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Bullet puller repair

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SO - I was in the middle of pulling about 200 9mm bullets (don't ask) & the end broke off the cap of my trusty Lyman smasher off tool.

Thanks to Amazon Prime I have a new one coming today. Anyway - I REALLY wanted to finish up the job so I got out the Handyman's Friend ( Red Green) - the trusty roll of Gorilla Tape - the stuff that holds my world together ! Hard to believe but it worked. I LOVE this country !! :FlagAm::FlagAm:


Red line shows where the end of the cap broke off.




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Broke one of mine on the end & repaired it with JB weld. Still working for me.


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A suggestion.

The location of the break maybe from over tightening the retaining nut.

Tte retaining nut squeezes the pieces that hold the case in place.

It does not require a lot of tension.

Too much tension and the threads pull down on the top of the nut and stresses the part to the point it will fracture and break.

All the force when hammering is in the direction of keeping it all together.

Just enough pressure to keep the case from sliping in or out is all that is needed.


Pullers are not made from steel to reduce the accedental spark.

A spark will not make your day.



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9 minutes ago, John Boy said:

email a picture to the vendor and they will send you a new -  Frankford quickly sent me a new

True - I sent an email to Lyman & they said they would put a new cap in the mail next week.  Class outfit ! Good suggestion JB.

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Throw that thing away and get the Hornady Cam Lock bullet puller. I've pulled hundreds of cowboy pistol and rifle bullets with it on my single stage press, 10 times faster than the hammer type bullet pullers. https://www.hornady.com/reloading/presses/lock-n-load-accessories/bullet-pullers-bullet-collets/#!/




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