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  1. Those wont be the last things lol… just the last things to get started Start thinking about reloading equipment…
  2. I saw a gun vid on youtube with hickock45 talking about it and shooting in a vest and a hat… said go to the website and find the nearest club. I did, and I called @Dream Chaser, SASS #79316 .. first match i only stayed for a few mins but long enough to recognize a friend from church( @Will Kane ) … and the next thing i know im buying his old shotgun which im still shooting today! That was just about three years ago.
  3. This thing is a hoot! Its strange to get a shot shell reloaded with every pull of the handle…and the hull feeder is sooo quiet! She’s definitely another “lifetime” machine!
  4. Good stuff?…. as in “faster horses, younger women, older whiskey and more money!”…?
  5. …plus they come in pairs for this game ha!
  6. Something similar happening with my xl750… the shell gets stuck on the ramp under the feeding wedge…the little grooved track thats part of the conversion set… happening more often now (4 times in 150 rounds)
  7. Great news! … come back and post some pics!
  8. If I jack out rounds at tomorrow’s match its only cuz you're a great role model!
  9. Im tempted to do the same then take an @Alamo Andy tip and put a dremel to the sides for a cross cut pattern… then restain ;/
  10. Im gonna officially christen my niece's bf Darnit Dave
  11. Darn it Walt…. If this doesnt sell soon I might need to send your check back +$ soon to pick this beauty up :/ decisions, decisions…. Smh
  12. Skb 100 heading to Wild Walt pending funds as per message and phone conversation. Jack Spade on deck if it falls through.
  13. Offering an SKB 100 I picked up a few months ago from Windy City Red. Worked over by Johnny Meadows. Mechanical triggers, funneled and honed chambers etc. etc. $1300 + shipping to your FFL (must accept from private individual). It does have a repaired wrist and glass bedded stock for proper fitment to its recoil lug. works great! I gave skb’s a run but missed the double triggers on my Baikal too much.
  14. Dont take too much offense… i was simply stating the obvious. the deal is a good deal whether 5 1/2 or 4 5/6 barrel.
  15. Prettiest guns at Texas Riviera Pistoleros club!… and fastest too!
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