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  1. I'm with 40-Rod. I live NW of Prescott 17 miles out Williamson Valley way. We get 300 days of sunshine a year. Yes we get all four seasons. We live in pinon and juniper country and see deer, elk, javalina, quail, fox, bobcats, antelope, and other critters regularly. Most folks never see a rattlesnake. I hunt them so I hope to see all I can. My wife used to get depressed when we lived in Indiana because of the winter dreary weather weeks on end. Now she can't stop saying how glad she is that we moved back. We hike to find petroglyphs, go fishing, go look at the cacti flowers, etc. The great thi
  2. I have some 30-06 brass that I bought here. Most goes through the die easy. A few absolutely will not. I can only assume it was shot in a gun that was really oversized.
  3. High Country Guns and Bucky O'Neils in Prescott both have CAS guns.
  4. Don't forget Cowtown on the northwest side of Phoenix. They shoot twice a month. Yavapai County has three clubs. Whiskey Row Gunslingers -- 2nd Sunday -- Range is by Wilhoit Granite Mountain Outlaws -- 3rd Sunday -- Range at the Compass Training Center in Chino Valley Yavapai Rangers -- 4th Saturday -- Match held in the Prescott National Forest between Cottonwood and Sedona
  5. https://www.remingtonsociety.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=17069 https://www.remingtonsociety.org/serials-1890-1931/ Best guess - 1932 or 1933.
  6. Same as it has been... COVID 19 concerns. https://www.facebook.com/pimacountyfair/photos/a.10152993892315112/10165460754170112/?type=3
  7. They just cancelled the Tucson gun show!
  8. Good luck with that. I have been waiting for years to be here in AZ so I can attend Bordertown. My first year here and I'm 47 on the waiting list. I have a feeling it will be 2022 before I go.
  9. I have been posting these on our club FB page for all the new shooters. Keep it up!
  10. Heck fire, just getting a sock on without snagging a toe nail is enough challenge for me-- Seriously, every person I take to a SASS match says that there is no way they can miss, and then they do, over and over. I rarely get a clean match.
  11. I mailed my order in mid-November for a Winchester version. They received it November 30th. They sent me an email giving me a customer number in March. They have sent out orders after mine. (You can track other folk's orders on the CMP forums.) In March they marked the Winchesters sold out. April 10th and still nothing.
  12. Di I need to sign up in advance or do you allow walk ups? I was thinking of going to the Tucson gun show and visiting Tombstone that weekend.
  13. Classic Cowboy requires cocking and shooting one-handed. Age-based categories allow two hands.
  14. Robyn Gold, Here's my advice. I believe NCOWS had posses in Texas. Attend an NCOWS match and see how you like it. They have targets a little farther out and are a little more challenging. (You will notice Raton Rick "liking" a few comments on here. I have shot with Raton Rick at NCOWS and SASS matches. He is a top shooter either place.) I personally like SASS and NCOWS. (I hope to start an NCOWS posse here in central Arizona.) To me, it's like eating out. While I have favorite restaurants, I don't like going to the same one every week. Each one has something that makes it spec
  15. No, I mean does the cylinder spin when the loading gate is opened or does it have to be taken to the half cock to allow the cylinder to spin. On my New Vaqueros I just open the loading gate and the cylinder spins freely to load/unload. My Colt SAA has to be on the second notch to allow the cylinder to spin.
  16. Do the original Vaqueros have the free-spin feature when the loading gate is opened?
  17. Are you kidding? Some folks on here live to argue debate certain topics. You just made a lot of folks happy. Now, start threads on changing Frontiersmen, shooting Outlaw, who are gamers, should Steam Punk be a shooting category, and are we historical enactors or fantasy shooters and everyone will love you.
  18. Same boat. I found some here in the states but the dang shopping cart wouldn't allow me to add any primers... The search engine had bypassed the page that said all online sales were suspended and I had to buy the primers in person, which was a 1900 mile drive!
  19. I am tired of messing with this rifle. The lifter doesn't line up some times and the bullet doesn't want to feed properly most of the time. And after having it apart 30 times, now the hammer doesn't want to stay back most of the time. Are there any experienced Model 66 smiths near Prescott, AZ?
  20. I'm not trying to be difficult but I work so I have to put in for vacation for something like this. I have others telling me that slots may open up as folks drop out. Is that true? Or do I need to make different vacation plans because there's no way I'm going to be in this? Again, not trying to beat this horse to death but I don't want to take my vacation and then in September I get a call telling me a slot opened up and I'm in.
  21. Just so we are clear, if we are not on the list, we need to wait until September to see if anyone drops out? Is there a way to see where we are on the waiting list to guess the odds of getting in?
  22. I have been playing with this 32 rimfire SW Model 1 1/2 using Ramset power loads and modified 32 SW brass.
  23. 22) - Lyman .22 Neck Expander M Die...$15.00 I'll take this. Add it to my total.
  24. 10) - RCBS .38/357 Expander Die...$10.00 I'll take this. Please PM me with your mailing address.
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