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  1. I spoke with TJ's Liners, the supplier to TOTW. He said the 1 in 16 twist offered on TOTW is for jackets bullets. He said lead bullets would strip lead at that twist rate. The reamer size is .432. With a .406 bullet and case it comes to a chamber of .430. With a .408 bullet the loaded cartridge would be the same size as the chamber. I don't know how well that would work with variances in brass and bullets.
  2. I bought an original Winchester 1886 in .40-82 with the plan to shoot it in long range matches at Bordertown. Unfortunately, there is only a hint of rifling left so the bullets tumble and my "group" is 24" x 24" at 50 yards. I initially though it might be enough rifling to work and have experimented for months with different bullets sized to different diameters. I am now at the point the bullets are large enough that the cartridge won't chamber. I took it to my local gunsmith, who comes highly recommended by the local gun shops. I asked if he could increase the chamber but he inspected the bore and stated no amount of work would get the barrel to shoot properly, He recommended re-boring the original barrel to .45-70. That would keep the original finish intact but the gun would no longer match the factory letter. I prefer it match. Another gunsmith suggested that he could re-line it and keep it .40-82. But, the liner is .408 and 1 in 24 twist and all my molds are .403 that I have beagled to .406. to match the stated size so that would mean new custom molds. The original twist is 1 in 28 so I am curious how well 1 in 24 would work. I could buy a new, properly marked, replacement barrel from Winchesterbarrels.com in .40-82 and they will finish the barrel with a browned patina that will be close to what I have, but the gun would not be original. I could sell the rifle and hope to get my money back and just start over. A local shop has an original for $3800 in great shape, but that's a whole lotta rattlesnake hat bands and belt buckles to pay it off. What say you?
  3. I don't know if they go into it but the train stops to have the engine change ends at Perkinsville depot. The depot was in the last act of How The West Was Won in 1962 or so.
  4. I am curious what he says it is.
  5. I have a pail of .45 acp. I know some are SP. If I have time (and remember tomorrow) I will go through and see how many I have. Your are welcome to them for the postage. It may not be worth it to you.
  6. I have enough do-dads as it is, but I suggest making them a commemorative item with a new version every year.
  7. My guess would be that's the editor's doing. My title was The Women Of SASS and they put The Women of Single Action Shooting on the cover. That said, the Henry was considered an assault rifle during the Civil War. Special units from Indiana and Illinois armed themselves with Henrys and Spencers. They had the reputation of turning the tide in battle. The magazine is probably easier to find...
  8. They claim to be. On their about us page they have this link which takes you to the gunbroker page I posted. The prices are the same. https://www.pacificnorthwestmunitions.net/about-us/
  9. I believe Iron. I think 1895 is when they started making the switch. https://winchestercollector.org/forum/winchester-rifles/when-did-winchester-go-to-nickle-steel-in-the-94s/
  10. https://www.gunbroker.com/All/search?IncludeSellers=3988438
  11. You're looking at the wrong side of the street.
  12. https://www.scam-detector.com/validator/pacificnorthwestmunitions-net-review/ https://www.reddit.com/r/reloading/comments/tndrr2/pacific_northwest_munitions_legit/
  13. I doubt it. I have had a subscription since I started writing for them and I have never received the special editions. They should offer them on their website but as of right now it is not listed.
  14. According to some folks on the Long Range forums, they are real. Which makes perfect sense because they are out of what I want. https://www.longrangehunting.com/threads/in-stock-alert-large-rifle-magnum-primers-federal.312307/
  15. They claim they take credit cards. https://www.pacificnorthwestmunitions.net/product/remington-large-pistol-primers-2-1-2/ https://www.pacificnorthwestmunitions.net/product/cci-500-small-pistol-primers/
  16. This is it right here. We were having so many animals killed I stayed home from work one day to see what was happening. At daybreak I went into the hay loft and watched. I could see the valley in front of the barn well. As neighbor after neighbor went to work, the dog would trot out into the field at the valley bottom. As the last neighbor left, the last dog came out and they all headed towards our place. That night I went to all of them and told them what was going on. A few said they would keep their dogs tied up and a few said it was the country and they didn't need to tie their dogs up and one guy said the dog standing next to him wasn't his dog; go a head and kill it the next time it came down. He was correct. It wasn't his dog. It was his stepdaughter's dog. She came running down to our house begging me not not kill her dog. She said her stepdad would let her dog go after she left for school, hoping I would kill it.
  17. It may have been hard to fully identify it as a non-wolf depending on how fast it was moving or how much cover was in the way. In hunting situations we often only have a second or two to make a decision. Many hybrid wolf owners want their "dog" to look as wolf-like as possible and wolves can have different colors and patterns. I hunt coyotes and some have desirable colors and some don't. I most likely would have shot it as well, but I would have done the three S's and not posted it on FB. Shooting a feral dog is not against the law and often desired by state and local law enforcement as it prevent animal and human attacks down the road. As long as she didn't torture the dog, it wouldn't be animal cruelty anymore than shooting a deer, pig, or cow for that matter. The question now is, what is she going to do with the pelt? I have read Russians have their pet dogs tanned and made into coats and hats to they can be reminded of them forever, just like Roy Rogers and Trigger.
  18. He may have written the book before the gun was made. But, anything written by Wilson has to be read with a jaded eye. After his fraud was exposed everything he wrote has to be judged if it would aid in his sales by establishing provenance in his books. Many things now have to be questioned as being true or not.
  19. Your Colt should be post 1978. I believe it is a third generation. Most likely made 1979-1980 https://www.cascity.com/forumhall/index.php?topic=45382.0
  20. I have a few articles in the Guns Old West Annual. One is a CAS Primer. Another is about the Women of SASS. I did most of my interviews last May at Cowtown. I don't know who made the photo cut as I don't have a copy, but you should see some familiar faces.
  21. 30 years ago there was an article in Outdoor Life (I think) in which the writer stated that one feral cat kills 1,000 small animals per year. I have no idea how he came up with that number but they do an incredible amount of damage.
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