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  1. Well that's not good news. You would like to think that someone would latch onto that & start that type of business.
  2. Are there any "Money Senders" or Banks that are 2nd Amendment friendly or even neutral?
  3. You might call CH4d they may have them in stock or maybe a shorter wait time. They are great people to deal with & are very helpful.
  4. GW , Browning has metric threads I believe, not sure about the "new" 1886 Winchesters. Gambler, I saw some Cartridge Stops but no Cartridge Guides
  5. I tried them Kid, but no luck. None at Homestead Parts or Numrich either.
  6. My "project" frame is found BUT... I still need the cartridge guide.
  7. 94 pcs - 7.62 Nagant pistol brass (PPU brand) - $25 shipped I'll take it also please let me know what else you have that is not listed that you will be selling in case I can use it & ship it together, Thanks, Earl
  8. Klickitat Bob make some real nice ones, you may have seen him set up at Winter Ranger or Bordertown.
  9. "replace a non-original cylinder guard " ?? Do you mean trigger guard ? What frame size is it mall frame .32, medium frame .38 or a large frame .44?
  10. WTB 1886 Winchester cartridge guide My "project" frame is found BUT... I still need the cartridge guide. Let me know what ya got & how much.
  11. If you are left handed & need a holster when you get a 220, I have a new Galco I'd sell reasonable.
  12. Condolences, he was always one of the "Happy Cowboys" smiling on the range.
  13. Salty, that might be the way to go but it's on a steep hill. BUT... not having to anneal outside in Arizona in the summer next to a flame does sound good. What all are you doing with yours & did you get a feeder? Grave Robber, Interesting & basic but a feeder would be handy. Don't see much info on the web of anyone buying/using yet but sounds like they are just getting started. Tucker, Just for me, but thinking of big batches of say 1k + of .44 Russian, .45 Colt etc, etc & then smaller amounts of rifle brass & for case for
  14. Howdy Kid, I'm good, I was shooting ACSA on Saturday, lots of fun!
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