it’s web page, it’s slick, no prices just a call us, and their “who we are” page has them saying “we’re not a scam” (meaning probably a scam). They claim “warehouses”, and multiple people who all work to purchase components and powder, just to sell to you, plus they claim they have everything in stock. there is no address, no names, no prices, nothing but a 1-800 number…. and a smooth operator can talk and scam people on the other side…. I bet they sell RX meds and car warranties too from the e call center… They do mention they ship to class 6 FFL’s who are professiona
  6. I check out the spelling, it may spoof something similar. example I saw this morning called ammoandsguns vs a real place called ammoandguns. second if the don’t have a physical address run away third, google that address and make sure it’s not an empty lot or similar, last if the only want bitcoin, zelle, no credit cards, run away…. too many are scamming ammo today…. they’re modern day stagecoach robbers….
  7. So the first rule about gun club, we don’t talk about gun club.
  8. Glad you did fall for the ol good to be true find. You have to watch carefully. There are multiple scammers who have popped up during the ammo shortage, and plenty a pard’ has been scammed. They pop up and have pictures of pallets of ammo, primers, etc, but a google image search shows they are stock images from someone else’s site, Stick with the reputable ones and watch several times a day on Ammoseek.com. They also rate the vendors.
  9. I bought an inexpensive laser cartridge off of Amazon. It works well. Just remember to file the rim down where the extractor claw would grab it…
  10. Got a check on the way to you, hopefully it hits your mailbox this weekend.
  11. What color neckerchief are ya thinkin to accessorize wit’?
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