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  1. Set is sold to you Perro Del Diablo, Sent you a note Also have a similar set in 12ga, Lee loader hand set as new, Mec 600 jr 12 ga & 20 ga, Lyman 45 luber-sizer many dies to sell also, Lyman 55 powder measure, powder trickler, Lyman 310 30-06 dies Redding scale Colt also fit Uberti percussion revolver parts, (let me know what you need, have many but no list) Thanks, Earl
  2. While not a LEE, I did just post an antique set for sale.
  3. F/S 16 Ga Loading Tool Set Antique Hard to find, cool old 16 ga reloading tools in good shape. The shell is shown just so you can see it does fit a sized 16 ga shell. (still has paint making it tight so will be easier when it wears off or you take it off) Yes, the nickled guide tube (does have small dents/dings but shell goes in ) is really made for 16 ga not a 12ga. The roll crimper has a shell ejector rod. (not for use with all brass shells) There is a steel deprimimg pin (not perfect but serviceable) under the cap of the wad pusher head (pull head off to use to knock out primers.) $78.00 shipped to you in the USA
  4. As to the size, while pigeons might be different, that might be the reason the rhyme goes "four and twenty black birds baked in a pie". (also no mention of the size of the pie, lol) I know when I was invited to go dove hunting I locked at them when it was all done thinking, "and that's all there is left?"
  5. Wild Willie , You have great luck.
  6. I'll take 3. Custom made side leg button - probably never worn
  7. Just a thought, don't need one myself, but a new 28 ga collet is about $65 maybe list your used 28 ga collet on E-Bay, I would think it would bring $30+ anyways. It might help bring your cost back down. At least it sounds like he wasn't intentionally trying to get to you. (unlike a Webley air pistol I bought where the corners of the grips were over the horizon. Turns out both side were missing a corner.)
  8. I think it was back when they 1st came into the country, can't remember exactly. I started shooting SASS in the early 90's. I bought a case of them & never did a thing with them. They then came out with the boxer primed ones so I sold them to a feller who I think was going to drill them out to take shotshell primers.
  9. Just a head's-up the early Magtech 12 ga all brass shells were berdan primed also.
  10. Looks like that would take welding, I see a tab sticking up/out at the end of the "grip". Would be even cooler with left & right though.
  11. Just a head's-up, if you have any old Levis with a capitol "E" on the little tag (back when the tag was red if I remember) they are now selling for Hundreds to THOUSANDS of dollars . Go to E-Bay & type in Big E Levis & look at the "Solds" & imagine the toys you could buy. Start looking in your closets.
  12. Did they say why ? ( did you ask them) Did they admit to it? If so why did't they put it back the way they found it? Just curious. I also see why at the one range I shoot at they are steel & welded together.
  13. I'll take them Jackrabbit, and yo won't have to drag them that far,
  14. I don't know the cost one way or the other but... If you could find a "junk" hammer that has notch issues & have someone graft the spur onto your hammer might be an idea. If your gun is smooth & in time etc you would be saving all the time, money & heartache of trying to get everything back to "just right' . I would think fitting etc on a used unknown hammer could be pricey, not to mention, yours is smooth? People have been cutting & welding hammers for higher-lower etc for a long time.
  15. It looks to me the reason your S&W will close with 1/2 but not full moon clips is in the way it was converted. Looking at the rear of the cylinder it looks like they did not mill off the star face far enough to accept full moons. I believe full moons were a much later & at the outset more expensive idea than 1/2 moons. You should be able to (or have) it trimmed until the full moon will fit. They most likely thought it would leave the star stronger than milling all the way to the ratchet teeth circle. Yes, 1/2 moon clips are less sturdy than full moons. They can try up a gun if they aren't kept "tight" & in shape so they hold the ammo & still allow the cylinder to rotate. If they spread open too far they can go out part the edge of the cylinder blocking rotation. In the 1st World War, they may have been an "expendable" item. You can make a "de-mooning" tool from a piece of copper pipe to aid in removing fired brass. They make & sell tools from low to high prices to both load & unload moon clips. Webley .455 came in Mk I (older & longer brass now long gone) & Mk.II shorter & newly made.
  16. Sent you a pm, also if you need a vintage hand crank roll crimper and/ or hand primer seating tool I have a couple. The hand primer seating tool also works on the brass Magtech shells
  17. Just some thoughts... S&W Revolver You may want to check the cylinder on your S&W to see what / how the conversion was done. If there are no stampings on the rear, then yes, it was cut. (should see serial # digits & inspection marks) Then did they bore it for ACP length? If so. you should be able to test fit an empty case & see if it closes & has good headspace. (without using clips) I have one of the S&W's & a Colt 1917 in .455 that were converted to also shoot .45 Colt. They bored it deep enough to chamber the .45 Colt while countersinking the chamber approx. 1/2 the thickness of the Colt rim (until properly headspaced.) This allowed the larger .455 Webley to still work as it has a larger rim to rest on the chamber mouth. (won't work with Auto-Rim) Webley Revolver There was a guy on E-Bay selling "re-conversion rings" , basically a shim to put on a .45 acp shaved cylinder to bring it back up to be able to shoot .455 Webley. I haven't tried one. Yes, .455 Webley pressure is much less than .45 acp. There are forums talking about loads & pressures that would be good to look at before loading any .45 acp for a Webley. There is a lot of info out there on .455 Webley reloading, lots of variables. Happy researching & shooting
  18. A must to make mule meat a more manageable meal on the march?
  19. Nice to know they found a good home & won't be burned in some protest.
  20. Saw 2 of those blue Trump flags about 20 feet up on the light poles on the bridge in the morning last week that were gone the next morning. A bit gutsy on both sides as the drop on the off side is about 40 feet ? onto dirt (or concrete if you hit the bike path) plus the first 20.
  21. SOLD Two Thompson .45 cal. 30 round Stick Mags 1927 / 1928 These are original 1928 magazines "the Seymour Products Co. , Seymour Conn." They had the round magazine release stud hole made into the oval style of the semi-auto then welded back to round again. If your gun is a round stud hole type good, if not, a little file work & you're good. Both have good springs & lips, one has good original finish, the other has some light pits under a duller old refinish . Only buy if they are legal for you to own & me to ship to you. SOLD $ 70 shipped to you in the USA (a posted "I'll take has priority)
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