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Did an inventory yesterday and discovered I have 8000 1 1/2s, 2800 2 1/2s, 1400 5 1/2s and 1900 6 1/2s.


Should I save them for collector purposes, sell them for collector prices or sell them for Covid prices? 


Or should I just keep them, load them up and shoot them myself? 



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It is starting to look like Primers are the same as beach front property:  "they don' make it no mo'"

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I would sell them as “collectibles” at $1.00 per primer unless they want the “Collectible” packaging as well then I would charge $1000 or even more for the packaging.
For those that don’t want the packaging, just the primers, I would stamp each primer with some identifying mark to show that they are in fact legitimate fully functional primers. 
The cost of these stamps could be rolled up into the primer cost to your customers but increasing an already high price my drive customers away. 

Here is a photo of a “collectible” primer after stamping while it is still in the stamping collet. Now, we know this method of stamping is absolutely legitimate and traceable as crime laboratories all over the world can attest to this. 


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Don't know about the market for primer collectors (other than the obvious). If I didn't need the money I'd shoot 'em or just sit on 'em. With the Demoncrats running the show no telling what might happen.


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I've never considered myself a hoarder but I'm comfortable on primers. I didn't realize I have as many Remington primers as I do. I typically only use Federal or Winchester. 

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Not sure how old the ones you have are, but just the empty boxes can bring good money depending on what they are.


I would say shot the primers & then sell the boxes (if you have something you don't mind loading with that flavor of primer).


Some folks on auction are getting more for empty boxes than the primers went for before all this covid etc happened.

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7 hours ago, Crazy Gun Barney, SASS #2428 said:

Hey Chief Rick, what part of the world are you in?  Primers are a ftf type of thing...

I'm back on the MS Gulf Coast.  Not actively looking to sell the primers but after doing an inventory I got to wondering about the Remington products.

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