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  1. Change your alias to "Unsafe To Fire". Problem solved.
  2. A better option would be to allow members to chose digital delivery over USPS. if you charge more for a print version there will be those saying that SASS is wrongly singling them out and stealing their hard earned money. And the less that is printed, the more it costs to print per copy. Allow folks to opt out of printed versions and SASS can save money while keeping those that want a hard copy happy. The NRA does this. I prefer digital magazines because I can save them on my hard drive for future reference. Paper versions take up shelf or closet space to the point I get frustrated and recycle them.
  3. If the images are recent, it hasn't made much progress since 2002. But, they refuse to take US Government funds and rely of entrance fees to keep going. As far as weathering, the Black Hills are granite and unlike limestone, take millions of years to weather away
  4. In reality, younger generations get most if not all of their reading material in e-format from websites, blogs, social media, e-zines, etc. So, if the argument is to attract younger generations sending out information via social media or an email list if the way to go. It's old farts like us that like to have a print version to take to the john or easy chair. And as some have said, e-newsletters cost nothing to send and can be unlimited in size. Like it or not printed media is going the way of the buggy whip.
  5. I have not seen this but it frustrates me that it happens. It's a game for Pete's sake! It's not like we're competing for a scholarship or sign-on bonus. The TO is a human and a volunteer so I appreciate the fact that someone is taking on that thankless job. It's hard enough to get folks be real spotters and loading/unloading table officers without blaming someone for a mistake that doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Unless it's at a state or regional match, I figure it's like the TV show, Who's Line Is It Anyway? The points don't matter.
  6. https://civilwartalk.com/threads/help-needed.162932/ Follow the thread until you get to where they have been cleaned.
  7. Now that I have a Sharps I have been reading up on everything involved with long range matches. My current question is shooting positions. Due to an old back injury there's no way I can sit on the ground on a shooting mat. First, my body won't bend that way. Second, I have to have extra padding when sitting, even in an office chair. I use an Egg Sitter cushion even when working at a desk otherwise I quickly start hurting. I see mention of not allowing elbows on shooting tables so can I assume there will be shooting tables? Do I need to come up with something for a shooting table? My first goal is to compete at Winter Range in 2021. After that, who knows? The Quigley match in Montana sounds cool.
  8. $1680 later we have a new pump and water pressure again.
  9. We are in the process of getting our house on the market and my 86-year old FIL, bless his heart, didn't hear his toilet running and ran our well dry. In the process the pump locked up. So, in the meantime we are buying water jugs at Rural King so we can keep things clean. Dealing with an elderly person with an ostomy and has the reasoning skills of a five-year old with no water is hell on earth. His plan was to empty his pouch in the trash can... Oh, heck no!
  10. I assume OFS stands for Out ***** Standing and not Orange Free State. If that's the case, thanks! You're the reason I chose a Shiloh. I am hoping that the sights are as high quality as the rifle. I have been reading the Shiloh forums just to get an idea of what I have started. My goal is to be able to compete in the long range matches at Winter Range 2021 which go out to around 500 yards. I will not be traveling any long distances for anything like the Quigley match until our situation changes. My elderly FIL lives with us and is in poor health so short trips of a few hours is tops. WR will be about 2 hours away once we make the final move to Prescott this January so I hope to go down and get the lay of the land on 2020 and be ready in 2021.
  11. I saw that. I saw where the first stage was free-hand at 300+ yards. That's going to take some practice.
  12. I like any match after our match director comes back from other regional matches with something new and fun to try. I say Doughslinger does a heck of a job at Pine Ridge Regulators. However, using movie quotes from Mary Poppins was a tad interesting to say the least.
  13. I started out with .38/.357 and then realized I wanted to compete in Classic Cowboy which requires all firearms to be .40 or larger, a rifle designed before 1880, and an external hammer shotgun. If you just plan on shooting in your age class and not a costumed category .38/.357 is the way to go.
  14. I'm having a hard time finding the sabots for that.
  15. Sure. Something that shoots like a laser out to 1,200 yards with the recoil of a .22 LR. Got any suggestions?
  16. This is the most expensive firearm I have ever bought but I feel like I got a good deal on it. https://www.gunbroker.com/Item/831406297 I look forward to getting it. Our new house in Arizona has a long range shooting range on it so hopefully I can come proficient enough to do it justice.
  17. Cholla

    Sharps Questions

    The mystery has been cleared up. I call The Shiloh Sharps Company about the Shiloh Sharps with a C Sharp barrel. They said that Shiloh Sharps briefly had a partnership with C Sharps and was using their barrels. They are legitimate Shiloh Sharps.
  18. I use the Estate shells sold at Walmart. The work fine in both of my SxS and I even reload them from time to time when my wife wants a softer shooting shell. Never had an issue with extraction.
  19. Cholla

    Sharps Questions

    The only style of single-shot rifle that fries my chicken is a 1874 Sharps. The rest just don't appeal to me. I'm sure it's a character flaw on my part. If a Springfield Trapdoor would to cross my path and I had the extra cash, I might be inclined to buy it, but not before I had my Sharps.
  20. Cholla

    Sharps Questions

    At this point I’ll probably use APP. I have to sell a few more things before I can look seriously.
  21. Two Questions: if if you were to start fresh, what caliber Sharps would you get? I have a bunch of new .45-70 brass and dies so that’s the way I’m leaning. Isn’t C Sharps and Shiloh Sharps two separate companies? I see two rifles on Gunbroker that have Shiloh and C Sharps markings. I assume someone has swapped barrels, which concerns me. My goal is to do the long range matches in Arizona at Winter Range (I think).
  22. I take it they eat the hair and pine cones because they can't find a block of cheese.
  23. This topic has come up before. The Ruger version seemed to have the most fans. I have used a Cimarron 1911 and it didn't take much eye squinting to look like the original. I also like the Springfield and Colt mil-spec versions.
  24. I hear you. Back in March I was jolted awake from my Zzquil induced slumber by a pounding. It was my 86-year old father-in-law. He had fallen on the floor in his room and his osteomy pouch had broken. So I had to struggle to try and get him into his wheel chair while he was covered with nastiness. Unfortunately he had another small stroke and was unable to move his legs to help. It took both me and my wife to get him in the wheel chair so he could get cleaned up and ready for the ambulance. Not once in the life plans I made did I envision dealing with matters such as this. My fil is now living with us again but because of the last stroke his testing places him at a five-year-old reasoning level and he can no longer be alone. So he day is spent either at dialysis or at a local adult day care. Seeing this makes me fear what life has planned for me in 25 years.
  25. I would hate to even use it. The first scratch would send me into cardiac arrest!
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