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  1. Well.......... Here's my 4 pennies.... Like they say, original is "original". Then there's original with a replacement original barrel, is that still original? Then there's original but.... relined, not original enough for some to still be called original? All that said, if you like the gun .... (I think it's very cool)... The new, barrel with the right markings finished to match the gun should make you one great shooting, fun rifle. That might be the fastest & might be a way to keep the caliber figuring they are using the original twist? Then again, if their barrels have the original twist you would think they must be getting them from somewhere that would be able to make you a liner with that twist? One would think someone, somewhere would make a liner with the correct twist. I am not experienced with liners but it would be nice if you could "just" reline it. Then your finish would not change (unless something in the process would require it?) Having nice new rifling should make for happy shooting. The better the grouping the more fun you should have with it more often. I have an 1886 Winchester rifle in 40-82 that is a "project" that I hope to get together to shoot. Best of luck with your search.
  2. can they be swapped to load 16 Gauge? You would have to call MEC & ask a tech If so how hard is it? You would have to call MEC & ask a tech If not can it load 16 as is? No, 12 ga only
  3. Sadalia Dave, I still have the 650 Mec for sale, I sold the Mec 600 jr, I have now removed the Mec jr info for clarity
  4. My thoughts on your issue: Ask your club member about trading primers, your SP for their LP , feel pretty sure someone would do that for you. Next, ask your WB club members for SP .45 acp brass. If they are all shooting LP, most of them more than likely have some SP .45 brass brass is a "swear jar" they would give you. Then again, they might be encouraged to trade you into some large primers so you don't shoot the SP ones & cause more swearing, lol. Either would be better than using a 9mm for WB.
  5. Maybe they will start using that as the new opening before the "news" starts.
  6. SOLD to Splitthumb- Dillon Metal Primer Flip Tray pm sent
  7. WTB Cast Lead Bullets, Not Coated , .401 RNFP 180 gr. for 38-40 Win. Can be hard cast or soft cast. Crunched for time so I need to actually buy some bullets to reload. Anyone gotten out of 38-40 & have bullets to sell? Who sells bullets that has them in stock at the best prices these days? Thanks, Earl
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