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  1. I believe it was started by a friend of the couple. His pards are the people sharing it. He was on Posse 12 with us. He was the tall guy in the back.
  2. If you add some of the filagree to the day of the dead idea more kids would go with the Coco Loco idea and get excited to see you. My daughter did that to me last year and all the kids knew who I was portraying and liked it.
  3. I need confirmation from the Ruger gunsmiths here. I had someone contact me about a Vaquero they just bought. They question the ejector head and cylinder and think it’s a mix of OMV and NMV parts. The serial number is from 1996 which puts it solidly in the original configuration but they feel the cylinder and ejector is from a New Vaquero. I can see replacing the ejector head with a crescent-shape head but I didn’t think a newer style cylinder would align properly chamber to cylinder. am I right or wrong?
  4. There seems to be a great deal of mis-information on the shipping muzzleloader to TN. I always thought TN was a gun-friendly state so I assume the reason why some companies won’t ship there is company policy and not government regulations. Any TN FFL out there that can verify that I can legally mail a BP muzzleloader pistol kit to a TN resident?
  5. Any business that sells guns and accepts Zelle, PayPal, Vemo, or Bit Coin is 100 % a scam. Those all are the same as sending cash and you have no recourse when you don’t get the product.
  6. I can ship them. The black powder kit is not regulated in most states and can ship USPS. I think TN is one of the states I can ship it to. the pistol is .45 (.440) caliber.
  7. Luckily, Songslinger knows me well and stocked the RV with cold cereal and oatmeal. Now to find a jug of milk.
  8. First timer at Bordertown. I was down for a match last March and only one place was open for breakfast in Tombstone. What are ya’ll doing for vittles morning and evening. I was told there was a lunch vender on site.
  9. I have these items with me. Books are $3 each. The Derringer kit is $100. Apache basket is $100. the shaving brush and coat brush is $50. The clothing brush appears to be silver or silver plated. The dice cup is $10. The ivory pendant is $150. It appears to be walrus tusk or whale tooth.
  10. I’m staying at Tombstone Territory RV Resort space E11 if anyone wants to inspect the items. I will bring them with me when I’m at Bordertown. I’ll be in a light blue Jeep JKU Wrangler with a cloth top.
  11. I don't see a caliber listed. I agree with Yellowhorse Sam. Colt SAA prices are skyrocketing the past 12 months. Good luck finding them for this price right now.
  12. It is a size 4 Driza Bone riding coat. I am 5' 11" and 190 pounds and it's a little short and small for me. I would like $75 in person at Bordertown. If it doesn't sell, I'll post photos here.
  13. Many movies were made in the Sedona area. The Last Wagon, Comanche Territory, and others. Much of The Last Wagon was film off Schnebly Hill Road which is now a high-clearance only road.
  14. I live by Prescott. 95% of the time weather isn't an issue in the high country. If you have FB, follow the National Weather Service in Flagstaff for all the forecasts and updates. If an event happens, it's usually over fast and the roads are clear the next day. There are rare occasions we get heavy snows but the odds of it happening when you are here is slim. Secondly, Ben Avery is on the absolute north end of Phoenix so it will be much easier to head north than south through the Phoenix traffic which can have you making up new cuss words. As SD mentioned, the Verde Canyon RR is nice and is at a lower elevation so still warmer. The train verses direction at the Perkinsville depot, which of you are a movie buff, you will remember was Gold City in the 1962 saga How The West Was Won. It was the beginning of the last segment with George Peppard, Eli Wallach, and Debbie Reynolds. Bear in mind that was 59 years ago so the depot is not in as good a shape as it was for the movie. The depot is on private land so the train is the only way to see it.
  15. I will have the following items at Bordertown. Small buckle is $40 (1 available). Large Buckles are $50. Extra large rectangle buckle is $60 (1 available). Bolo tie is $80. Knife sheath for 5" blade is $60. Hatband made from rattlesnake bones is $90. Small purse is $40 for this one only. All of the lacing is real calf lacing. Post here of you want me to set something back. Life has been hectic lately otherwise I would be better organized about this. I will also have a used duster and a few other odds and ends with me. I DO NOT recommend these for gun belts. I will be at Bordertown starting Wednesday. I am staying at an RV park in Tombstone.
  16. I should add that it can be 30 degrees cooler in Flagstaff vs Phoenix. Temps differ by roughly 5 degrees per 1,000 feet in elevation change. Rain in Phoenix can be snow in Prescott or Flagstaff.
  17. Lake Pleasant is just a few miles west with hiking and fishing. Wickenburg loves its western heritage and has some shopping in the older downtown. There is a pioneer town just north of Phoenix. There is the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix. There's an amusement park in Phoenix right on I-17. Shopping/eating in Old Town Scottsdale Shopping/eating on Whiskey Row in Prescott. Shopping/eating on Jerome Shopping/eating in Old Town Cottonwood. We like the Colt Grill. Pink Jeep tours in Sedona to see Indian ruins and Schnebly Hill Road, if weather has it open. Skiing at the Snow Bowl by Flagstaff. Sunset Crater/ Wuptaki just north of Flagstaff is cool and surreal to see. Walnut Canyon Indian ruins by Flagstaff is a nice hike with 700 plus steps up/down Agua Fria National Monument has Indian ruins and hiking and that's just north of Phoenix Tlaquepaque in Sedona is very nice and has shopping and dining. Cruising on Route 66. Williams and Seligman cater to cruisers. The Snow Cap diner is always a hit. Be sure to ask for mustard and ketchup. Going east, Tortilla Flats is fun to see cool desert terrain. Bring a dollar bill to put on the wall. Crown King is cool is the weather allows. No shopping but the general store but there are a few restaurants. It's mainly for the drive and scenery as the last few miles follow the narrow gauge railroad grade. If you don't have a high-clearance vehicle resist the urge to follow the road to Prescott. If you have questions about any of these, ask.
  18. I am interested in the 1886 Winchester. Could you please send me some photos of the barrel markings? What length is the barrel?
  19. I wonder if they work for the company I work for. Management rarely responds to my emails!
  20. Have you tried Jack First? https://jackfirstinc.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=400_468_71
  21. My tumbler used to leak. I started rubbing Dawn soap on both sides of the rubber seal. No more leaks.
  22. I used to buy the small bottles which I think are 9 ounces for $15 which would make a pound about $30, making the 5-pound roughly $150. Many places go a little higher so I would agree with the $150-$175.
  23. I like a light rain during the fall colors. The wet makes the colors pop and the overcast sky gives good color saturation with almost no shadows.
  24. Did you use Venmo or Zelle? You will never get your order. Venmo and Zelle are cash apps. These apps are for sending money to someone you know and trust, such as splitting a check at a restaurant, sending birthday money, etc. ANY site that lists them as their means of payment is a scam. Using either app to buy a firearm or certain components is a direct violation of their user agreement. These sites are as common as dandelions in a summer lawn and pop up just as fast. If you use PayPal F&F, Venmo, or Zelle, you will never see the primers and you have no recourse to get your money back. If you can't pay with a credit card, the company is a scam. Plain and simple.
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