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If'n your from Austin...maybe don't watch.

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48 minutes ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:

“Austin is the tampon of Texas”:lol::lol::lol:


I was kinda cringing on that...and the border around NM!!! (Probably from it becoming 'New Cali')

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2 hours ago, Texas Joker said:

Not Texan didn't mention Friday night lights. 

I'm an Abilene Cooper Cougar. My esteem for Odessa Permian is about the same as Texas A&M. And Penn State. And Ohio State.

JHC:P Not to forget the NY Damnyankees.

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No matter how wierd they keep Austin, Bob Wills is still the king.



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This is really funny, I like this guy.....but.....actually....a lot of us natives pretty much think this way. Yep...I gotta admit...we do.

It's: "God, guns, and let me be"...pretty much in that order.   

It's kinda like that James Stewart movie: The Far Country. In one scene Stewart's character says, that he doesn't need anyone else, that he can look after himself. That is pretty much our mindset. 


There ya go.









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I always heard Mary listed last. My Mama would frequently let go with, "Jesus, Joseph and Mary!"


Based on that, it would be Jesus, Jose y Maria (Hey-zeus, Hoe-zay eee Maria - I figure even the dumbest anglo knows how to pronounce Maria)

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