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  1. I this in reference to cleaning or counter-acting the nickel tarnish on brass?
  2. Along with the McMaster Carr catalogs, this also popped up. Why would someone buy a stack of non-winning lottery tickets that state that they can't be used for second-chance drawings??? What am I missing here?
  3. Just beware that counterfeit boxes are being sold on eBay and other sites. Many new collectors buy them thinking they are original and pay the price. Some unscrupulous sellers buy the boxes and then put them with a gun, bingo-bango, they have a Colt in it's "original" box. You can find more information on everything in this thread on the colt forums. www.coltforum.com
  4. Yes. Do it over again without the nickel cases.
  5. Nope>>> Sold catalogs. I threw away thousands of dollars over the years!
  6. I was cruising eBay looking for old tobacco prize catalogs when McMaster Carr catalogs popped up and they are selling for up to $400 each for newer catalogs. At my old job I bought many items out of our MC catalog and threw the old ones away when we got the new ones. That now seems like a mistake. Does anyone know what is causing this craze?
  7. You might want to clarify which 32 brass. I asked for 32 S&W and received 32 auto...
  8. I was at a gun show in Lake Havasu two weekends ago. Factory ammo was $1 to $5 per round depending on the caliber/cartridge and folks were buying them. I saw piles of questionable ammo, reloads, partial boxes of ancient hunting ammo also offered. There is no way I would risk it for unknown ammo.
  9. Some of the local shops do not accept American Express due to the transaction fees being excessive.
  10. I recently bought the Midway branded National Metallic Rotary Case Tumbler. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1021666817?pid=825891 Pro: Huge volume. Built-in timer Rubber-lined drum Con: Almost too big. 50 cases get lost in it. It supposedly holds 1,000 .223 cases in it. I believe it. The cover is hard to get off because there is no way to find purchase with my hands. I feel a strap wrench would work well. I currently grasp it between my knees and twist the lid with both hands. It takes some work but it does come loose. The cover leaked badly until I realized if I smear a little Dawn on the rubber gasket it lubricates it enough I can get it just a little more tight. Hasn't leaked since I started doing this. It is noisy; more than a vibratory cleaner. Overall, I am glad I paid the money. Until I resolved the leaking issue I was mad and felt is was a waste of money. I find myself matching up cases that won't nest inside each other so I can use up it's capacity. Mixing nickel and steel cases with brass with cause some orange cases. The steel cases looked like brass but a magnet said otherwise.
  11. I use a squirt of blue Dawn and a swish of the dishwasher booster powder that the previous homeowners left. It works great. I also use the SS pins with them. Makes stuff look like new.
  12. For Sale: RCBS FL Die Set 7.65 Belgium Mauser #14301 $40 SPF -- RCBS .223 Remington #11101 $40.00 RCBS .30 Carbine Carbide three dies set. The number is too faded to read. $55.00 SPF -- Lyman 311410 227 P6, 1 cavity mold. The Lyman Cast Bullet Manual listed this mold for .30 Carbine. It is used but I have not used it. No handles. $65.00 They are all used. I bought them because my future son-in-law wanted to start reloading. He is no longer my future SIL so I may as well get my money back. All prices are plus shipping. I take PP, Venmo, check, or MO.
  13. U-Haul and Lowes sell various Boxes. One will be sure to fit properly.
  14. Range pickup brass for sale. Prices are brass only, shipping is extra. All brass has been cleaned. SPF -- 9mm -- 800 pieces -- $40.00 SPF — 40 S&W -- 425 pieces -- $20.00 300 Blackout -- 48 pieces -- $15.00 5.7x28 -- 57 pieces -- $10.00 SPF -- .223 Remington -- 700 pieces -- $100.00 SPF - .30 Carbine -- 86 Pieces -- $20.00 SPF - 7.62x54R -- 25 pieces -- $10.00 SPF - 7.65x53 -- 44 Pieces -- $20.00 I will send these as cheaply as I can. The more you buy the easier it is to fill a flat-rate box. I am interested in trading for .223/.224 molds in great shape.
  15. Cholla

    CZ To Buy Colt???

    Ruger in Prescott, AZ pays $12 an hour plus benefits. Unfortunately, the housing market here requires a wage three times that. My wife used to work there and applied again last month, interviewed, and got an offer for production work. Luckily, she was offered a desk job for $4 more on the hour with much better benefits at another company right after.
  16. Maybe it was one of the Mini-14s used by the A-Team. Those puppies could flip the bad guy's Jeeps over like they were acrobats!
  17. Czech weapons manufacturer and Heckler & Koch competitor CZ is planning the complete takeover of the world-famous US company Colt - including its Canadian subsidiary. For this purpose, after research by WELT AM SONNTAG, a declaration of intent was signed. A spokeswoman for CZ Ceská Zbrojovka confirmed the plan in principle to the newspaper. "We will inform you about major developments in due course," she said. CZ put the entry plans hidden online at the end of November - and didn't even mention the name Colt in the headline. Apparently there is still no agreement. In the industry, CZ is seen as an awakening giant. In mid-2020, the holding company Ceská Zbrojovka Group SE (CZG) went public on the Prague Stock Exchange. With a good 1,600 employees, CZ has more than twice as many employees as Heckler & Koch and is also slightly larger in terms of turnover. For CZ, the USA is by far the company's largest sales market so far. In the first nine months of 2020, 70 percent of sales of around 191 million euros were achieved in the USA. Colt is considered an icon of the US arms industry. The 160-year-old company from Hartford, Connecticut, USA, has its origins in the revolver business invented by the company's founder, Samuel Colt. In 2015, Colt had to file a Chapter 11 bankruptcy under US bankruptcy law, with business continuing. https://www.welt.de/wirtschaft/article224042990/US-Legende-Tschechen-wollen-Waffenhersteller-Colt-kaufen.html?fbclid=IwAR1tX50oVWHVCHXWzRPaKOG08r_fj
  18. https://marvinstuart.com/firearm/Manuals/Reloading/Reloading Manuals/
  19. I would check with @Lone Spur Jake SASS #7728 . He works at High Country Guns in Prescott and may have some in stock. It's a nice drive up the hill.
  20. Be careful with the design changes. My wife used to work at Ruger here in Prescott and she surprised me with a Mini-14 one Christmas (1992-1993). I tried taking it prairie dog hunting and found out it wasn't able to hold a six-inch pattern at 25-yards. I still loved it. Decades later I was trying to see what I could do to make it more accurate and found this was a common trait on older Mini-14s and they made a design change to the barrel, if I remember correctly, adding more mass to the area by the chamber. This supposedly made it better. Since it was basically just a safe queen I had thought about selling it but it seemed that everyone but me knew about the inaccuracy issue of older Mini-14s. During the big spike in AR-style weapons back in 2012-ish I took it to a local gun show hoping to get $500. Fate took a hand and I spotted a dealer with a large, beautiful Navajo Yei-bi-chei rug for sale. Being that we were in Indiana at the time, he didn't think he would have any interest in the expensive rug. I offered him my Mini-14 in exchange. His eyes lit up, a smile covered his face and we traded. I collect Navajo rugs and I estimated the rug to be worth $1500 so I was ecstatic. I think he immediately sold my Mini-14 for $850 to someone else. We all were happy at the moment. I still am as the rug is hanging beside me as I write this.
  21. Unless you have one of each, it would either be a Lightning or a Thunderer. The real name is M1877 but one of the big Colt distributers decided that catchy names were better for sales. The Thunderer is .41 Colt. The Lightning is .38 Colt. If you can find one, the Rainmaker is in .32 Colt. I would recommend you don't use smokeless unless they are proofed for it. I have two Lightnings and one Thunderer, two of which are from the 1880s. I also have a Colt Frontier Six Shooter from 1902 and a Colt New Line in .38 Colt from the late 1870s. Have fun with the infection.
  22. I used to do the Lubersizer thing but after watching all the FC45 videos I now PC and use the Lee sizers. Much easier.
  23. Seriously, if you have a subscription I think you also qualify for the digital issues which can be downloaded off the website. That's how I do my copies of Guns. I get the paper issue, then download the digital copy and save it on my computer. The paper version gets passed on and I don't have stack of magazines filling up my closet. I think Guns and GOTOW are published by the same company. If you bought the subscription today you could most likely download the digital copy now.
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